30 Sept 2022


We had weeks and weeks without any rain and the landscapes looked all yellow, there were water restrictions for some regions and people complained about the heat and prayed for rain. 

This wish has been fulfilled for 2 weeks and so this week started with heavy rain and it was really not a weather to go out if you didn't have to. Good opportunity to invite my two neighbors for tea and show them the photos of the English coast, I had taken some pictures in Eastbourne. They found it beautiful, the beach promenade with flowers and the houses that had not been replaced by new high-rise buildings as at the Belgian coast. So we had a nice afternoon while it was raining cats and dogs outside. 

The next day it was grey, dull and humid and my mouse the one of my computer not the once belonging to cat Rosie, didn't work anymore. It was dead. The trouble is, that I had blocked the pad, because I am unable to use it, although I have tried it several times.  Unfortunately I had no spare battery in the requested size, I had probably batteries for everything but not for a mouse ! Therefore I had to go out which hadn't been in my plans, changed and instead of shopping the next day I did it right away. I got my batteries, and some other little things, the shop was already full of Halloween decorations and Christmas !!  Each year Christmas decorations in the shops start earlier and earlier and soon we will have them on Easter ! The worst is, when you really start to think about Christmas, there is nothing special to buy anymore because it was bought in September. 

The 29th of each month is always a bad day for me, because now it is 4 months that Rick left forever, and as I don't paint anymore I have started to make cards or other photo creations. 

This is one I made for today. I think I have to find other occupations, but this will come with the time for the moment I am still not myself, although my stay at the English coast has helped me a lot.

I called my notary to tell her that I have all papers now, in fact, I only needed two the others they have already, which I hadn't noticed immediately and had spent half a day for nothing. We fixed an appointment for October and then this succession nightmare is over. 

My skin with all these excitements had strange reactions, fortunately not in my face and I had to go to the dermatologist. He checked what I showed him and told me that it was nothing serious, probably due to nervousness. Unfortunately the medical center where he worked had moved, easy to find, but there was no parking !  I turned around in circles and finally parked my car on the street, hoping that I would escape a fine. Which I did. I was not the only one, the parking was closed, they repaired it. 

 The first tree showing "fall" signs and looses its leaves was in front of the medical center

On my way back I thought I could visit Nicole who is still in hospital due to her brain cancer and she has to stay there until she gets a room in a senior nursery she can't stay alone anymore it is too dangerous. Her brain still works perfectly but the body doesn't follow. Sad. 

The hospital is enormous a real factory and I lost half an hour in wandering around to find her room, I certainly walked more then one km. Finally I arrived and had to ring a bell as the door was closed. A female voice told me that the the visiting hours are only at 4 pm and it was 2. I tried to get in anyway but there was nothing to do,  rules are rules. So I wandered through the corridors back to my car. Of course, poor Nicole was disappointed. Now I visit her during the weekend.

The hospital is in the middle of the country side and the view would be very nice if there was not the parking there.

When I was nearly at my car I saw a woman who looked familiar to me and she too looked at me. It turned out that it was a neighbor of my ancient street two houses far and we lived together 45 years ! Her husband was in intensive care and she told me that they probably have to move out too, as he can't use the steps anymore. Now that I live in my apartment I meet regularly ancient neighbors ! Yesterday it was another one. Of course they want to see how I live now, because sooner or later they will be in the same situation as I, as both husbands are in the same hospital for different reasons.

Rosie just woke up for supper and then she starts her night life while I go to bed !



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28 Sept 2022


 seen in Eastbourne (UK)

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26 Sept 2022



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Saturday as usual my cleaning lady came and we started to prepare the "home sweet home" for the winter. The garden cushions were put away, and my beach bed too, on the terrace she couldn't do anything because after months of no rain now it rains again, we are back to normal. 

Therefore I stayed home and was looking for the invoice of our house sale. As it was in 2020 it was not anymore in my computer and I looked through the back ups. 


Instead of finding what I was looking for I found all kind of things, and I thought the Tax office will look for me with this poster so that I don't escape the succession taxes which I have to pay although I am the direct heiress. 

The afternoon went by quickly, I just found the time to bring two little gifts to my neighbor on the 2nd floor, as I could talk with her when I was in Eastbourne, she has Whatsapp, and helped to find my bank cards which I had forgotten at home. 

For supper I had a Lebanese dish, which was delicious. I still buy my warm dishes at Picard, a French company which has its own farmers and their freezing method is the best. They call it "shock frozen".

For me alone it's not worthwhile to cook, this saves me money, no electricity (except the micro wave) and I don't have to buy the meanwhile very expensive vegetables. And I have the impression to eat every evening in another country ! 

On Sunday a couple which I had once seen because of their new cat, years ago, have asked me to come with them to eat Chinese. They are both adorable and have a big heart. That's already the fourth time they have asked me and she always sends me little messages asking how I am  feeling today. It's strange, people I seldom saw before Rick passed away, are now there for me and the so said friends have nearly disappeared. 

I thought I would know all Chinese restaurants around Waterloo, but this one I only new from outside. It was very good and also very cozy inside. They had brought their sister in law with them a very funny lady and we had a lot of fun and laughter. That's what I needed, laughing !

When finally I returned home, I thought I could never eat again in my life ! I sat on the sofa and fell asleep, missed again my film. Outside the sun had changed his mind and disappeared and it rained cats and dogs, ideal for a nap !

Autumn moves slowly in and unfortunately it gets so cool that I had to put the heating on ! Last year it was warm until mid November ! Crazy !