9 Oct 2020


Instead of getting better it's getting worse ! Not everybody can be a medical miracle like Mr. Trump who defeated the Coronavirus in three days but had the opportunity to infect all people working for him and around him, which is very generous I think ! 

Anyway we were less lucky and couldn't even scrabble on Monday, which was the very first time since we started our Scrabble club. Three of us were still sick, and I still was feeling quite weak, so we cancelled it and everybody stayed at home ! I don't know what I did this day probably not very much or nothing. 

On Wednesday I went with Mr G to a shop who sells and adjusts hearing aids ! He pretended he didn't need one anymore, but I was fed up to shout all the time and repeat everything twice or remind him that I had told him but of course he hasn't heard ! 

I noticed that all hard of hearing people, pretend that they hear very well and even if they have an hearing aid, don't put them on. I even know somebody who understands always only half of the subject the rest she invents and puts on her hearing aid only when her son comes for a visit !  

We found a very nice one which doesn't work with these tiny batteries but with a charger ! Very easy to handle you put the hearing aids on the charger during night and in the morning it's ready again for 16 h. At least I don't need to shout anymore or only sometimes because he hears, but doesn't listen which is also typical for someone who doesn't hear so why should he listen ? 

Slowly I filled the empty shelf with some cats, but then was interrupted so I will continue another day !

As usual we wanted to have lunch together but again there were 3 missing so we cancelled this too !

Meanwhile the Sanitary rules have changed again and it becomes more and more difficult to understand. Now you can invite 4 people, and be 4 people in a restaurant (I will take two tables then, if we are more then 4 ) the restaurants remain open in the whole country, but they completely close all bars, and cafes and brasseries in Brussels ! And only in Brussels ! That's also a stupid rule, because the next little town is not far away or even across the street, where you can stay until 11 pm as it is the case in Waterloo. Therefore the bar owners are expecting a lot of people from Brussels !! Nothing has changed however for the public transport, where people are squeezed together like sardines in a can and no distance can be respected. 

All this absorbs my energy and at the end I just stay home; where should I go ? I don't like shopping, especially now, to go for a walk in a park is also impossible because of the awful weather, wind and rain.

Finally I went with M. to a shop which sells almost everything, and I bought a pyjama some household products, little trays and this !


Since we have to wear masks I think this one is better then the boring white or blue one and nobody can tell me that I don't respect the rules ! I only hope if ever I am stopped by the police they won't faint when I show them my face ! 

Halloween is not much celebrated in Belgium in the French part a bit but mostly for the children. I thought next time when I have my grandson on Whatsapp, I will say him hello with my new face ! That will be a surprise !! He doesn't know Halloween either because he lives in Amsterdam. 

Now another week is over and until mid November nothing will happen, we will continue staying home and meet friends (not more then 4, but I have always been bad in mathematics) 

At least I have this beautiful views out of our living room windows. The trees are still green.
and we often have wonderful sunsets !  

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7 Oct 2020



Happy times when Waterloo gave its yearly big street party with Napoleon's soldiers ..... of course there was not yet the Coronavirus which also killed all joy of life ! 

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6 Oct 2020


What I miss most during these Corona times, is that we are not only can't travel outside the country, but also all yearly festivities or festivals were cancelled.

Each year we used to go to pumpkin festivals in the little towns or villages here around. It was always a lot of fun and you could buy local home made jam, or honey and all kind of plates made with pumpkins.

This year there was nothing, also these events take always place outside. But as the participants are not sure if people will come, it was just cancelled everywhere, we we could look at pumpkins on TV or go through old pictures !

This was one from last year which took place on a weekend beginning of October.


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5 Oct 2020









What a weekend ! On Friday I had this nice anti-stress massage, felt tired but well. Suddenly during the night I woke up and thought I had got the flu ! I didn't think of our dear Coronavirus because I didn't have a running nose, no sore throat, didn't caugh and had no fever. But still I took some medication against the flu and tried to continue to sleep.

On Saturday morning I was ready to die ! I felt awful. I spent the day on our sofa watched TV fell asleep and really felt lousy. I had no appetite either. Finally all kind of things went through my mind and I thought maybe what I have is the aftermath of the massage ! I didn't really believe it but I googled and what did I find .....

"Flu-like symptoms are surprisingly common after massages. People often suffer from varying degrees of soreness and malaise following firmer massage therapy — post-massage soreness & malaise, or PMSM . 23 The worst cases feel like a full-blown flu, except it doesn't last nearly as long".

I had never heard of this and was rather surprised that my idea was not so absurd as it seemed. And as usual if you tell people about your miseries, they have all experienced the same, and I was so relieved that I didn't have the flu in these Corona times !

Of course I stopped the medication I had taken and on Sunday morning I felt much better I was still a bit weak and tired but felt completely normal. 

I had bought a shelf for our living room and our young friend came to assemble it ! I was really happy about the result ! 

Now I can empty the last box I have in the basement with books and decoration, I suppose because honestly I have forgotten what is in the box that will be a surprise !!