23 Jan 2015


1. I still couldn't go out because I felt quite weak after a week of being sick. So I spent my time with some computer work which I had neglected and watched TV !

Arthur watched over my computer and waited that I would come back

2. Mr. G. had very bad toe nails and I had to call a medical pedicure.

 While she was busy with his feet, Arthur comforted Mr. G. I think the pedicure lady had never had a client with a cat on his lap !

3. We had a little wood just at the beginning of our street, it was the last reminder of the past when our houses were surrounded by fields with grazing cows. The whole day I heard the noise of chainsaws and when I went out to see what it was, I saw that they were cutting down trees !

Now and before (already reduced for new houses)

Now there are only a few trees left, which will probably be cut down too, and the nice little wood we had and where the kids played and built little huts will disappear forever and make space for new houses to be built. It seems that everybody now wants to move to Waterloo ! More and more houses are built.



When your desk is just in front of your window you can see everything what happened in the street. Here I saw a group of Jehovah witnesses walking from house door to house door, which avoided me to open the door when they rang at our door.

5. Despite feeling so weak, I went to my painting class and it had been a good idea, being amongst people again and chatting and laughing is also good for a recovery. I didn't work very much, I had a lack of inspiration, but still it was a nice morning ! 

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22 Jan 2015


Letter J

I don't like jokes in general and never even remember the onse which made me laugh.

Nothing is worse when you are invited for a supper and there is one man (it's mostly men who think they entertain people with jokes) who tells jokes non stop and you are supposed to laugh and there is no other conversation at all others than jokes.

When I was still working and we had a meeting, once the subject had been discussed, the jokes started ! One after the other and the joke teller was very proud of himself and probably thought he had a lot of humor.The onse they liked the most were what we call "under the belt" jokes !

After years of marriage you know all jokes of your dear husband by heart and have to listen to them over and over, you are obliged to put at least a smile on your face not to be impolite !

I prefer by far when somebody tells a funny story out of his/her life, children stories can also be very amusing.

People who only have jokes as a conversation seem to me superficial and humorless.

I get quite a lot per email too, I don't even read them, they go immediately in the bin. I recognize the names of the onse who only send me jokes.

Sometimes I like a joke and want to keep it in my mind, but the next day I have forgotten about what it was.

There are only two jokes I always remember and they are real stupid, that's probably why I remember them.

1. What is the difference between a person falling from the first floor or the 10th floor ?

Answer : the one from the first floor makes "boom", "aahhh",
the one from the 10th floor makes "aahhh", "boom" !

2. Two cats meet in the street, one said to the other, you are pregnant again ?? who is the father ? and the other answers : I don't know I had my head in the bin !

I am a real poor joke teller !

Jenny Matlock
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21 Jan 2015


Tea time

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20 Jan 2015


Due to my still lasting cold my world in our world was rather restricted ! I hadn't been out for a week now.

Fortunately when I opened the shudders this morning, it had snowed !

So I took these photos out of our windows ! It didn't last for very long, at the end of the day all  was gone !

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19 Jan 2015


I am still sick, but apparently must feel better because I saw my head in the bathroom's mirror, and looked like an old witch witch, only the long nose with a wart and a black hair on it was missing so I washed my hair and put a little make-up on and looked like a human being again.

In order to recover fully in a couple of days I rested, took my pills and  spent my days between Computer and TV. Fortunately there were interesting posts to read and I could travel virtually around the world !

The News on all TV channels are rather depressing  and the  TV programs changed or were scheduled later because of the latest terrorist attacks. Of course it is important to be informed, but too much is too much, especially it's always the same what you see and hear.

Therefore I went with Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby from Causton to Midsomer to solve some murderers in the Southeast of England. At least the English countryside and its small villages are a beautiful background and you only have 5 murders in average and you only know the killer at the end. I also found some Agatha Christie movies and watched how Poirot, the famous Belgian detective solving the most complicated cases, and on this occasion I saw the old Brussels and asked myself where the heck did they make the movie ! I only recognized  two places and even that was hard without the cars which now congest the city ! I also did a cruise on the Nile with him. Besides that, I helped some couples to find a house in "Escape to the country" !

Mr. G. took the supper cooking over and called me each evening at 7 pm sharp ! Not a minute later ! He is in full shape again, I mean not like a 30 year old, but according to his vintage age.

I also changed some photos into "Feline Art" for that I need time and time I have enough. I think I made enough for the next week's themes.