27 May 2016


1. Our usual aqua gym trainer was on holidays and we had a young man as replacement. He did completely different exercises, and for some of us it was hard to follow. But he was real good. The result was, that after lunch while I watched "Escape to the country" I escaped into dreamland and when I woke up, there was a game on TV and 2 h were gone. I don't know where.

2. Finally I had the courage to fold the laundry which was still in the basket since Sunday. I think a Tsetse fly has bitten me, I feel so tired, must be this roller coaster weather, one day warm and sunny one day cold and rain.

3. Nicole came with Charlie, first thing he does is sniff around in the whole house, and looking for cat food, sometimes I forget to put the bowls on the table where he can't reach them, but sometimes I forget and he never forgets anything ! He even knows where I keep his toys, a tennis ball and a squeaking Hamburger and takes them out immediately. We had a coffee together and talked about our forthcoming holidays in Turkey, the date approaches, we leave on Sunday.

4. Again I forgot to put on my shoes and went in my slippers to the Indian shop to buy my creams. Fortunately they don't really look like slippers. Of course I couldn't resist a pair of earrings which I bought too.

5. After our painting class 5 of us went to the Asiatic restaurant and had a delicious lunch. They have round tables with a round  turning pane in the middle, so it is very easy to serve yourself. As usual we had a lot of fun and a lot of food, as it is an all you can eat buffet, and we stayed there more than 2 1/2 h ! When I came home I put Oscar the lawn mower robot on the grass and watched him working. I still was so full from our lunch, that I only ate two apples for supper. For Mr. G. I had taken a "take away" plate because they do that too.

Sunday noon Nicole and I are off to Marmaris in Turkey, to get some hot weather and sunshine ! The sea is surrounded by mountains and apparently it is a beautiful place. I hope the terrorists will stay in Brussels, where tourists are afraid of to go because it is a dangerous place ! The Belgians go working there ....

So  next time I will report from Marmaris, if there is not a little terrorist sitting on the line !

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26 May 2016


Ikea in Brussels

Last week I went with Nicole to Ikea to help her to choose a new kitchen. It was just noon when we arrived so we went to the restroom (or toilets) first before we had lunch.

Following this sign, we saw 4 soldiers standing there who had the same emergency as we had.

When I saw them, I asked myself how long will it take to get rid of all these weapons and God knows what else in their trousers to protect the family jewels ! And where can they put all this stuff ? The cabins are not that big, I just have enough space for my purse ! And in the men's restrooms there are certainly not cabins for baby changing.

After having done our call of nature, and coming out, the soldiers had disappeared inside, but one came out, sighing and I had to smile, poor guy, he also smiled I think he understood what I thought,  that they had some difficulties.

Anyway nobody blow us up we had never been so safe in a toilet !

Nicole only shook her head and wondered what thoughts I have ! 

25 May 2016


Passing in review the troops

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24 May 2016


On Saturday I went to the huge market "L'abattoir d'Anderlecht in Brussels.

At the entrance there are still the two bull statues standing from the ancient abattoir, which of course doesn't exist anymore and is used now as huge market place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

People from all Brussels' municipalities come here, the prices are very cheap.

There are also lots of little food stands or restaurants where you can eat Belgian specialities.

The market is very colorful !

It's even nice to go there when it rains as there are still the old building standing.

As you can see there is a big choice of all kind of vegetables !

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23 May 2016


I could take a little sunbath to prepare myself to the upcoming holidays in Turkey. Fortunately it was not too hot.

I had put the new cat in our garden and it looked nice

While Arthur played hide and seek with Rosie, who is under the bushes. Then I went inside, and dressed up for a special evening.

Since a few months I had subscribed to a Facebook group called "Vivre à Waterloo" which means "Living in Waterloo". I learned a lot about upcoming new buildings, break ins and other things which are not in our local Newspaper. Through this group I also found the young man who helped me to fix the garden.

They have a nice use. Once a month there is a meeting in the Brasserie "Orangerie du Prince" and for the first time I went there with a friend who is also member.

And here we are, of course not all, apparently there are over 1000 members, but still we were maybe 30 or 40. It was very nice to see the people life and we had a lot of fun.

Mr. G. had run out of cigarettes, so as a devoted wife without telling him that smoking kills, I went to the abattoir of Anderlecht which houses now a huge market on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The cigarettes there cost half of the official price, which is of course very interesting for your budget.
I also bought a watermelon and grapes, all fruits and vegetables look so fresh. Here you still get real organic things and not like in Supermarkets where in my opinion only the prices are organic.

The weather had changed again into rain, and not to sit inside the whole afternoon, Nicole and I went to the Mont St. Jean farm to have a coffee there. When we arrived the rain had stopped and I saw that cows were standing on the fields behind the farm. I wanted to take some pictures, Charlie followed me and started to inspect the cows ! He sniffed at them and they were not afraid, they even followed him or were just standing there looking at him. We laughed our heads off !