15 May 2015


1. I decided that my "to do" list could wait, we had 25° and a wonderful sunshine, not really a day for things to do !

Instead I went to Ilona and showed her some pictures of my holidays in France. We sat on the terrace and I admired her beautiful little garden. She knows each and every plant and flowers and there is always something blooming in her yard.

2. I finally went to do some shopping as our son with grandson will arrive for the long weekend.

In the afternoon I mowed the lawn while sitting on the terrace and read my book. Oscar, the robot did all the work !

3.Nicole and I have an agreement. If the sun shines but the temperature is only 18°C we sit on her terrace, if it's very warm she comes and we sit in our garden which is more airy. This time I went to her because the air was rather cool.

Charlie was very happy to see me after such a long time and brought me immediately his latest new toy he got because he had been at the groomer for the very first time ! His fur was as soft as silk. Then he sat in front of the cabinet, looked up and whined. On the cabinet was his toy basket. As he insisted and he is very stubborn, Nicole finally took a ladder, carried the basket down and put it on the floor. Charlie with a waving tail, pulled all toys out and brought them to me one by one. I was very honored !

5. The next day we had a little visitor our grandson Toby together with his Dad

After playing with his toys I keep here for him and two new airplanes he rested a bit and watched TV

Mr. G. had given him a torch which he studied intensively. Unfortunately it rained but they both went for a visit to his little friend. In the evening his Dad took the opportunity to go out with a friend and Toby and I watched a cartoon on TV. I loved his pajama !

It went very well his French has very much improved and we had no communication problems. Once I had put my pajama on,  he went without any protest to bed.

And me too !

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14 May 2015


When I had married Mr. G. and we went to Italy, his little niece 8 years old started to call me Zia. Zia means "aunt" in Italian. I didn't like to be called Zia and told her she could call me by my name. But there was nothing to do she just continued to call me Zia.

For a little girl she had quite a loud and stredent voice and when she called me from the balcony on the forth floor when I was getting out of the car, I always got a shock to hear her screaming "Ziiiiaaaa" !
When she came for a visit and called me in the garden or wherever outside the whole neighborhood was probably wondering whose name was Zia.

Now the little girl is in her 50th and hasn't changed a bit. She still calls me Zia, but meanwhile I am used to it !

Jenny Matlock
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13 May 2015


Looking up while taking a sunbath

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12 May 2015


My friend Claudie is a preschool teacher and has a class with little ones from 3 to 4 ! She wanted to visit a special farm to see how it looked like before she takes her class for a visit. So we drove to the farm.

It was a beautiful place to show how plants grow, how a windmill works

There was a croquet playground, a barbecue, footprints in clay to show the different animals and other playgrounds.

How to take care of ducks in a pond, and many other very educative things.

Of course there were also a lot of animals

donkeys, goats and even little ferrets

For me JoJo the pig was the cutest one ! He walked behind me, sniffed at me and loved to be scratched behind the ears. It was love at the first sight !

We spent a very nice afternoon before returning home.

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11 May 2015


For my last day in Ollioules we went to Sanary which is the closest little town at the sea.

There was a big rosé wine festival going on with hundreds of stands presenting their best rosé. You could go from stand to stand and get a glass for free. We arrived there around 2 pm and some people were already in a very cheerful mood ! I wonder how it was at the end of the evening !

In the evening we went with Claudie's daughter to a Karaoke. I didn't sing, the whole place would be empty in a second. But Anaïs has a lovely voice and sang twice.

We had a lot of fun !

The next morning I had to take my flight back to Brussels. With a heavy heart I stepped into the plane. It was very warm and sunny but I was dressed with several layers ! When I arrived, Mr. G. picked me up, it was cold and rainy. What a difference !

On Sunday I was just hanging around, still half in France. But I unpacked my suitcase, put the summer clothes away, sorted out my photos and when the sun suddenly appeared I pulled out some weeds which had grown in the bark.