15 Jan 2022


I heard a strange noise late at night and went out on the balcony to see what was going on. I saw fire and the noise was like cutting down a tree. But so late in the evening? Since I couldn't see much I took a few pictures to enlarge them later and see what was done. 

and this came out ! Looks rather eerie .....It's strange that yo can make an artistic photo out of a failed one !

and I still not know what happened, because this morning everything looked normal.


14 Jan 2022


When on Monday I opened the curtains, I thought the houses and trees in front of my window had disappeared probably due to the Corona Virus or the Global Warming.  Fortunately it didn't last the whole day but only in the morning.

To open an account in a Bank and deposit money these days becomes as difficult as getting an audience with the Pope. 

Nothing works without an appointment, so I listened to the whole menu and finally explained that I only wanted to open an account. I got my appointment. I arrived on time and was welcomed, not exactly with a red carpet, but at least the lady was very friendly. 

Two hours later I was still sitting in my chair, the lady had a red face and two colleagues were there to help her open an account "online". Apparently they weren't used to it. Finally, the youngest solved the problem in two minutes. The advantage of this kind of account is, that you don't have to pay any fees because it is ... online.  

I was nearly thrown out because the bank wanted to close. Armed with a note on which everything should be written, I returned home. I was exhausted but my saving account was ready to save (what ??)

The next day I went to Rick to pay him a visit and deliver him 4 packages of wafels 10 per package. That should last a week but often he claimed for more. Unfortunately it doesn't increase his weight and he still looks very skinny. He seems to feel better because for the first time he greeted me with "Ah it's you, I am watching a movie" ! Good sign because at least he watching TV again which he hadn't done for months.

My son had asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I choose these earrings which should represent a cat's paw, but I am not so sure that people will find out. Anyway the benefit of these earrings went to a cat's shelter. It arrived 2 weeks after Christmas ! That's called snail mail, because the earrings had been sent in time, but the post office was on slow motion !

They are real small and look cute.

Miss Rosie during night tidies up the whole apartment and also feeds her mouse ! This is what I saw in the morning

Besides the battle between vaccinated and unvaccinated fills the news, I wonder about what they would talk without the virus. All wars are now at the end of the news !

Nothing special happened and I wait that spring moves in !

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13 Jan 2022


1. What do you wish you'd done more of last year? Less of? 

 Not having been so sad and feeling alone, and not so stressed and less sensitive  

2. What's the tallest building you've ever been in? Do you have a fear of heights? 

It was the Empire State building in the seventies, there were no higher building in New York at that time, I remember that I stayed inside behind the glass and looked down on the traffic which looked like a line of flees and the people like full stops or commas ! And yes I have fear of height when I in open air, inside it's better when I look down even when it's very high. I remember when I was pregnant we had two seats on the second floor of the opera, Wonderful view, only it was too high for me and I got dizzy and sick. We had to leave ! And that was really not high !

3. Do you have a word for the year? Elaborate if you'd like to elaborate. 

4. January 11 is National Milk Day...are you a milk drinker? What kind? Your favorite recipe that calls for milk (cereal doesn't count)? 

I hate milk it's smell makes me sick already ! It was a big drama in my childhood because I refused to drink milk, My mother was worried about my health and my father thought that all children in the world drink milk, and he loved it. But they could stand on their heads I still refused to drink milk ! I don't remember what they gave me instead because in 1947 there was certainly no replacement like soja milk.  Strange and rather funny was that Rick was allergic to milk and later our son too, but there I was lucky, soja milk existed. But I love everything which is made with milk, like cheese, yogurts etc.. 

and cows

5. What excites you most about the future? What do you miss about the past? 

Difficult to say what I don't know I don't miss and there is nothing interesting in the future maybe robots for the housecleaning and all things I don't like to do ?

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

No special thoughts, I always wish the same that Rick's Parkinson gets better, but that is rather utopistic and why are we not yet in spring ??



12 Jan 2022

11 Jan 2022


I wanted to post a nice "Our World" but such romantic things like going to the bank took my whole afternoon. And not only mine but of the bank too ! I wonder what they do the whole day, because we have to handle our things mostly ourselves online and if you want to see a living soul, you have to ask for an appointment which takes at least 15 to 20 minutes listening to an awful music. 

In short I post the few pictures I have taken out of my car driving through Waterloo and a little bit around as I was too early. I don't tell you how many men horned behind me when I stopped to take my pictures, but I let them horn !

And here is my criss cross sightseeing of my town Waterloo in Belgium



At home, vue from my kitchen

This is Waterloo's official Christmas tree and the abbrevation .... not very much appreciated by the real Waterloo people born and living here. There are too many strangers now !

Very close to the modern cone, representing a fir tree, stands this nice real Christmas tree in the garden of a Waterloo citizen !
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10 Jan 2022



linking to AWWW MONDAY
My body always reacts different as "normal" people, because after the vaccine on Thursday I felt nothing, on Friday I was a bit dizzy, but then on Saturday I was really out of work. 
I had no fiever or other aches, but the floor in my apartment became like a wave, it was moving and I had difficulties to keep my balance ! So I had the choise either to crawl on the floor, or stay put on sofa the whole day !  In the morning it was OK because Maria my cleaning lady was there and cat Rosie had brought me my breakfast

After lunch I fell asleep and missed my whole crime story, which I watched then in the evening. Late afternoon my neighbor came to check on me and we chatted a while about the dammit virus, I wonder about what we can  rant if ever it  happens ! There is another subject fortunately, the weather ...
So the day went by and I couldn't visit Rick, it would have been too dangerous to drive and even more to walk ! 
On Sunday the weather had changed and I could assist to this beautiful sunrise, although it was rather cold. As I felt normal again, I went to visit Rick. I was glad that apparently it was a good day for him, because he wasn't hidden in his room, but sat together with the others in the living room. The TV showed beautiful landscapes and they chatted together or slept ! Before I left, I picked up his personal laundry which this time wasn't so much and left.
As the sun was still shining a bit, I thought I will make a tour and take pictures of Waterloo and the woods, so I have something to show for "My world"  tomorrow.
When I came home greeted by Rosie I just had the time to see the sun going down and took this picture !

 In fact it's difficult to distinguish sunrise and sunset !


9 Jan 2022


As I am still in my self chosen retreat, I dig in my old or not so old photos, because I have decided not to paint anymore but rather take more pictures and fool around with them. Today and tomorrow I am locked in (not down) because I had my 3rd vaccine and feel dizzy and have the impression that I can't keep my balance and I don't want to fall of course. Here are a few pictures of my grandson which I like very much 

They are all taken at different dates and moments