25 Jan 2020


I like to change my clothes often, not because they are dirty but because I like new once. This would be a very expensive hobby if ..... we hadn't discovered a street in Brussels where you can get the most beautiful clothes, Jeans, trousers, dresses, pullovers, coats etc, but also bedlinen, table clothes, furniture, in short ... everything to unbelievable prices.

After all it's easy to dress chic and expensive but not so easy to dress cheap and chic ! 

Last time I bought 3 winter trousers nice and warm, two pullovers, a bathrobe, a little carpet for the bathroom and a blouse, at 5 € for the trousers and pullovers, 10 for the bathrobe, 7 for the blouse and 3 for the carpet ! Which doesn't make even 50 € (55 $) At these prices I can change my clothes once a month or even more often.

What I don't like anymore I put in a bag and give it to an organization for battered women. All my friends do so  and the other women who still look after brands, and can't believe that we are dressed so modern and so cheap and that we change so often. We just let her spend their money after all it's not ours. For one pullover she would pay more then what we had spent for all our things.

This street exists since ages and the shops are mostly owned by Moroccans. Now there are people from the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg coming, I even heard some Italian, which is quite far away.

Therefore once a month we go there,  have a nice lunch and then do window shopping or just enjoy the cheerful ambiance of the crowded street. In summer we can sit outside a cafĂ© and have a drink and look at the people walking by ! It is so colorful and a day here changes us into holiday mood !

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24 Jan 2020


Our Scrabble afternoons on Monday are a nice occupation during the climate change which still lasts and everybody talks about it. I can't hear the name Greta anymore although it was the forename of my grandma ! But she at least took a plane for the first time in her life at 75 to visit her daughter in Madison/Wisc.

The game was not that easy, but for once I wasn't the last one. My friend with the grey hair is nearly blind, but manages to see the big letters, it is a special edition for nearly blind people, and she always wins or mostly !

Little Isis watched us with one eye in her warm basket. She loves company.

The next day was the 70th birthday of Myriam and she celebrated it nearly the whole week. First with us on the exact day.

She had  ordered from our Lebanese restaurant a whole buffet and it was absolutely delicious. We arrived at noon, and while we drank our aperitif, Myriam unpacked her gifts.

Here she shows a table cloth she got from us together with other things, for once the sun was shining but it was cold outside only 5° and we are not used to that anymore. The cakes too were delicious and Khadija had prepared her Moroccan tea which she served in special tea glasses. I think we left at 7 and I was really tired ! We had chatted the whole afternoon !

In the morning it was so misty that I could hardly see the house opposite the street. After having taken out the laundry which had washed itself during the night and had put it in the dryer, I decided to make a lazy day and took Rosie as example

She besides eating and going out for fifteen minutes lay around and slept. I didn't sleep and I didn't go out but I watched TV and worked a bit on my computer. I also watched some movies on YouTube teaching the "Acrylic Pouring" techniques, for the next day's painting class.

And again Myriam celebrated her birthday this time with our painting group. She had brought delicious cakes and cookies and we gathered around the table and had cake and coffee. Before I managed a pouring in black whitce and red and am curious how it will look once it is dry ! Usually it changes completley.

After painting class we went to a nice restaurant which looks a bit like the English pubs and had the typical Belgian plate : Steak, fries and Salad ! Was very good.

The afternoon I answered emails and watched a bit TV and now the day is over and another week went by. Soon we will be in February !!

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22 Jan 2020


Choral Concert .........moo, moo, moo

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21 Jan 2020


A few years ago I made a round trip through the South of Morocco ! The Atlas mountains are so beautiful they reminded me a bit of American landscapes in Utah and Arizona.

The Atlas mountains in Morocco

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20 Jan 2020


Coucou ....

Smile ...



This was really a weekend for very old seniors or very lazy youngsters ! There was nothing special to do it rained it was windy it was wonderful.

Saturday morning we tried to hang the 3 paintings on the wall but without a nail, I had bought special hooks solid enough so it was indicated for several kgs which were stuck on the wall. Looked real nice. But during our TV movie we heard a bang and the first painting fell to the ground. A little later the second, only the third resisted. So I bought a double-sided adhesive tape and we did it with that, we will see tomorrow if they are still hanging !

The three who fell down.

In the afternoon I needed to go out, rain or not rain and found a jacket a real bargain on sale ! I hadn't bought anything yet. Of course on my way back, I had to stop at Nicole's to show her my new purchase, it was for men, but I didn't care, it looks good on me and she confirmed. Maybe it is for both sexes.

I found Nicole in a poor shape and had to go to the pharmacy for her because she had terrible backaches and could hardly move.

Together with little Isis we kept her company until the medication helped a bit.

On Sunday I heard the rain without looking out of the window, turned around for another round of sleep. Finally poor starving cat Arthur meowed so loud that he would have woken up a dead and I jumped out of the bed, stumbled over my own leg and landed on the floor. Fortunately I didn't break me anything and I could get up immediately it just hurt a bit.

After lunch I watched TV and prepared my CAT BLOG

Since two days and a lot of interruptions Mr. G. tries to find out how to stop the alarm on our weather station which rings ponctually at 12 ! He had set everything, date, time etc but also an alarm which rang at midnight. He managed to set it at 12 because we always woke up, but so far it still rings. As the outside temperature indicates -32°C which is possible at the northpole but not in Belgium, I think that thing doesn't work anymore.

I also prepared a birthday card and then the weekend was over !