2 Sept 2023


I can't remember that we ever had such a rainy "summer". I gave up to separate winter and summer clothes, only thick winter coats and jackets. And probably I will give them away because it's never really cold. If it is the average of - 5°C then I stay inside. 

I have started after over a year to finally look into the two last bags from Rick. Fortunately there was nothing special in it, a broken frame a broken lamp and two boxes of computer stuff which I don't know what it is. 

I also found 3 wigs, never used still wrapped, which I had ordered for Nicole when she had her brain surgery, and they had delivered them twice. But Nicole has such beautiful and thick hair, that she only had a little hairless spot and didn't need the wig. So I decided to call the Cancer center and asked if they would take wigs, the lady on the phone was so happy, she said there are so many women who can't afford a wig. They will send somebody to pick them up.

Each day I try to do a little bit for my move, it's not so easy to find experts for valuable things who don't want to cheat you. I want at least have an idea how much the things are worth.

L has finally come back from France, where she had stayed in their holiday home for 2 months, just after the death of her husband with whom I had worked for nearly 10 years. Now we are sitting in the same boat, two widows, only she is now like I was last year, still full of energy, while this year I have the impression that my whole grief comes out and I am just like a cleaning rag hanging around and do nothing or I play around with my photos.

 It's too early to prepare the things for the move, part goes to my "Castle" and the rest goes to someone who needs everything and will pick it  up. It's called "empty everything". 

L. is in the middle of the papers and although she has a notary, she has to find the papers ! Apparently her husband was even worse than mine and it took quite some time until we both found everything.
We spent a nice afternoon.

On Saturday the weather was even worse ! In August I had to wear socks !! But I refused to switch on the central heating in August ! Until the climate change settles down and we will have temperatures at Christmas like in Australia, I wait until October. I bed then we will have 30°C.

As usual on Fridays I visit Nicole, because there is mass and she doesn't like religion. First we were two sitting in the sunshine which had suddenly appeared, then we were joined by a couple, he was with Rick in the same home and had changed because for his wife this one is nearer. He used to be a Mr. Wikipedia and knew everything when they played Quiz, but now one year later he can hardly speak and you can't understand a word. He has a brain disease, slowly it gets worse and worse. I admire his wife, she comes every day, the home is just in front of her house, and she is always in such a good mood and so helpful and friendly. Then two gentlemen came too, both normal, but one had Parkinson and the other was a widow and didn't want to stay home alone. 

The lady sitting besides me only talked about the food and that it was horrible and she didn't like it, while the others said the opposite. I don't care about meals, of course I like when it is good, but otherwise I think  I have to eat otherwise I would starve. The afternoon went by very quickly and then it was supper time for them and I left and returned home. In 2 1/2 months I also will be in a boarding school for oldies, but when I compare the two, I am sure I will feel good in my "castle". I still don't understand why Nicole has chosen the one which is so ugly and looks like a Hospital !  It's certainly not a question of money.


soon home sweet home !

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31 Aug 2023


In most of the countries school starts in in September at the latest. That's a very important event in a child's life ! To sweeten this important day, in Germany, First Graders get a special treat on their first day of school: a Schultüte, a colorful and elaborately decorated cone which is prepared by a students’ parents  or bought filled with goodies such as small school supplies (like pens, pencil cases, erasers, etc.) , toys and candy. 

 These bundles of gifts evoke excitement in students during one of the most important days of their childhood – the day that school begins. 


me at my first school day 1949

As kids make their way to their new classrooms, they proudly carry their Schultüten (school cone) with them. This German tradition originated in the early 1800s in the cities of Jena, Dresden and Leipzig. Back then, parents brought the Schultüten directly to the schools, where they were hung on a so-called Schultütenbaum (“school cone tree”) in the classroom. When the tree was “ripe” with school cones, it meant that students were ready to begin first grade. 

On the first day of school, students were instructed to pick the cone with their name on it. To their surprise, the cones were usually filled with edible treats such as pretzels and candy. Naturally, the tradition spread and evolved over time. Today, students often receive their Schultüten before they leave their homes to go to school – and their cones are often filled with school supplies, rather than candy.

I have no memory at all of this oh so important day, I didn't care about the cone or what was in it, I only wanted to stay home and play with my friends, but these were gone with their Schultüte to school, so I probably followed. (must have been like that because I can write this text !)

Austria, Switzerland (the German speaking part) and the Czech Republic have adopted this fun back-to-school tradition.


30 Aug 2023


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28 Aug 2023



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Saturday I woke up at 5 am! Something woke me up I thought it was Rosie jumping on my stomach but she was sleeping peacefully at my feet. And then I heard a loud thunder so it was a thunderstorm. 

Of course I couldn't fall asleep anymore, especially since Maria came at 7.45 am, to clean the apartment. The whole day I thought a TseTse mosquito bit me, I kept falling asleep. I had to watch twice two films  because I hadn't seen nothing. When I went shopping, I had to be careful not to fall asleep. And now I just woke up. Sleeping makes you tired ! 

My son is still in Italy on the traces of his childhood. He sent me these pictures

I know that he wants to make me happy, but it hurts a bit to look at the pictures. The lake hasn't changed at all. Only the people. Most of them have passed away.

Happy times

Sunday morning the sky looked like it was bewitched, black clouds and sunbeams in between! I thought I'd stay in bed, then I wouldn't have to go in at night anymore. At that moment Rosie started making a noise like a dog mixed with a hyena, that I crawled out of bed as fast as I could and saw her half or completely dead, instead of sitting on my best carpet and grooming herself ! 

Then the phone rang just as I was having a coughing fit and could barely speak.The person on the other end of the phone told me not to cough into the phone.


I think I will change my ringtone !

That was too much then. Apparently this person didn't know that this disease is very dangerous,  and that I can't cough on command and it is not for fun. How can one be so stupid? It's like asking a blind man why he can't read. So my day was finally spoiled and I'm counting the days when I'm moving and I don't have to ask anyone for help anymore. Difficulties are solved for me and there is also a Doctor in the home. I just have to pay (and cough)

Even my landlord took off his stiff collar and typed me a letter ! 

That was the end of my wonderful weekend, and then it started to rain and I felt bad again. Now I think each time I am worried or angry or stressed, I get the same symptoms.

There was a big party in Waterloo today, but I didn't feel like going, the whole boulevard was full of cars. I have no fun without Rick. Even if he would have stayed home anyway.