21 Dec 2018


On Monday when I looked in the mirror, I thought that I looked like a witch, with my hair too long and hanging around. Decision made, I hurried to my hairdresser, who takes clients without appointment. Of course on a Monday there are not a lot of women going to the hairdresser, because they rather go on a Friday to be beautiful during the weekend. I was lucky I only had to wait for 30 min. Then I felt much better and returned home to finish my Christmas decoration.

We met for the last time this year for Scrabble and it was Myriam's turn. She had just a little decoration inside as she celebrates at her daughter's but she had a nice garland on her tree in front of the house.

Here we are coming out, leading Mireille who is half blind but always wins the Scrabble !!

Waterloo city had invited it's seniors to a Christmas celebration, with a cabaret show followed by a reception with Champagne and snacks.

The city hall from outside

and inside. It was very nice and we met a lot of people we knew. We are all getting old together. Some are already missing, but that's life.

Somebody from "my" hotel in Egypt has sent me this beautiful picture of my holiday love "Oscar" the camel in full parade outfit, with its owner.

Isn't he beautiful ? I had never thought I would miss a camel !! The owner is the son of a farmer who stands in front of the hotel with Daddy's camel and people pay a Euro (that's now the money in fashion, no dollars or British pounds anymore) for photos. Guests also bring appels, oranges and bananas for the camel. This guy is clever, with the money he earns and I think it's quite a lot he pays his studies at university ! A nice and interesting student job !! And on top, he improves his English !

The British people who since years are coming to this hotel were quite upset about this Brexit idea, now nobody wants their pounds anymore and they had to change it into Euros or Egyptian pounds. Nobody really knows if they can travel as before without filling in tons of papers.

It was the last day before Christmas holidays and instead of painting we had a little Christmas party.
Everybody had brought something for the buffet and finally we really had more than enough !

The nearly empty table was filled with delicious snacks and cakes. We had a lot of fun.

Before I went on holidays I had made a "pouring painting" and had left it in our class.

Now after a little more than 3 weeks it was dry and I took it home and hung it up in our living room.

After the party I invited a few girls for a coffee at home. And we continued our chats. Now it will be more then 2 weeks that we won't see each other.

To all of you !

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Mara said...

That camel looks fantastic! All dressed up.

Hope you have a good Christmas break with family and friends.

Maribeth said...

How nice you have this special picture of Oscar.
I love your new pouring painting! It is beautiful!
Merry Christmas!!!

DUTA said...

There's nothing like a good haircut to lift the spirits!
The picture with the camel is stunning! A lovely memento from your visit in Egypt!

William Kendall said...

Oscar looks quite grand!

Barbara H. said...

I was hoping to get a haircut before Chri9stmas, but I don't know if that will work out. It does make one feel better! I admire the camel owner's initiative! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Andrew said...

I quite like your pouring painting. Interesting that the euro has become the popular currency. I hear people complain about its value, so that probably means it is high compared to other currencies.

Wendy said...

Ha I can see now why you enjoyed visiting Oscar. His owner is quite apealing too lol. Brexit (and British politics) is becoming a farce! I'm sure my sister-in-law is glad to have both British and French passports. Great picture. Deserves to be on display. Happy Christmas.

Susanne said...

Looks like lots of Christmas fun was had by you. Love the pic of the camel. And your pour painting turned out really nice! Merry Christmas!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That beautiful camel! No wonder you miss him -- what a great way for the young man to earn money for his studies. Oh, your buffet makes me hungry!
Again, Merry Christmas to you and "Mr G" from both of us.