15 Sept 2012


This morning when I woke up I didn't know that it would be a morning of catastrophes. First I couldn't find the button to open the electric stores and as it was dark I knocked the water bottle on the floor. There was not enough light yet, so I stepped into the water, of course I hadn't closed the bottle ! I hobbled to the bathroom to dry my foot and looked for my slippers. I finally found them under my jeans which I had dropped on the floor. Apparently I had forgotten that clothes should be put nicely on a chair or something and they don't belong on the floor.

With two cats between my legs I managed to reach the kitchen without major accident and after having put food in their bowls, which they didn't eat of course, I finally could make my coffee. I started reading my emails when I realized that it was quiet cool in the room and my feet were getting cold.

I looked for my socks. I found one on my bed under Rosie the cat who slept peacefuly on it. I pulled the sock out from under the cat who wasn't happy at all and put it on. How nice a warm sock on a cold foot. But then where was the second one ? I looked everywhere even under the furniture and in the bin, but nothing. Finally when I picked up my jeans to put them on it fell out of one Jean leg.

While I was busy with my searches, my mobile rang from somewhere, but from where ? I followed the sound, it stopped ringing. I looked in my purse, nothing, I looked on the sofa, no mobile. Finally I called myself with the normal phone. It rang very close to me. I rang myself three times before I realized that it was in one of the pockets of my Jeans ! Really this morning my Jeans were full of surprises ! Unfortunately I didn't find a 100 € banknote which some generous person had put in there.

I don't know how I went through the morning after having looked half an hour for my glasses, and then 15 minutes for my neighbor's keys to feed the cat. I managed to go through the morning without other major incident but after lunch while I was watching TV at 1 it was suddenly 2 pm on my watch and I just could see a happy end.

I can't even say that these incidents are a sign of getting older, because it is not the first time that this happens to me. 

14 Sept 2012


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1. After two months school holidays, our part of Belgium returned to normal life and my acqua gym classes have started again too. Even now that I am retired I have to follow school holidays ! It was open in August, but there were not enough participants, they all were on Grandma duties and for those who weren't the swimming pool was closed. It was nice to see all my classmates again and of course our after swimming tea lasted longer than usual !

2. With the warm weather our long entrance lane was covered by branches which you got into your face, so I took the little hedge cutter and cutted all the branches off ! It was quiet a lot of work especially for one who hates garden work ! But at least now you can enter our house without fear to have your face scratched.

3. My friend Nicole has discovered something new in the "Senior's Activity" newsletter .... Golf ! To be exact Swingolf. It's a simplified way of playing Golf with only one club and it is also not expensive at all !  The first lesson was free of course we (Dominique and I) are always keen to learn something new. We booked for Tuesday.

You don't need anything else then this special club with three blades

Of course it rained, and the lesson was cancelled. But when the rain stopped, we were so curious that we drove to the Golf course just to see how it looks like.

at the entrance was a map

We walked all around the place and found it very nice. Long ways to walk ! Charly the dog showed us the holes. There was water in them so he thought it was his private bar and drank from each hole a bit.

When we had finished our walk and got out of the woods,

We were welcomed by a sheep committee.

A little farer was a big "Charity shop" which we didn't know at all, so we went in. As I had just won in the lottery, I bought several cars and even a racing car !

As I have no space to park them all, I parked them on the kitchen table ! It will be a surprise for Toby when he comes next time. There were so many things there books, clothes, furniture, toys etc. The benefit is for battered women shelters. We will certainly go back to this shop.

5. Vivi my neighbor who took always care of our cats when we were travelling and that for at least 30 years, went on holidays for a week and asked us to take care of her cat. That's no problem because she lives just across the street. Unfortunately by pure coincidence her daughter who also lives in Waterloo but on the other side, went on holidays too and so Mr. G. went there in the morning to feed the cat, let the dog in the garden for a weewee,  and I went there at noon to "empty" the dog by walking him or rather he walked me. He was so happy.

I tried to take a picture of Wodka (the cat) and Atos (the dog) together, but as you see it was impossible.

During our walk I tried to take a picture of Atos' face, but with no success. But he helped me to make a modern art picture ! Special creation !

This is supposed to be Atos cute face !

13 Sept 2012


Jenny Matlock
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I suppose that often in your life you have a big  "question mark" in your head, instead of a creative brain.

That happened to me when I thought about a theme for the letter "Q" ! and suddenly I had the idea ! Do you know where this sign is coming from ?? What would we do without it ? That is a question !

As always when I have questions I google ! That's what I did and now I am proud ! I know why and how the question mark entered in our our texts ! 

The question mark is also known as an interrogation point, interrogation mark, question point, query or eroteme (never heard) ! I never wrote "what do I write today erotene" it looks strange. I learned that the question mark is a punctuation mark that replaces the full stop (period) at the end of an interrogative sentence.  The question mark character is also often used in place of missing or unknown data. Really ?

In the early 13th century, when the growth of communities of schools and universities in  major cities led to an expansion of the book-production trade, punctuation was rationalise.

The symbol is thought to originate from the Latin quaestiō, meaning "question", which was abbreviated during the Middle Ages to qo.

Isn't that interesting "qo" What a great invention ! It's much shorter to type the sign ? then typing qo ! You even find it on your keyboard.

Feeling much better now that I know what ? means, I had the idea of creating a question mark armchair (without arms) ! Like this

But .... somebody had this idea before me and I don't steal if it is not necessary !

12 Sept 2012

11 Sept 2012



As the weather was so nice we did a little excursion to Huy a cute little old town. It lies in the country's Walloon Region and Province of Liege, along the river Meuse.
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10 Sept 2012


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This weekend was the yearly "Farmer's feast" in Waterloo. The last two years I hadn't been there because the weather was so bad. This weekend we are very lucky we have summer ! 25°C and sunshine !

I met my friend Nicole and we walked through the stalls and watched the shows. I discovered that now, besides a beer called "Waterloo" we also have our own cheese "Waterloo" !

Suddenly I felt that somebody was following me, and it was this robot lawn mower, which is my dream ! As it becomes harder and harder for me to mow the lawn and Mr. G. can't do it anymore neither, this would be the ideal solution. It mows and gets back to its station to recharge ! You can go shopping during this time or read a book on your patio.

We said hello to different animals

The police showed how you would feel if your car turns around during an accident. Mostly fathers and sons sat in the car and were whirled around. When they came out they looked a little green.

There was also a horse show

and of course proud dog owners presented their dogs and showed us what they were able to do and the police dog attacked a man until his owner told him to stop. I thought of my cats they would never do what they are told ! No way.

We didn't stay very long because each year it's the same and on Saturday's there are less people then on Sunday where are even more shows are going on. We went to Nicole's sat on her deck in the sunshine and had a cup of coffee and an icecream.

On Sunday was the Buddhist Feast in Huy, a charming old little town not far from the Ardennes.

My good Mrs GPS took us there without any problem, avoiding an enormous traffic jam on the highway ! We were really lucky. I had been at this feast in 2009 where I enjoyed it very much. The following years the weather was too bad, so we didn't go. Meanwhile it had changed a lot. It seemed to me that the philosophical spirit was gone, there were less people, I didn't see a single monk and we found that whole thing had become quiet commercial. Little hand made things you could buy for a good price, had tripled in prices and there also was less choice.  Only the food was still very good. So we had our lunch sitting in the sunshine, but then we left rather disappointed and preferred to spend the rest of the afternoon in the old city center of Huy.

We sat on the place just in front of the city hall and had a cool beer. There were a lots of people who had the same idea. The way back went smooth too, so before returning home we had a delicious ice cream in Waterloo's Tea Room, specialized in ice creams, wafels, crêpes etc.

It had been a quiet busy weekend !

9 Sept 2012


This picture shows the effect I make on cows ! I am very much offended ! Moo !