12 May 2015


My friend Claudie is a preschool teacher and has a class with little ones from 3 to 4 ! She wanted to visit a special farm to see how it looked like before she takes her class for a visit. So we drove to the farm.

It was a beautiful place to show how plants grow, how a windmill works

There was a croquet playground, a barbecue, footprints in clay to show the different animals and other playgrounds.

How to take care of ducks in a pond, and many other very educative things.

Of course there were also a lot of animals

donkeys, goats and even little ferrets

For me JoJo the pig was the cutest one ! He walked behind me, sniffed at me and loved to be scratched behind the ears. It was love at the first sight !

We spent a very nice afternoon before returning home.

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Fun60 said...

That's a great place for a school visit. I expect some of the children will fall in love with that pig as well.

Anonymous said...

WHat a delightful place!

Andrea Priebe said...

What a perfect place for small children and big people as well. I love all of the animals and the flowers and the pond ... oh my, I would love to have been with you. Did you know that pigs are as smart as a fifth grade child? It's no wonder you found JoJo to be your favorite and I bet if he could speak he would say the same about you. I enjoyed this, Gattina ... Thank you :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

Loree said...

LOL love at first sight! I am sure Mr G was jealous. The farm sounds like a wonderful concept.

Anonymous said...

Animals are a hit with most children. I'm sure they'll love this farm.
Do you follow Cecilia's blog?
She has a 600-lb. "pet" pig, and a couple NZ Kunekune.

Jen Masssey napierdailyphoto.blogspot.co.nz said...

how neat
I hope the children have fun and learn a bit when they visit :)

It reminds me of Haumoana Farmyard Zoo near Napier

eileeninmd said...

I would love to visit this farm. I love the pig and the other farm animals. A great place for the kids to visit. Have a happy day!

Mari said...

I think that is a great way to educate kids as they see them in real life not only in picture books and stories.