5 Oct 2018


I like to watch crime series, not the bloody once where the ketchup flows over the screen but the more intelligent once with a lot of psychology. Modern versions of Agatha Christie for example.

What makes me angry is, that a suspect who doesn't share the bedroom with his wife or husband is immediately suspicious, because he or she don't know when he or she go to bed and therefore has no alibi.

Now why on earth couples have to share one bed or one room to be respectable ? If there is enough room in the house and they have different working hours or because one snores like a chainsaw and the partner suffers a lack of sleep, why not ?

The fact that a couple has to share the same room not to be considered as a possible murder is because most of us don't have 10 or 20 rooms available. In the past and probably also in the present the upper class and the royals have separate bedrooms, at the latest when one or both start to snore, or one has a light sleep and wanders around the whole night, or watches TV. 

Therefore sharing or not a bed or a bedroom doesn't put a stamp on a couple. It doesn't mean that they are not madly in love. Anyway it is important to have a good sleep, otherwise your killer instincts can appear !

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When your car is four years old you have to go to the car inspection each year. As mine is five (seams to me as if I bought it yesterday) it was the second time I had to go there. To be sure that everything was OK I first had it checked in a garage. Each year a complete check up costs a bit more ! But at least I had no problems at the car inspection and I got a certificate that my car is OK for another year.

That's also an income for the state of course. Between taxes to drive the car, and the car inspection that's a good income considering the amount of cars which are driving on the street.

Nicole had come with me and afterwards we went to a Shopping center where we walked a bit around as outside it was raining, had a coffee with a piece of cake and returned home.

The weather was warm the next day and we could play scrabble outside on the terrace. Each time we think it will be the last time, but no, it's still not.

After aqua gym I went "sofa" hunting. I am still looking for 2 leather sofas but haven't found a model  which I like and when the color is OK then it has no recliner. At least one per sofa. But I am not in a hurry I have time to look for the right one.

Nicole had bought a cat tree and we both tried to put it together for little Isis, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture, but the thing wasn't ready yet, when I went home.

Half of our class wanted to try out "Acrylic paint pouring" which we had learned last time. We had bought all the stuff we needed. Below you see my "master piece" I used a painting I didn't like, mixed black, yellow, red and Acryl glue together in a cup put the canvas over the cup and then turned it over. After a while I lifted the cup and the mixed painting flowed over the canvas (as above) and the result was quite nice, the funny thing of this kind of procedure is, that you never know what is coming out.

The others continued their oil or pastel painting, of landscapes, or animals while we looked like witches in a kitchen doing their secret mixtures !

and another week is over ! 

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2 Oct 2018


Helsinki, lockers on a bridge ballister (for couples in love)

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We arrived late morning in Helsinki and visited the Orthodox church of Helsinki,  a beautiful building

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I never thought that you can cover a lot of territory in Scandinavia without ever checking into a hotel.

Our bus took us on the Viking Line a real luxurious ferry  which connects the capitals of Sweden and Finland. It had restaurants, with a variety of meals, reasonable cabins, plenty of entertainment (discos, saunas, gambling), and enough duty-free goodies to sink a ship !

We had to take just an overnight bag on the ferry our suitcases remained in the bus, because our 2 person cabin was small but comfortable with a bathroom. It was just wonderful. When I lay in my bed I thought I would be in a craddle and be rocked softly to sleep. Otherwise I didn't realize that I was on a ship !

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1 Oct 2018


This weekend was very nice. Besides the household scores during the day and some shopping, in the evening I went out to our monthly Facebook meeting. 

Indeed Facebook can be something else then for insulting people, writing love messages, post stupid jokes etc. of course always virtual and never life.

Our Facebook group "Vivre à Waterloo" (living in Waterloo) is different ! We also meet life ! The one who had created the page had organized together with his wife a wonderful evening with country music and dancers and an excellent buffet with barbecue ! We really had a lot of fun as you can see

I was with Chantal, Monique, Nicole and Myriam (bottom left)

I sneaked in the room where the buffet was dressed up. Outside men were busy with the barbecue. We were 52 people ! The food was excellent, nobody complained.

The restaurant too is a very nice one we sometimes go there for lunch. The evening was really perfect  I even danced !!

On Sunday morning I got a phone call from my grandson Toby. It was the first time that he called "alone" without his Dad, but I saw him hiding in the background ! Still that's a beginning, now he is able to call of his own.

He had been at the hairdresser and chosen his own haircut. I didn't say anything, but thought he looks like a hedgehog, anyway it won't stay up like that all the time. Instead of being horrified, I told him that it looks very nice (sometimes you have to lie !) Fashion starts early ! In November he will be 8 !

On Sunday afternoon we went to the next suburb of Brussels because there was a huge flea market and second hand stands. I had never seen so many people on a flea market. The cars were parked on the sidewalks, the roundabouts, and it started kms far. Some people had parked their car and took a bike to arrive on the market, which was all over the town in the streets.

Nicole found a blouse for 0.50 cents and Myriam a pair of shoes for 2 Euros ! I found nothing.

These little once sold sweets for one Euro, future business men !

Here you have a little overlook on the crowd.

We walked around and then had a coffee after nearly 3 hours we had enough and were tired and returned home. It had been a very nice afternoon ! So many things to look at !