14 Sept 2012


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1. After two months school holidays, our part of Belgium returned to normal life and my acqua gym classes have started again too. Even now that I am retired I have to follow school holidays ! It was open in August, but there were not enough participants, they all were on Grandma duties and for those who weren't the swimming pool was closed. It was nice to see all my classmates again and of course our after swimming tea lasted longer than usual !

2. With the warm weather our long entrance lane was covered by branches which you got into your face, so I took the little hedge cutter and cutted all the branches off ! It was quiet a lot of work especially for one who hates garden work ! But at least now you can enter our house without fear to have your face scratched.

3. My friend Nicole has discovered something new in the "Senior's Activity" newsletter .... Golf ! To be exact Swingolf. It's a simplified way of playing Golf with only one club and it is also not expensive at all !  The first lesson was free of course we (Dominique and I) are always keen to learn something new. We booked for Tuesday.

You don't need anything else then this special club with three blades

Of course it rained, and the lesson was cancelled. But when the rain stopped, we were so curious that we drove to the Golf course just to see how it looks like.

at the entrance was a map

We walked all around the place and found it very nice. Long ways to walk ! Charly the dog showed us the holes. There was water in them so he thought it was his private bar and drank from each hole a bit.

When we had finished our walk and got out of the woods,

We were welcomed by a sheep committee.

A little farer was a big "Charity shop" which we didn't know at all, so we went in. As I had just won in the lottery, I bought several cars and even a racing car !

As I have no space to park them all, I parked them on the kitchen table ! It will be a surprise for Toby when he comes next time. There were so many things there books, clothes, furniture, toys etc. The benefit is for battered women shelters. We will certainly go back to this shop.

5. Vivi my neighbor who took always care of our cats when we were travelling and that for at least 30 years, went on holidays for a week and asked us to take care of her cat. That's no problem because she lives just across the street. Unfortunately by pure coincidence her daughter who also lives in Waterloo but on the other side, went on holidays too and so Mr. G. went there in the morning to feed the cat, let the dog in the garden for a weewee,  and I went there at noon to "empty" the dog by walking him or rather he walked me. He was so happy.

I tried to take a picture of Wodka (the cat) and Atos (the dog) together, but as you see it was impossible.

During our walk I tried to take a picture of Atos' face, but with no success. But he helped me to make a modern art picture ! Special creation !

This is supposed to be Atos cute face !


A Lady's Life said...

I see you will soon have a collection of cars.lol
My house was full of cars and each boy loved them.
Your grandson will love you when he visits. :)

soulbrush said...

The evidence of Autumn is all around you, lovely pics. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

LindyLouMac said...

I have never heard of this type of golf before sounds interesting.

Kathie said...

Never heard of swing golf- we have so many golf courses here on the Island. I bet it would be popular here too, especially the inexpensive price.

Great buy on the cars! Toby will love them.

Love your modern art shot!

Happy weekend!

claudie said...

C la dolce vita! Piscine, golf, peinture!!! Le golf ça doit être très chouette! Toby va bien s'amuser avec les petites voitures!!! C'est une bonne trouvaille!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Swingolf sounds like fun! And your pictures are great. Love Toby's little gifts! Have a great week.

Susanne said...

Lol. That darn doggy, not posing when he's supposed to. How nice that you have someone you can rely on to take care of your cats when you are gone!

I'm glad to be back to fall routines. I'll bet it was really nice seeing all those girls from swim again.