5 Oct 2020









What a weekend ! On Friday I had this nice anti-stress massage, felt tired but well. Suddenly during the night I woke up and thought I had got the flu ! I didn't think of our dear Coronavirus because I didn't have a running nose, no sore throat, didn't caugh and had no fever. But still I took some medication against the flu and tried to continue to sleep.

On Saturday morning I was ready to die ! I felt awful. I spent the day on our sofa watched TV fell asleep and really felt lousy. I had no appetite either. Finally all kind of things went through my mind and I thought maybe what I have is the aftermath of the massage ! I didn't really believe it but I googled and what did I find .....

"Flu-like symptoms are surprisingly common after massages. People often suffer from varying degrees of soreness and malaise following firmer massage therapy — post-massage soreness & malaise, or PMSM . 23 The worst cases feel like a full-blown flu, except it doesn't last nearly as long".

I had never heard of this and was rather surprised that my idea was not so absurd as it seemed. And as usual if you tell people about your miseries, they have all experienced the same, and I was so relieved that I didn't have the flu in these Corona times !

Of course I stopped the medication I had taken and on Sunday morning I felt much better I was still a bit weak and tired but felt completely normal. 

I had bought a shelf for our living room and our young friend came to assemble it ! I was really happy about the result ! 

Now I can empty the last box I have in the basement with books and decoration, I suppose because honestly I have forgotten what is in the box that will be a surprise !!


  1. Maybe when you see the contents of the box, the shelves will remain empty for a while.

  2. We have never heard of such a thing from a massage. It seems to completely defeat the purpose of having a massage to feel better. Glad it is nothing serious. Enjoy setting up your new shelves.

  3. Awww on all the cute critters. They are so precious.

    Yikes on the feeling awful. I've never had a massage and I'm never going to have one now. Yikes. Glad you're back to normal.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. I was told to drink a lot of water before and after a massage to avoid feeling ill. It's too bad something that feels so good can make you feel so bad!

  5. Awww cute critters :-) I'm really glad that it wasn't flu or any illnesses. I experienced soreness after massage but never feeling sick. Your new shelf looks modern and beautiful.
    Have a great week!

  6. wow- glad your massage was the culprit! And your helves look lovely- please post another photo when you have your shelves
    full of your goodies! Cheers and have a great day!

  7. Interesting experience with your massage. I had my legs massaged and was in such pain that night, not sure massages are worth it. Love your new shelves.

  8. Well I'm glad you were able to work out why you were feeling so unwell. How strange that a massage should have that effect. I like your shelves. We are still trying to unpack but need more shelves - we have less here than before.


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