29 Aug 2010


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My summer is definitively over ! The whole August had been a catastrophe with temperatures around 20°C (68 F) with lots of rain and local floods. Insurance companies are not happy at all and have sour faces, and the farmes take the opportunity to raise the prices because it was too wet, before they raised them because it was to dry and hot !

Anyway there was one nice day where I thought we could sit at the beach and take our last sunbath ! Not at all ! It was so windy and cold that I consider these people at the beach as heros ! Maybe in the dunes it was a little wind protected.

But you never know maybe in October it will be hot ! But at the Belgian coast the high season is officially finished. Poor people who had rented flats for the whole month of August, as lots of Belgian families do with their children. Keeping small children in a small flat when it rains must be the top of holidays !

That's how I spend my days when I go out, enjoying the rain, getting wet and wished I could move to a country where it is summer whole year long and I can use my ombrella to protect me from too much sun !


Robin said...

Goodness, that's not a good end to summer at all. I wish I could bottle up some of our Israeli sun and heat and send it to you - I'm feeling a lot better about it now that my air conditioning is working again :).

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Penguin Five said...

I still have some hopes of warmer weather too! Let's hope it comes true! :)

Nessa said...

It was nice last week, around 24 most of the time. Next week it is due to be around 35c all week.

claudie said...

I hope you will have a better september month. Me I enjoy the automn here because I can't support no more the high temperature. We should ask for a special meteo with good sun and not a lot of rain, just we need and middle temperatures!!!

Maribeth said...

We've actually had a pretty decent summer this year. Next year you simply have to plan a trip to sunnier places!

Charlotte said...

Hi Gatina,
I haven't visited you in quite a while and decided to pop in this morning. That cool weather you're having sounds wonderful to me. We have had very few days under 100 degrees (fahrenheit). We rejoice when we get a little rain.
Hope everything is well with you.

Charlotte said...

I just realized I misspelled your name. Sorry Gattina. I know how annoying that can be.

Melli said...

Oh MISERY! I can't believe your cool temperatures! That is AWFUL for August! Here we have been in the 90's - and I am looking forward to next week when it is supposed to drop into the 80's! But THAT is the way August is supposed to be! September will bring rain... maybe even a HURRICANE! If I'm lucky!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Yeah, it's really a pity - August use to be so great normally! It has been raining in many par6ts of Sweden too and as I've seen on the weather reports: lots and lots more in Norway! I guess we were lucky while we were there!