9 Jan 2021



 For Stream of consciousness I should write about smething that has or seems to have no end.

The only thing which comes into my mind is the lockdown in which I sit for at least 9 months or was it a year with a two months break. Therefore I wonder when it will end or if it has no end at all ? 

Of course it influences our well being and the fact that you are living like a prisoner and besides the shops nothing is open. Slowly we loose our good mood and become lazy and without energy which is my case. To make a long story short I thought I try to make you, who are in the same situation laugh, instead of complaining of my lost year !






8 Jan 2021


On Monday suddenly I had enough of Christmas balls, garlands, angels and Father Christmas, wreath and gold and red ribbons. I had a big plastic box with a cover and in no time I had thrown everything concerning Christmas in the box and closed it. I felt much better. There comes a moment where all these things get on my nerves. Suddenly the living room looked a bit naket, but I put my cats and other decoration back and it all looked normal again. 

As we only have one car now, which works very all as we are living in the city center, I was without and decided to make a lazy day with surfing the net and preparing posts and also watching a bit TV. Outside it rained and it was grey and I was happy in my cozy living just to do nothing. Little Rosie kept me company and was napping on her chair again. Apparently the smell from my friend had gone because after 4 days Rosie returned ! 

It was my turn to receive our lockdown group, and we had a lot to discuss about the anti Corona vaccination, which had started here like in other countries with the retirement homes. We had heard in the News that 40 % of the nurses and helpers don't want to be vaccinated yet, they probably wait if a lot of the retired people get side effects or even die. 

The next morning Mr.G. woke me up to tell me that the television doesn't work ! In this moment  I could understand that some women murder their husbands ! I got out of the bed  mumbeling &:é#|µ$ and went into the kitchen in a bad mood, where at least I found a hot cup of coffee. 

I can't be good mooded without a strong black cup of coffee, which I swallowed with gusto  and  then I had to call the Technical Service. Mr. G. pretends that I can talk better on the phone ! Simply put ! So I called and pressed No. 1 Language, 2 Accounting 3 Technical Service and explained my problem.

He gave me instructions what I had to do, switch on and off pull a cable out and then in, with the result that it still didn't work and he told me he would send a technician for the next day afternoon ! That would make one day and a half without TV ! That was a catastrophe, we use to watch a movie at least in the evening  and of course the News. I purred through the phone and asked in a sweet voice if he could not send the technician earlier, he said he would try but couldn't promise anything. 

The next day at 8 am the door bell rang and who was there .... the Technician ! That's why cats purr ! In half an hour it was done and we had our TV back ! Now I could go out and look for a pullover. I came back again with empty hands what is on sale is old fashioned and many boutiques are closed, the big stores empty only a few people. Apparently as you can't go out, it's not very stimulating to buy something new. The only shops which work well are the once with multimedia stuff !

On Thursday morning reading the Newspaper on my smartphone in my bed my eyes saw this

My first thought was "The Wikings arrive" or is it Carnival somewhere.. and then I read the whole report. I was really shocked. If at least this guy had dressed in the costume of a native American it would have made sense, but to mix up Wikings with Americans is a lack of general knowledge !

And all these mad people were fans of Trump ?? I couldn't believe it, only illiterate persons could behave like that or savages ! 4 people had to die because of this crazy president who behaves like a toddler who doesn't want to give away his favorite toy. He can't be normal. 

I think nobody will ever forget that in the whole world and he dared to say he will "make America great again" What a shame ! Fortunately I have enough friends in the States who think like me and rest of the world.

After the TV out of work, two days later Mr. G's old mobile gave up its soul and as he is lost with my Samsung Galaxy and can't handle it, I had to change my initial idea give him my old one and I buy me a new one. Anyway I use it much more then he would do. He needs a phone, a help line, Whatsapp and email. That's all. I googled and found a wonderful Smartphone for Seniors ! So easy !

Even with a camera and internet !

and that's just what he needs. The shop is in walking distance and people were lining up outside in the rain to be allowed to enter the shop one person after the other not more because of Corona rules !

I didn't want to wait in the rain and cold and told all people in front of me that I would wait inside and wait until it's my turn. They looked like a flock of sheep and let me through and I waited inside in a little corner until finally a salesman came, it was my turn. It went all very quick, I had all the references but they didn't have it in stock so on Monday Mr. G. has to pick it up and listen to some explanation. There he has no excuse anymore! That's all I did this week. I noticed that I don't like to go outside anymore I prefer to stay inside. It doesn't matter with whom as long as it is not a shop or a street !

Hopefully normal life will come back one day but certainly not before mid to end January or even longer it all depends.

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7 Jan 2021


1. What advice would you give yourself as we begin this new year? 

 Try to forget the Coronavirus and start a normal life again !

2. If you could throw a themed party for yourself what would the theme be? 


3. Tell us where you were and something about what life was like when you were 20- 21.  

I had finished school, was more or less looking for work, but it was summer, so I had a lot of fun, went out dancing whenever I had the oportunity and a part from some lovesickness from time to time I had no worries at all. Life was fun ! 

4. What's on the menu at your house this week? 

No idea, I'll have a look in the deepfreeze. Whatever is left I have to go shopping tomorrow !

5. What should you do more of this year? Less of? 

I want to be free again, travel, visit interesting things go out in restaurants, enjoy life ! And I want not only less but no Coronavirus statistic numbers on TV any more !

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

It's a boring life although I try to live as normal as possible. People are becoming more and more depressed, when it doesn't change, then we will all end up in the psychiatric ward of the hospital and not anymore in the COVID ward. The empty beds there will be moved into a psychiatric hospital.

I also wonder why in all countries they start the Corona vaccination in retirement homes with old to very old people, of course when you are 100 you won't live 30 years anymore. Somebody in the News said that it would be more logical to start with the medical staff, the nurses and doctors to be protected and not infect the oldies. Finally who brought the virus in the homes ? Probably the personal. And the politicians ? There are no volunteers ! 


6 Jan 2021


Believe it or not but the Coronavirus pandemia also influenced Father Christmas ! I found it as Christmas tree decoration on Internet !

 fully dressed

his backpack filled with toilet paper, desinfection sprays and bottles

wearing the required mask

When I  emptied our house once it was sold I gave away all our Christmas decoration we had accumulated over 45 years and I was convinced that I would never ever celebrate Christmas again for different reasons. Christmas for me except when I was a child was horrible as long as my parents lived because for them it was the opportunity to critisize everything and especially the education of our son. 

But then arrived Christmas in our new home and suddenly I needed some decoration ! I didn't regret the old stuff although there had been very beautiful and handmade things with it, but for me it was a new beginning. I never thought that Christmas would be such a strange celebration where we couldn't celebrate with our grandson and parents and for the first time in my life we celebrated on a screen !

So when I saw this Father Christmas I had to buy it as a souvenir because I think we will never ever have such a special Father Christmas again. 

BTW it was made in China !



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5 Jan 2021


When we moved to Waterloo,  it was a small village with a sugar factory that stood on a huge area. It was half disintegrated but the parts such as the main entrance and hall were still intact and schools used the spaces for handicrafts or other activities during the school holidays. 

Then the whole area sold and all old buildings which stood there distroyed.

A group of about 15 prestigious office buildings, were built instead, and are surrounded by an exceptional park, the design of which was given to well known landscape gardeners and the concept of became the Waterloo Office Park. Quality material such as red bricks, glass, flat tile and blue stone elegantly blend with each other. The height of the buildings is in accordance with the park, a ground floor and two or even three floors for an area above the ground.

The entrance today to the Master Card office.  The couple who bought our house is working here and it's ideal for them, they could go by bike !

This was the Sugar factory area before.

There are banks
insurance companies

a famous restaurant and hotel which is called "La Sucrerie" the name of the old factory

the buildings look very much alike and you can get easily lost in the huge park.

There is also an artificial pond and a lot of benches all around  where the employees often spend their lunchtime.

It's nice to walk in there (and not to work) 


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4 Jan 2021


This is little doggy called Nelson, found his forever home with  the daughter of my Friend ! 
linking to  AWWW MONDAYS
When I woke up on Saturday morning I was convinced it had snowed ! I jumped (really) out of my bed but outside it was green like every day, nothing special, same temperature and same grey sky.  I must have dreamed just before waking up.

Although we had a rather calm New Year's Eve (see post below) I felt as if I had danced through the whole night until early morning ! But I hadn't.

After coffee I filled in the washing machine, and then sat down to prepare my Friday's post one day late, but as most of the participants are later than we are with their mornings it was not so bad.

Mr. G. went to a friend to help out with the computer and I watched a movie and then a documentary about Celine Dion "My life after René" Although I still cannot understand that she fell in love with such an oldie (compared to her) who wasn't even handsome the film was very interesting  and she had become a strong woman probably because of him. 

That was all I did, and am tired !
I have also got this nice photo of Grandson Toby. 
Now I have a lot of filing to do !!
Sunday sunshine was announced with the result that it was grey and cold ! I did some photo filing and prepared my Cat Blog post and prepared myself  to join my frieds to celebrate the "King's Cake", which is celebrated on January 3rd in honor of the Three Kings.

It is a special cake in which  the tradition involves hiding a bean in the cake; whoever gets that bean becomes the king (or queen) of the day. The use of the bean dates back to the Greeks, who used it for the election of their magistrates. 
The fève or bean doesn't have to be a real bean but can also be little figurines etc.

and this is the cake with the crown. Unfortunately none of us got the bean so I suppose it is in the two cake parts which we had left for  Mr. G. So tonight I will watch TV with a King !!