3 Sept 2010


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1. I really can't say that this week had any favorite days, autumn is in the air and I don't like this at all. On top it rained and it was cold, just to stay inside and remain under cover. But I went to Ikea, just for a little walk, and came back with bedsheets, nothing very exciting.

2. I had to say good bye to the women who were with me in the acqua gym group during the school holidays, next monday I will start with a new group and go there every monday.


I also mowed my little piece of lawn and stuck some fake flowers in the pots becaused the petunias with all that rain are almost dead !

3. We had a real snail invasion and I have so many snail shells in all forms and shapes, that I am thinking about selling them on Ebay to snail shell collectors ! The once you see here, were in and around our mailbox only ! I killed them with a special product.

4. As nearly every week I went with a girlfriend to my favorite Thai restaurant and we had a delicious meal.

We had the daily lunch plate but you have the choice of 6 different plates. I always take the same, noodles with beef and chicken and take away an extra plate for Mr. G to eat for supper, that's practical, I don't have to cook and he loves it.

5. The rest of my time I spent photo hunting with my little digital camera, and then with the photos on my computer. When I think that I never liked to take pictures, because I was too lazy to buy a film, put it in, pay attention that the first shot was right, run to the shop to get it developped, wait for a week to be disappointed by the result and had to pay a lot of money.

Arthur is tired of playing my model

Now I take at least 3 times the same picture, do more then 100 at one time, delete what I don't like and keep the others on my computer ! What a wonderful invention !


Jientje said...

Autumn is really kicking in, isn't it? I think one can even smell it!
Ikea is fun, even if you don't need much. That snail invasion is really something, so you're an official snail killer now?
Have a great wekend Gattina!

Cindy said...

Plastic flowers are a great way to recover a tired flower box and makes a flower box bright.

I don't know of the snails on etsy, lol. You would want to make sure that there weren't any critters in them when you shipped them. I like putting them around the garden edges, I pick a bag of them from the beach time to time (empty) and toss them into the garden.
Have a good weekend

Hazel said...

Ah... what a big yawn! I used to kill snails pestering my potted ferns by sprinkling salt on them. Happy weekend!

Jo said...

It's about time you came to Africa again, Gattina. Plenty of heat and sunshine here! I bet you can't wait. Meanwhile, you posted very interesting photos. Back home I pick up all live snails after a rain shower and place them off the driveway in the flowerbeds. Crazy I know. Everyone else I know kills them! I love Arthur's yawn: is the wooden cat his prop? LOL! Yes, I agree about digital: I take HUNDREDS of photos, upload them onto the computer, delete ruthlessly and keep what I like. Wonderful invention, yes. Have a lovely weekend. Jo

Barbara H. said...

We haven't felt much like autumn here -- it hasn't been quite so hot, but it hasn't been cool either.

I love fake flowers for touches of color. They're a lot more realistic looking than they used to be.

I so love digital cameras -- I agree, such a wonderful invention!

Carrie said...

Woah - that IS a lot of snails! Wowee!

I like what you did with your yard though.

Happy FFF!

Melli said...

Oh yes! DIGITAL has made us ALL professional photographers! LOL!

You had a horrible snail problem LAST YEAR too! I remember that! I have yet to ever find ONE in my yard. You probably have to actually have living plants or something to attract them...

Can you believe I have never had Thai food? I'm going to have to make a project of this.

Susanne said...

I love my digital camera too!

We had a cool week last week too but now it's quite a bit hotter. The nights though are getting quite cold so I know fall is getting here.

Those are some cool snail shells. We don't have snails around here.

elizabeth said...

Those are some beautiful snails!

I went to IKEA this week too and all I bought this time was finger puppets for my granddaughter. :)

Brenda said...

I love having a favorite place to go and going frequently, like your Thai place. But I also love to try new places.

Love the bored cat :)

Maude Lynn said...

I can't believe the size of those snails!

claudie said...

Here it is always summer and even we must be very careful with our forest as it didn't rain since a long time. Arthur is adorable! I'm so lazy and tired like him after a week at school!!!

Karyn said...

I'm not too happy about the fall weather, either. Wish it could be summer all year - but then, I'd have to move for that, I guess.

Those snail shells are beautiful. So many variations.

I, too, love the invention of the digital camera! Except I took lots of photos on film....now, with digital.....there are so many photos I don't know what to do with them! (And that's after dumping the rejects)

TXDidi said...

I'm with you! I think digital cameras are fantastic inventions. Can't say I care for the arrival of cold weather either. Those snails are something. I have seen slugs in our garden but never snails in our area. What a collection! Have a great week, Gattina!

A Lady's Life said...

We used to have snails but I put baking soda and beer outside and they all died.
As for heat.... today was really hot.

Nessa said...

Those snail shells are so pretty. Now that we are digital I take zillions of pictures too.