20 May 2016


1. The week started with Pentecost Monday, therefore all shops were closed. I devoted myself to plant the last plant in the pot of the terrace and salted the gravel against weeds.

Now it looks all neat and clean.It still was cold and cloudy.

2. Nicole and Charlie should come over I wanted to help her with filling in a formular online for her Visa to Turkey, but then she called me, that she couldn't come, she had a flat tire and had to wait for the repairman. So I went there with my computer, but unfortunately it didn't work, so we spent the rest of the afternoon on her terrace where it was warm when you wore a cardigan !


A lazy day, except that I had to put some fake flowers along the entrance and then my neighbor came over and for the first time we could sit on my new bank in the sunshine before it got too cold.

4. Nicole wanted to change her kitchen which was quite old and not very practical. We decided to go to Ikea. First we had lunch, asparagus with salmon (!) it was delicious and then we went looking for kitchen furniture models. The first kitchen we saw we both liked. So we went to the salesman who with the measures of Nicole's kitchen made a 3 D plan on his computer with the elements she wanted. I had never seen that, and it was so funny when he moved one furniture from one end to the other or replaced the fridge with something else. At the end came out a perfect fitting kitchen looking like it would look in her kitchen.

Before we returned home I bought two doll beds for my cats, because I only had one and Pookie and Rosie were fighting for this bed. Now everybody has his own ! Mr. G. assembled it immediately and of course no cat tried them out !


I almost finished my cat painting, we had a real nice morning. After class Nicole, I and another classmate went for lunch, and nearly exploded when we came out. At lunch time they offer a "all you can eat" barbecue, as starters, salmon, mozarella with tomatoes and Parma ham and lots of other delicious things, then brochettes with vegetables, then different sorts of  cheese, and fruit salad or cake as dessert. The whole lunch for 14 € (16 $) !

I just had two apples for supper ! 

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18 May 2016

17 May 2016


Each year there is a very big flea market in Waterloo, where many people try to sell their old or less old stuff. From clothes, over cameras, toys, tools, to cutlery, plates and dishes, you almost can find everything.

It was Whit Sunday, cold and windy, but that didn't discourage people to display the things they wanted to sell, and Nicole, Charlie and I went for a walk to see if we would find something by any chance. We didn't find anything, only Charlie did !

For the market the streets and side streets were closed.

A man sang and played guitare

The mini skirt wasn't quite adequate, despite the Father Christmas boot and the wool one.

Warmly dressed for winter and not for May

Lots of things to buy !

and then our walk really started ! Charlie had discovered fluffy toys and wasn't interested in clothes or other things at all. Therefore he pulled us from one basket to the other and we had nothing to say anymore !

Of course he wanted to take out one which he liked and was not happy when he was forbidden to take any !

so he sniffed

and inhaled

and Nicole pulled

Fortunately at the end somebody offered him a little elephant, which then he carried around on the market, while people laughed, and laughed. We, or rather Charlie had a lot of success !

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16 May 2016


Ever since we live in Waterloo, each year I go to the same garden center which meanwhile the son has taken over.

I bought 20 plants to be put in flower pots. A nightmare for me, and all the weeds to be pulled out ! I had never green fingers and with the age I am becoming really too lazy and was looking for somebody to help. For once I found Facebook useful. I ask for help in the Waterloo group and a young man showed up on Saturday morning, and put the whole garden in order. He pulled out the weeds planted the flowers, cut the ivy and really did a good job.

Now my front yard (and the back) look clean and I like my new bench, it's a nice decoration and ideal to chat with neighbors.

In the afternoon Nicole, Charlie and I made a walk through a Sunday flea market which takes place once a year. It was very cold compared to the day before, the temperature had dropped from 25°C to 13"C ! I had to wear my thick raincoat again and a bonnet ! Charlie was pleased with all the fluffy toys he could find and sniffed in all baskets. He walked us and not we him from toy basket to toy basket and we had to pull him away. What fun we had and the public too ! 

The city had organized a theater play which was a comedy, and we laughed a lot. It was a story of a man who became blind because of an accident and should get 50.000 $ if after 6 month he was still blind. Unfortunately or rather fortunately he fell on his head and got the view back. Now for 5 months he had to fake to be blind because the insurance inspector popped in to check. This made the funniest situations.

On Sunday it was cold and windy. I just went to the market to buy the missing plant for my pot on the terrace, didn't even look at the other things, and returned home. Mr; G. watched Formular 1 in the afternoon and I escaaped to Ilona for a chat.