31 Dec 2018


When I think that we will enter 2019 and that it is already 18 years ago that from one day to another I went into another century ! The last person I know who had this chance was my grandma. She was 6 years old when from 1899 she arrived into 1900 ! And then me. Both of us if I think had a lot of changes and inventions in our lives. She unfortunately had to go through two WW, while I was lucky, I was born in the century of inventions. From washing machines to bread baking machines, from travelling in trains and then being able to buy a private car which only had been possible for rich people.

What is new in this 21 century is that we are not going "back to the future" as in the movie but far more to the past. We want to grow our own vegetables again, only eat organic or bio, and after having been forced to use plastic for all kind of things, now we are told that it is not good and spoils the environment.

This last weekend 2018, was grey and humid and foggy in the morning. The market in Waterloo had only a few stalls the others didn't even come. It was the same in the next little town where a lot of stalls were missing too. The boutiques were closed, although they had a special permission to open on this last Sunday, but anyway nobody would go shopping because Sales start on January 2, and of course nobody wants to buy anything for the full price if 2 days later they can get the same thing for half.

We were all hanging around and rather lazy finally Nicole had the good idea to hang around together and called two other friends so we were four to share a good fruitcake and coffee. For all of us the year had been rather good, except for two who had some health problems. But there were no family problems.

On Sunday I thought the sun would come out and went to the market but as there were only fruits and vegetables for sale and nothing else I returned home after half an hour.

The rest of the day I spent with phone calls to wish a happy New Year to those who live far away or I haven't seen for a while. For some the year had been very bad for others good.

Now I will see what this year brings !

The market wet and empty !

To all of you

28 Dec 2018


I have to look at my calender to know which day we are ! With Monday being already a Sunday or nearly, everybody is a little disturbed.

In the last minute my son had asked me if on Christmas day his friend and family could come to us and of course I agreed ! It is his best friend and now his little son also 8 years old became best friend with Toby.

Now I  had to run to buy some cake, and fortunately I thought about the English shop very close to us, where I could buy very good English cakes, except a Christmas Pudding which was sold out. The shelves were empty all Christmas things had been sold. But I found a Fudge cake and Apple cake etc and it was enough.

The friend's wife is English, so I thought it brings a bit of home to her.

We celebrate the German way (and also the Royals in the UK) on Christmas Eve.

Listening to Christmas music, looking at all the parcels and boxes under the tree and the open fire, while we had a glass of Champagne. Toby too had Champagne for kids, called "Kiddie bubbles" which he liked so much that he almost emptied the whole bottle before we even started !

Toby checks if there is no gift left ! and then the gifts were distributed. The one who got a gift, had to pick up another one to give it to this person and so on. Of course Toby started.

I think what he liked the most was the scarf of his beloved Football (soccer) team which I had found here with some difficulties and from his parents he had got the matching T-Shirt. That was perfect. Of course the other gifts he liked too, but there is always one which is a favorite.

He had put all his gifts on the sofa and stated that Father Christmas had brought him much more then to the other once. We comforted him, saying that Father Christmas job is for the children and not that much for adults.

The rest of the evening we spent playing a very funny game, you wore a card with an object written on it and you had to find out what it was. It was so much fun that my belly hurt so much I laughed.

The next day son and family came earlier, he had bought a lot of different things for a buffet. He put everything on the table and I added my cakes, the coffee and the cutlery and dishes.

The drinks were standing outside, as it was probably colder outside then in my fridge !

And then they all arrived and we started eating, drinking chatting and at the end another funny game which we played together. The "United colors of  Benetton" as I call Toby and Benji played and had a lot of fun and we too. Before they went away, everything was cleaned up, little Benji just put a broom away when I came back from my room. It was as if nobody had ever been there. I was really touched, I had nothing to do anymore, then going to bed !

On Wednesday they arrived late morning for a cup of coffee before returning to Amsterdam.

And my DIL took a photo of the three of us and Toby said good bye to Arthur and we waved when they went away.

I was hanging on my sofa almost the whole day to recover from I don't know what, because I can't say that I was overworked ! But a movie cure on TV was nice too. I also had some phone calls to do !

The next day I had invited my friends for a coffee and cake, so that we could could chat to our heart contents about our Christmas celebration.

Everybody had a nice family celebration without catastrophes, not even a few broken plates or glasses. It had been a nice afternoon.

Of course Sir Arthur didn't leave us girls alone, he went from leg to leg and was so happy about the company ! But he didn't play with the angels one had offered him to play ! Anyway he was a good entertainer, because he played with a garland hanging from my plant !

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25 Dec 2018


Our little town Waterloo had it's own Christmas market as usual each year, unfortunately the weather was so bad, so that less visitors were coming, it rained and I couldn't take a lot of pictures either

part of the market

The shopping galerie

The city hall

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8 year old Toby taking family pictures with Dad's camera

where are the gifts ??

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24 Dec 2018


To all of you I wish a

The weekend was a bit hectic, with shopping for Christmas Eve the arrival of son and grandson DIL will follow today.

Besides running around for food which was in itself a challenge,  the shop where I went was so packed as if people feared a 3rd WW !

Now it seems to me that everybody only thinks of food, and expensive wine which at least here in Belgium is so important. Whoever I talked to these two days was "What do you eat on Christmas Eve (or day) " ? The hit here is "foie gras" which is quite expensive and in my eyes disgusting when you read where it comes from and how it's made. But it is a "must" for Christmas. I don't buy it and nobody in my family eats it.

We always celebrate on Christmas Eve and while drinking an aperitif we open the gifts and after that we have our Christmas meal, and  on Christmas day it starts again !

So these to days I spent with preparing everything I just made a break yesterday afternoon when I went to see son and grandson at his friend's house and forgot to take pictures !

21 Dec 2018


When you stay for two weeks in a hotel you start to know the guests and as you don't know their name yet, you give them surnames. There was a little old lady round from top to bottom, which had a different hat every day. I never saw her without a hat. The hat always fitted with her clothes, a dress, shorts or even a bathing suit She had hats in all colors, black, red, and white and always with a ribbon around and flowers in different colors, which looked very cheerful.

The only thing was the hat didn't really fit with a bathing suit, it looked a bit strange. With her dresses she even looked as if she were invited to a reception of the Queen. We called her "Madame Chapeau" which means "Mrs Hat" !

Unfortunately I only could take a picture twice, the black and white hats with beautiful flowers are missing !

Last year we had seen her at the same time and admired her hats at each meal ! She changed every day. We asked ourselves how she had put all these hats in her suitcase ? I wondered if she would also sleep with her hat ?? However I never saw her in the swimming pool with her hat, but walking around the pool in her bathing suit and a fitting hat.

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On Monday when I looked in the mirror, I thought that I looked like a witch, with my hair too long and hanging around. Decision made, I hurried to my hairdresser, who takes clients without appointment. Of course on a Monday there are not a lot of women going to the hairdresser, because they rather go on a Friday to be beautiful during the weekend. I was lucky I only had to wait for 30 min. Then I felt much better and returned home to finish my Christmas decoration.

We met for the last time this year for Scrabble and it was Myriam's turn. She had just a little decoration inside as she celebrates at her daughter's but she had a nice garland on her tree in front of the house.

Here we are coming out, leading Mireille who is half blind but always wins the Scrabble !!

Waterloo city had invited it's seniors to a Christmas celebration, with a cabaret show followed by a reception with Champagne and snacks.

The city hall from outside

and inside. It was very nice and we met a lot of people we knew. We are all getting old together. Some are already missing, but that's life.

Somebody from "my" hotel in Egypt has sent me this beautiful picture of my holiday love "Oscar" the camel in full parade outfit, with its owner.

Isn't he beautiful ? I had never thought I would miss a camel !! The owner is the son of a farmer who stands in front of the hotel with Daddy's camel and people pay a Euro (that's now the money in fashion, no dollars or British pounds anymore) for photos. Guests also bring appels, oranges and bananas for the camel. This guy is clever, with the money he earns and I think it's quite a lot he pays his studies at university ! A nice and interesting student job !! And on top, he improves his English !

The British people who since years are coming to this hotel were quite upset about this Brexit idea, now nobody wants their pounds anymore and they had to change it into Euros or Egyptian pounds. Nobody really knows if they can travel as before without filling in tons of papers.

It was the last day before Christmas holidays and instead of painting we had a little Christmas party.
Everybody had brought something for the buffet and finally we really had more than enough !

The nearly empty table was filled with delicious snacks and cakes. We had a lot of fun.

Before I went on holidays I had made a "pouring painting" and had left it in our class.

Now after a little more than 3 weeks it was dry and I took it home and hung it up in our living room.

After the party I invited a few girls for a coffee at home. And we continued our chats. Now it will be more then 2 weeks that we won't see each other.

To all of you !

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19 Dec 2018


My little helper (??)

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To all of you

17 Dec 2018


This weekend I finally managed to prepare the Christmas decoration. First I wanted to do it on Saturday, but I had to do some shopping and in the afternoon I was invited by Ilona to see her decoration. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, her decoration was really beautiful.

She gave me this cute cushion for our new sofa, a soft lady bug ! Nice for the back.

Some work was done in our neighbors garden, early morning I don't know what it was but it was very loud !

For the Christmas market the carousel was already standing, but nothing else. I wanted to go there on Sunday, but when I looked out of the window in the morning and saw rain mixed with a bit snow, I thought I stay home and attack the Christmas decoration.

Mr. G. carried the boxes from the basement into the living room, and then collapsed in a chair.

We put it both together and then I was also exhausted ! The old couple decorating a Christmas tree became a hard work, and for years I made it with pleasure and wasn't tired at all !

The only one who didn't suffer but was amused was cat Arthur who tried to help, which Mr. G. refused with the little energy which was left.

Finally the garlands also hang from one end to the other in the room. No cat touched it so far. I hope there will be no catastrophe tomorrow morning.

The TV was also decorated

and the open fire.


And at the end our Christmas tree was ready ! And we both felt as if we had climbed the Himalaya and I have learned some new "%£@§# Italian words !

The merry Christmas started !

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Ready for the family !!

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