19 Jan 2024


The week started with some troubles!  Always with this Landlord, in his case I agree with Trump and. his love of shooting people. But I am here and weapons are not allowed. It's still my owner, this pain in the ass (excuse my French) who wants to pay me for damages that I couldn't have done, probably because the former tenant has disappeared without  paying anything. For a year I still got his post mostly police and Taxes.

I spent nearly the whole day googling for my rights and then I wrote a letter to my landlord full of honey and insisting that I am an old woman who lost her husband and that it was certainly not him who damaged the parquet, and the door handle to the balcony and other things. I was surprised how I must have lived in this apartment, as if I didn't live with one little cat but with at least  an elephant.

He probably caused the damages in the bathroom !

The next day I finally could go out, as it had rained nearly 3 weeks. Shopping is a pleasure now, I just needed fruits, toothpaste, and a shampoo. It seemed to me that the prices for everything had raised again. I wonder how people with 4 children do ? 

When I came back there was no space on our parking ! All visitors, so I drove for the first time behind the castle, and parked my car there. I picked up my shopping bag, locked the car, did the first step, and without any reason (as usual) I fell ! Just when I wanted to get up 3 nurses and a man arrived to pick me up, and then they couldn't believe that I had nothing. Because they had seen my fall. They wanted to put me in a wheelchair, but once I was on my feet, I started walking towards my room. Followed by the nurses, one carried my bag. He told them they could leave me alone now, and they went away reluctantly. In the evening came one again to check if I had nothing and I told her that really had nothing it didn't even hurt ! And in the morning came one even before they brought my breakfast. But everything was OK, blood pressure, pulse, and disappointed (nearly) She shook her head and told me I should work in a circus.

Over night it had snowed and apparently since 2011 we didn't have such a lot of snow exactly 30 cm !

Our park looked fairy

Now we were locked in. The personnel had to leave their cars on the main street, because they couldn't drive up to the entrance and parking. In the afternoon our animation girl proposed a very nice game, we had to find capitals from different countries and other things. Then we had coffee and a Belgian wafel and chatted together.

Same the next day but with another game which was quite difficult you got two pictures the original and a copy where different things were missing and you had to find them. 

I sat in front of Jeanne the nearly 100 year old lady and we chatted together. Amazing I didn't notice the age difference and we talked about Brussels how it was in the 50th and where we lived and then about Waterloo, and how it had changed. We were the last once to leave the restaurant.

The snowing had stopped, but it is very cold - 4 and quite slippery. This time we had gymnastic in the afternoon. I didn't want to participate, just take some photos and look what they did, but then it was so interesting to do gymnastic on a chair which reminded me some of the Yoga movements, at least you can't fall ! The one who was the fittest girl and managed to do all the exercises, was my 100 year old Jeanne, in a wheelchair ! She is really an example, how to get old. 

I also got a Scrabble game and have found 4 ladies who like Scrabble too. So we decided if they don't get any visitors we will play during the weekend !

 One happy resident ! She has a lot of fans amongst the personal

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17 Jan 2024


1. On January 18th we commemorate A.A. Milne's birthday. Milne is the author of the beloved classic Winnie the Pooh. In many ways Pooh represents innocence and simplicity. His optimism reminds us to appreciate the little things. What are three little things you're appreciating in mid-January

I don't know well Winnie the Pooh which was invented by an English author, I read in Wikipedia. As it was in 1926 it hadn't been translated yet into other languages this came far later in the 60th ! So I was not born yet and when it was available in French I was adult and read other books.  I was lucky and had learned English at school, while the former generations learned Latin, Greek and French but never English. I lived in Bonn which was under American and British occupation and so I discovered very early Jeans, Elvis Presley and American Music, while the others didn't even know the word "yes". So every book or cartoon in English was not well known. Even the European Union which was the Common Market before had as official language French. When the Brits entered the Union people realized that English was spoken in far more countries than French and language battles started, finally they choose English and French was treated like all the other languages. I still remember the fuss my father made, because he had learned French but no English !

2. Piglet teaches us even the smallest of individuals can achieve big things with the proper amount of determination. How do your current responsibilities make you feel? 

 I have no responsibilities at all here in my residence, which is wonderful. Oh yes, perhaps one, pay the invoice monthly !

3. Tigger is known for his enthusiasm and energy, his boundless joy and love of life. What's something you're interested in learning more about in this new year? 

Who is Tigger ? I was like him or her before I became a widow.  I have to learn to be one !

4. Eeyore, while a melancholy character, teaches us the importance of resilience and perseverance. How do you stay motivated and persevere in difficult circumstances?

That's all behind me I hope I had enough in the last years

5. What's the last thing you ate that was made with honey? 

I didn't eat any honey but I sometimes put honey instead sugar in my coffee. It seems to be very healthy and better then sugar. I didn't taste the difference.

6. Insert your own random thought

I look out of the window and the park is all white ! For the first time it had snowed a lot. Fortunately I did my little shopping yesterday ! It looks so beautiful ! I think that I am really lucky, it's so warm here inside and it's not me who has to pay the bill, I mean to heat to such a point that I have summer pullovers and night gowns !



 A special "dish-cat" washing





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15 Jan 2024


Spring Time







Again it was a weather to better stay inside, I washed my hair and looked for a warm raincoat on Internet, the shops were open but packed with people and suddenly it was noon and I got my lunch.

I still eat in my room and watch a movie, I don't know what happens with me but I don't get along with many people around me for the moment, even if they are all nice. I feel more comfortable when I'm alone, especially when it's so gray and cold.

 Laura came just when the coffee was served and we chatted the whole afternoon. Not about our men who are somewhere now in another life, but how our lives have changed. Luckily for autonomous people like me there are no visiting hours in my castle home and everyone can come whenever they want. I don't need to be cared for. 

It was a nice afternoon, and as usual I was tired in the evening and actually fell asleep in the armchair at 8 o'clock. That's why when I went to bed at 9, I couldn't fall asleep! Rosie was in shape and walked around on me. But at some point I slept until shortly after 9 a.m. My breakfast was already on the table.

Unfortunately I still have worries with my landlord, and had to send all correspondence we had together to Dario's friend. This took me nearly the whole afternoon because I had to sent 20 photos and had to use a ZIP folder.


 I had never done that in my life, I found an address which sounded familiar to me I think Rick used this company. Don't ask me how I managed but it worked !! All the pictures were sent at once in a folder with a zip. I have already opened these folders, but never made one. Apparently it is really true to learn something new there is no age !

And what 4 people didn't manage I did !  I connected my printer to the computer. It was so easy that those who tried were too intelligent and they lost a lot of time, while I discovered a little Icon on my computer clicked on it and suddenly appeared on my screen "searching for printer" and while I was staring on the screen, the printer suddenly printed out a sample asking if it worked !! there was a built in program for idiots in my computer ! Now I can also print.