4 Sept 2010


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Just do a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important.

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Men pretend that women are usually chatterboxes. I think it is not true, for example last week I called a friend to tell her about my holidays in England. She listened and from time to time made a comment "how nice ", "I wished I was with you" etc.

Suddenly my mobile phone rang. I said in phone handset : "Wait a moment my mobile is ringing " and answered "aaaaaloh" (hello in french) To my surprise it was my friend. She said that she has tried to call me back for a while because the connection was suddenly broken, but my phone was always busy, so she had tried to call me on my mobile.

I looked at the handset and felt stupid and then we laughed and laughed !

Apparently it has always been like that :

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but there is hope for men !

3 Sept 2010


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1. I really can't say that this week had any favorite days, autumn is in the air and I don't like this at all. On top it rained and it was cold, just to stay inside and remain under cover. But I went to Ikea, just for a little walk, and came back with bedsheets, nothing very exciting.

2. I had to say good bye to the women who were with me in the acqua gym group during the school holidays, next monday I will start with a new group and go there every monday.


I also mowed my little piece of lawn and stuck some fake flowers in the pots becaused the petunias with all that rain are almost dead !

3. We had a real snail invasion and I have so many snail shells in all forms and shapes, that I am thinking about selling them on Ebay to snail shell collectors ! The once you see here, were in and around our mailbox only ! I killed them with a special product.

4. As nearly every week I went with a girlfriend to my favorite Thai restaurant and we had a delicious meal.

We had the daily lunch plate but you have the choice of 6 different plates. I always take the same, noodles with beef and chicken and take away an extra plate for Mr. G to eat for supper, that's practical, I don't have to cook and he loves it.

5. The rest of my time I spent photo hunting with my little digital camera, and then with the photos on my computer. When I think that I never liked to take pictures, because I was too lazy to buy a film, put it in, pay attention that the first shot was right, run to the shop to get it developped, wait for a week to be disappointed by the result and had to pay a lot of money.

Arthur is tired of playing my model

Now I take at least 3 times the same picture, do more then 100 at one time, delete what I don't like and keep the others on my computer ! What a wonderful invention !

2 Sept 2010


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13 funny Newspaper headlines

1. Attorney accidentally sues himself

2. Tiger Woods plays with his own balls

3. Jolie is pregnant by Pitt

4. Meeting on open Meetings is closed

5. Tne Commandments - Supreme Court says some OK some not

6. Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25

7. One armed man applauds the kindness of strangers

8. Something Went Wrong in Plane Crash, Expert Says

9. Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures

10. Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead

11. Miner Refuses to Work after Death

12. New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group

13. Enraged Cow Injures Farmer with Axe

1 Sept 2010


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Life philosophy

31 Aug 2010

MY WORLD - Waterloo Street Sale festival

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Once a year a "Braderie" is organized by the Waterloo city. Braderie means that shops are allowed to sell their goods on the sidewalk, to an interesting price. For that the center is closed for cars.

There is a little bit of everything from food over clothes, shoes to household appliances or parfums.

The Waterloo church who has already watched over Napoleon and Wellington now supervises the street sale.

On Sunday private people are allowed to sell their stuff in the Waterloo city parc. It's just like a huge garage sale !

there are lots of stands and all kind of things people want to get rid of for sale

It's always nice to walk through the stands

and see what people offer !

30 Aug 2010


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of August 28, 2010. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please leave your link.

Saturday the yearly "Braderie" started in Waterloo. Braderie means a street sales festival, where shops put their unsold stuff on the sidewalk for sale. I made a little tour and came back with a warm blanket with sleeves to wrap around you to keep you warm to watch TV.

Unfortunately it is very cool for August we only have around 15°C (59 F) and I had to put the heating on for first time this year !

On sunday it wasn't better, but Ilona came so we went together to the Waterloo parc where people sold their old or new stuff. Kind of Garage sale in a parc. I didn't find anything, but she bought two beautiful vases in blue glass and a book all for 5 €.

We went early so the sun was still a little shining, but the wind was very cold. Poor people who sat their to sell their things.

Later I went to my neighbor and friend Dominique to show her where I had booked our holidays while she was away with her grandson.

I found this hotel in Hurghada at the Red Sea in Egypt and we will spend two lazy weeks there laying in the sun and swimming in the sea ! I found these pictures on internet and we were looking at them and dreaming to be already there while outside it rained cats and dogs. We had made the round trip through Morocco together and now we just want to relax and prepare ourselves to become grandmas in November !

The rest of the weekend looked like above, watching TV and hanging around besides of course my usual blogging "work" !

29 Aug 2010


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My summer is definitively over ! The whole August had been a catastrophe with temperatures around 20°C (68 F) with lots of rain and local floods. Insurance companies are not happy at all and have sour faces, and the farmes take the opportunity to raise the prices because it was too wet, before they raised them because it was to dry and hot !

Anyway there was one nice day where I thought we could sit at the beach and take our last sunbath ! Not at all ! It was so windy and cold that I consider these people at the beach as heros ! Maybe in the dunes it was a little wind protected.

But you never know maybe in October it will be hot ! But at the Belgian coast the high season is officially finished. Poor people who had rented flats for the whole month of August, as lots of Belgian families do with their children. Keeping small children in a small flat when it rains must be the top of holidays !

That's how I spend my days when I go out, enjoying the rain, getting wet and wished I could move to a country where it is summer whole year long and I can use my ombrella to protect me from too much sun !