15 Sept 2012


This morning when I woke up I didn't know that it would be a morning of catastrophes. First I couldn't find the button to open the electric stores and as it was dark I knocked the water bottle on the floor. There was not enough light yet, so I stepped into the water, of course I hadn't closed the bottle ! I hobbled to the bathroom to dry my foot and looked for my slippers. I finally found them under my jeans which I had dropped on the floor. Apparently I had forgotten that clothes should be put nicely on a chair or something and they don't belong on the floor.

With two cats between my legs I managed to reach the kitchen without major accident and after having put food in their bowls, which they didn't eat of course, I finally could make my coffee. I started reading my emails when I realized that it was quiet cool in the room and my feet were getting cold.

I looked for my socks. I found one on my bed under Rosie the cat who slept peacefuly on it. I pulled the sock out from under the cat who wasn't happy at all and put it on. How nice a warm sock on a cold foot. But then where was the second one ? I looked everywhere even under the furniture and in the bin, but nothing. Finally when I picked up my jeans to put them on it fell out of one Jean leg.

While I was busy with my searches, my mobile rang from somewhere, but from where ? I followed the sound, it stopped ringing. I looked in my purse, nothing, I looked on the sofa, no mobile. Finally I called myself with the normal phone. It rang very close to me. I rang myself three times before I realized that it was in one of the pockets of my Jeans ! Really this morning my Jeans were full of surprises ! Unfortunately I didn't find a 100 € banknote which some generous person had put in there.

I don't know how I went through the morning after having looked half an hour for my glasses, and then 15 minutes for my neighbor's keys to feed the cat. I managed to go through the morning without other major incident but after lunch while I was watching TV at 1 it was suddenly 2 pm on my watch and I just could see a happy end.

I can't even say that these incidents are a sign of getting older, because it is not the first time that this happens to me. 


A Lady's Life said...

lol you must have a hang over or maybe someone slipped you a funny cookie to eat.
I hope you gather up your wits before the day is over.
Life is funny sometimes. lol

Unknown said...

LOL. Life can be so enlightening and I am happy to see yours is still full of laughter! Did I tell you that from the last time, when I stopped blogging, I now have five adopted cats. They are all spaded but two of them do not understand the meaning. LOL Lots of fun and mischiefs too from them but I just love them so much. I am linking you up, Gattina. Thank you for wanting to co-host with me. Mine is here