20 May 2010


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Going soon on holidays, I just googled for fun some "strange" hotels and found
these once :

13. rather strange hotels


An abandoned Swiss nuclear shelter. You pay € 8, ($10) and you can potentially be sharing a room with up to 6 other people, getting only a bed and hot water, but you can tell your neighbors that you slept in a nuclear shelter !


Ten minutes away from the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, you can bunk up in the Jum Hostel - a converted 747 that sits on the ground while you get your zzzz.


the Ice Hotel is, as you might guess, a hotel made of ice. Not a place for me, then I better stay home in my warm bedroom !


Some prefer the sound of crashing waves and beach access. In that case check into theSky Lighthouse,in Scotland. This could be very romantic !


Propeller Island City Lodge, if you are feeling particularly morbid you can even sleep in a coffin; this hotel has an incredible variety of rooms.


The Poseidon Undersea Resort is located in Fiji, you will enjoy staying in a room located forty feet below the surface of the Fijian Lagoon. Since 70% of the suite is made with Acrylic walls, guests can enjoy watching the sea life. Maybe a little smiling shark looking in your room ?


Ever wonder what it would be like to be a prisoner in the Soviet Union? Based in Latvia, Karostas Cietums, a former Soviet prison turned hotel will treat you as such for an additional fee. What a dream !


Lighthouse living: When the lamp went dark in this lighthouse in the Dutch port of Harlingen in 1998, the building became a hotel.


Vistors to Woodlyn Park in Waitomo, New Zealand, can stay in this cargo plane, reputedly one of the last western aircraft out of the Vietnam War.


The Green Magic Treehouses are in India, with each house being located 90 feet up a tree. To make it even better, the trees are located in a tropical rainforest and each house is built on trees with all basic facilities.Access to this treehouse is by an indigenous cane lift working by a unique counter weight of water.


What looks like an ordinary TV tower is also the Euromast Hotel, in Rotterdam.


sleep in a dog: Visitors to the Dog Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho, get to live inside some canine accommodation ... (I would prefer a Cat Park Inn)


The Capsule Inn
Located in Tokyo, the Capsule Inn actually does let you stay within a capsule. The capsules are made with reinforced plastic, yet still have a radio, television, and lighting.

So now you have the choice in which kind of hotel you want to stay !


Gledwood said...

Number 6 for me ~ the underwater thing in Fiji.

I once went to India. It was nothing like I expected (steamy, full of giant wasps, spiders, snakes lobster-sized insects scuttling up the walls.... endless sweating nights under a huge fan and power outages)...

there WERE power cuts every single day but the bits I went to (Goa, Bangalore, Madras/Chennai) got dryer and dryer as you went east. The middle of India was dryer than Morocco. (Which was again nothing like I thought it would be. I expected a giant beach with white cubic houses and people covered in black sheets... it actually was very colourful, like an African version of India. And they speak mysterious languages called Berber. I was on a crowded train. It was dead quiet. I was the only western person in the compartment. Suddenly I said "shit!" in the local Tasselhait (aka Chluh) dialect ... everyone laughed their heads off. Even the veiled women (I thought they wouldn't be allowed.)

Anyway I must go. I can SEE!!!!!
Spent half of yesterday in eye hospital %-/

Anonymous said...

I would like to stay in every single one of them. How cool.

Loree said...

I think I will go for either one of the lighthouses. The others are too weird for my tastes.

Maribeth said...

The lighthouse in Scotland, or the underwater room. for me, please! Although I would never run around naked in the underwater room for fear a diver would be swimming by! LOL

Pamela said...

I would like the tree house, perhaps the under the sea.. for sure up on that high cliff. But I'd never venture out. Hope I wouldn't sleep walk.

A Lady's Life said...

ooh this is very interesting.
All you need is a little imagination lol I don't think I'd mind sleeping in an ice hotel.They probably have skin furs in it.

The Chair Speaks said...

Prefer Tarzan's and King Neptune's style! LOL!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Always lighthouses in top for me, but of course, if we have to catch an early flight I could consider the Jumbo hotel at Arlanda too since it's so close. That way I might avoid getting up 4 am like you.... *giggles*

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Talk about making your whole stay into something unique.