22 May 2010

ON THE ROAD AGAIN ..... Morocco

This is a post just for your information, that I am in Morocco from the 23rd (leaving at 4 am !! poor me) til the 5th of June.

I probably will meet a camel again

during this tour. I land in Marrakech and the next day we start our roundtrip "The Imperial Cities" from Marrakech to


and then these other Cities. Last year I did a roundtrip through the South of Morocco, this time it will be the North.

Whenever I can use my computer, it all depends on Internet connection and time, I will post and visit you.

My Photoblog continues with the usual memes.

21 May 2010


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I had a big plant standing in our entrance, but after almost 30 years of faithful services it lost its leaves and looked like a skeleton. It was time to say good bye and I throw it out. Not very thankful I admit.

Instead I bought a new vase and sunflowers and put it there. Now when I open the door at least the view is cheerful !

I also changed the little basket I have standing there which I always change at all seasons, now it is prepared for spring and summer.

And last but not least I finally could fill in my flower pots outside ! In April it was very warm but too early to plant anything, in Mai it was too cold, with sometimes even frost, so I had just an opportunity now, before I leave for my round trip through Morocco on Sunday.

20 May 2010


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Going soon on holidays, I just googled for fun some "strange" hotels and found
these once :

13. rather strange hotels


An abandoned Swiss nuclear shelter. You pay € 8, ($10) and you can potentially be sharing a room with up to 6 other people, getting only a bed and hot water, but you can tell your neighbors that you slept in a nuclear shelter !


Ten minutes away from the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, you can bunk up in the Jum Hostel - a converted 747 that sits on the ground while you get your zzzz.


the Ice Hotel is, as you might guess, a hotel made of ice. Not a place for me, then I better stay home in my warm bedroom !


Some prefer the sound of crashing waves and beach access. In that case check into theSky Lighthouse,in Scotland. This could be very romantic !


Propeller Island City Lodge, if you are feeling particularly morbid you can even sleep in a coffin; this hotel has an incredible variety of rooms.


The Poseidon Undersea Resort is located in Fiji, you will enjoy staying in a room located forty feet below the surface of the Fijian Lagoon. Since 70% of the suite is made with Acrylic walls, guests can enjoy watching the sea life. Maybe a little smiling shark looking in your room ?


Ever wonder what it would be like to be a prisoner in the Soviet Union? Based in Latvia, Karostas Cietums, a former Soviet prison turned hotel will treat you as such for an additional fee. What a dream !


Lighthouse living: When the lamp went dark in this lighthouse in the Dutch port of Harlingen in 1998, the building became a hotel.


Vistors to Woodlyn Park in Waitomo, New Zealand, can stay in this cargo plane, reputedly one of the last western aircraft out of the Vietnam War.


The Green Magic Treehouses are in India, with each house being located 90 feet up a tree. To make it even better, the trees are located in a tropical rainforest and each house is built on trees with all basic facilities.Access to this treehouse is by an indigenous cane lift working by a unique counter weight of water.


What looks like an ordinary TV tower is also the Euromast Hotel, in Rotterdam.


sleep in a dog: Visitors to the Dog Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho, get to live inside some canine accommodation ... (I would prefer a Cat Park Inn)


The Capsule Inn
Located in Tokyo, the Capsule Inn actually does let you stay within a capsule. The capsules are made with reinforced plastic, yet still have a radio, television, and lighting.

So now you have the choice in which kind of hotel you want to stay !

19 May 2010



Rosie listening to her own bird video

Good cat ! (but not mine !)

18 May 2010


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Each time I go downtown Brussels I get angry ! Since 1959 I live here and the town has changed so much, especially in the 60th/70th. Some idiot (excuse my french) decided to modernize Brussels, to demolish all old mansions and important beautiful buildings and replace them by glass boxes ! The result was horrible and a new international word was created for architects "to brussel" or " bruxeller" in all languages.

At the place of this glass box was the "Old Post" an impressive building which also was my "lieu de rendez-vous" or the place where I had my dates, because the bus just stopped in front of the Old Post. I googled through whole Google world to find a picture of this old post, no way, not even in old postcards.

But I found some examples to explain the verb "to brussels" which I found on the net.

Before and After

Before and after

once upon a time ... and now concrete

Before and after

Last time I went to Brussels I took these examples

And now what are they doing ? They safe what is savable by all means and try to keep at least the historical facade and modernize behind !

These had been the Galleries Anspach, a beautiful old department store, with cracking wooden steps and a cosy tea room. I haven't seen the new one yet. I prefer to avoid this corner because it was just besides my beloved "Old Post".

and here they renovate another building.

It's such a pity ! In Paris they haven't done these "renovations". Brussels had been so lucky to only suffer from very few World War damages, but then the biggest damages were done to the city by one crazy government !

17 May 2010


Thom our host this week had the wonderful idea to come up with shoes ! He says :

Imelda Marcos apparently loved them. I despise them. We all have to use them. Shoes. What would we do without them? So please tell us about your shoes and pictures are encouraged.

Quiet the opposite to my mother, who was a mini Imelda and left over 60 pairs of shoes when she died, I never cared about shoes. I wear them because otherwise my feet would hurt or get cold. In short they are a necessity. I never pay attention to other people's shoes either, and you could easily live besides me in slippers for 20 years and I wouldn't even notice it.

When I worked and went out or earlier when I went to parties I had a few high heel shoes, but since I am retired I don't even think about them. Lots of people also shrink with the age and I don't want to be a giant in public with my 1.72 m (5.64 feet) plus heels !

Below you can see that I keep my shoes with a lot of affection and care (for those who don't understand, this is black humor) in the basement on shelves.

When I took these pictures I was very surprised that I have a lot of shoes ! I thought I had maybe 2 or 3 for every season, but apparently I have more. The trouble is that I throw them on the shelves forget them and then think I need new once for a special occasion and buy a new pair, always to reasonable prices, I don't invest money in shoes !

On the left above of the picture, are my boots and winter shoes when I have to be "dressed" besides are the spring and summer shoes for the same reason and below shoes for every day and every occasion. As you can see I wear a lot of baskets (or sneakers) or whatever they are called, with a preference for Nike.

For me the most important thing is that I feel well in my shoes !

PS. The view on the cobwebs around the shoes is free

16 May 2010


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I have nothing special for Weekly Winners this week, because I didn't put my nose outside ! The weather was so cold, grey and rainy that it was better to stay inside not to catch a cold. And we are in May !

One day I made a little tour through the C & A store, which you can find a little bit everywhere in Europe and which sells clothes to very reasonable prices. I just wanted to see what is in fashion this summer.

I took a picture through the window

and found that it is not really something to wear for me

unless I want to look ridiculous

I don't see myself in this outfit either

maybe this could look nice. Disappointed I returned home

and found at least some lillies of the valley in front of the garage door !