3 Nov 2023


There is not much or rather nothing to tell this week, I started Monday not feeling normal, I was tired and saw the world in black. Outside was a horrible weather, a good excuse not to go out. The next day was not better but I forced myself to do the shopping, I had no bread and fruits anymore. I also needed cheese for lunch, and that of course I forgot.

I called my neighbor who was in the Ardennes with her daughter. The other had no cheese and anyway she wouldn't go out with this terrible storm we had outside.  I was not hungry but finally I found a solution ! I took 2 slices of bread, put Olive oil on and then sprinkled a mixture of various Italian herbs on the bread and I liked it so much that I ate the same thing again the next day.

Ever since I suffer in silence, I have fever, my nose is running, and I just don't know what to do with myself. Finally watching TV, I counted the men with a beard. Those who work for the News, documentaries etc. I came to the conclusion that from 10 men at least 8 had a beard, in all shapes,,long, short, young or old, especially the boys because they wanted to look older. I thought about my youth when I was around 20, when no one had a beard except their grandfathers. Mine had one and I thought it was disgusting because the food got stuck in it. And then the young and old with or without hair tied it in a bun which sat on the top of their head. Thank God I don't have to choose a man anymore! The speakers on TV depend on the country. The worst hairstyles you see is in Germany, Belgium, then France. The only one which look "normal" while presenting the News, are the Italians ! They still have suit, shirt and tie !

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2 Nov 2023


1. Besides Thanksgiving (in the USA) what's one thing you're looking forward to in November? 

To my move into my "castle" which is a retirement home, so beautiful that I count the days ! I wished to be already there !

2. Do you like candles? Your favorite scent? How often do you burn a candle in your home? 

Yes I like candles, but without any scent. In the past I often lighted candles especially during Christmas time, or also in summer. Now I have candles with a battery !

3. What gadgets did you use today?

What is a gadget exactly ? I asked Google. It's not something special and funny as I thought, like an ashtray which coughs when you put your ashes inside. No it can be my mobile phone or even my computer, there is a long list of gadgets which I found completely normal. To the question, I used my computer and the telephone !

4. This question is a repeat from one asked in November of 2014, but I liked it so it's coming round again. Many of you weren't here in 2014. Okay, you can have fifty pounds of something (anything but money)...what will you choose? Also, since I mentioned it...what were you up to in November of 2014? 

Thanks to my blog I can always answer the right questions and when people contest I show them. The most important event in November is Toby's birthday. We are all born in summer except the poor boy who is born in November. That means gifts on birthday, gift on Santa Claus, gifts on Christmas and then the whole year nothing anymore !

5. 'Tis the season...what's something you're feeling especially grateful for today? 

Today ? I could send everybody to hell ! I have a cold or the Covid or whatever, my nose is running, my throat aching and I feel lousy !

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I lie on the sofa and feel sorry for myself. All alone, my friends are either out of town or too old or they are sick themselves. There is a terrible storm outside 100km/h and that makes me nervous. I can hear the firemen and on TV they show blown away roofs, fallen trees, traffic jam etc. I asked my neighbor if she would do her shopping today (she does it everyday) but today she doesn't dare, because of the wind. 

The only thing which comforts me is that I don't stay here for long. In my whole life I haven't been so lonely.


1 Nov 2023


Today is All Saint's day which is very much celebrated in catholic countries  and therefore it's a day off to allow them to go to the graveyards. Lots of people forget that place for a year, but then when everybody buys flowers they remember and go to clean the often very neglected graves.  

I took these picture on the old cemetery of Waterloo dating from 1804, where also British soldiers are buried who died in the Waterloo battle. It was moved in 1920 because of lack of space. 

Today it is not used anymore, there is a new one. This one is open for visitors or for families only.



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31 Oct 2023









30 Oct 2023

AWWWW MONDAY - Weekend 29

 There is a mouse in the shoe !!




What a boring weekend ! It was so stormy outside that my fake flowers which were still hanging in their pots on the terrace flew away, and even a heavy vase. 

The broken parasol flew from one end to the other and made such a noise that poor Rosie almost flew out of her basket. It was drizzling and I decided to stay at home and not go to the market. So I sat behind the television. 

My movie was interrupted by calls to tell me that out of 3 friends, 2 had a cold or Covid, depending on whether they tested themselves or not. I think that's stupid, because Covid or Cold, you have a sore throat, a running nose, a fever and you feel bad. So it doesn't matter what you have. 

I only see very few people with masks and even in the retirement homes there are no masks in sight and they were always the first. 

Laure, my friend who had just started her cruise to South America, sent me a message that the plane had to be diverted due to a storm before she boarded the ship in Portugal. This is starting well, hopefully it will get better. 

I don't feel like doing anything so I hide in my apartment and wait for the move. At least then I no longer have to worry about falling or anything else happening to me. With Rick dead, my health has dropped by at least half. I get all sorts of things that I never had before. Poor Isabel, who always looks after me, is also lying on her sofa and is sick.

I hope that my health will improve, people who know me always teased me with "the German Quality" and now I am a fragile Chinese doll !But as the saying goes, “weeds never go away.” 




29 Oct 2023


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