31 Aug 2010

MY WORLD - Waterloo Street Sale festival

more participants here

Once a year a "Braderie" is organized by the Waterloo city. Braderie means that shops are allowed to sell their goods on the sidewalk, to an interesting price. For that the center is closed for cars.

There is a little bit of everything from food over clothes, shoes to household appliances or parfums.

The Waterloo church who has already watched over Napoleon and Wellington now supervises the street sale.

On Sunday private people are allowed to sell their stuff in the Waterloo city parc. It's just like a huge garage sale !

there are lots of stands and all kind of things people want to get rid of for sale

It's always nice to walk through the stands

and see what people offer !


A Lady's Life said...

This is wonderful.
I already tried out canning and it worked :)
I made peaches and plum jam and now will jar apple sauce, and plum jam.

Then I will try making my own tomato juice and try to figure out my Mom's recipe. She died and didn't tell anyone lol
Now we have to work to find it out.
What a gal my Mom was. lol I sure miss having her garden.

Jim said...

That's a great idea.

Regina said...

Like to find some antiques.
Great post Gattina.

Nessa said...

Wow, what a great colorful variety, and the weather was so pretty.

Sylvia K said...

That looks wonderful! And what a great idea! The weather looks like it was wonderful. I bet you had a great time, I know I would have!! Hope your week is going well, Gattina!


Loree said...

How interesting. I would enjoy the sales for sure.

Melli said...

It does look like a pleasant day - I'm just stunned that it only happens once a year though!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

I'd have loved to stroll around there! You never know what findings you can make! (even if not buying them it's fun to watch)

Vlado&Toni said...

oh did you find anything? I was once in the Netherlands on their Queens Day and they had something similar .. it was amazing.. so many things to look at.It's good I was visiting and taking the train otherwise i would have ended up with lots of stuff..