12 Oct 2019


Often after our painting course we are having lunch together and we all like a Chinese restaurant the Dynastie with the "all you can eat" formula for only 13 €.

Usually when we are coming out we are almost exploding and we all need a little nap ! So was it last Thursday when we had finished our course and had cleaned the class from the pouring painting which had dropped on the ground and then we went to the Dynastie restaurant.

With the cold starters was a puree which one of us took for guacamole and served herself a good portion in a little bowl. First we didn't pay attention and when we saw what she had taken it unfortunately was too late !

She had taken pieces of fried shrimps and had dipped one in the "guacamole" and had put it in her mouth. Suddenly she jumped up, did some Irish step dancing with her mouth wide open and made strange sounds. Immediately we knew what had happened the "guacamole" was in reality Wasabi, which is very very spicy and burns as if you would hold a burning torch inside your mouth.

She spat what she had in her mouth on the ground, and then we gave her a plate to spit on it and water to cool her mouth. Tears ran over her cheeks and her eyes became red.   It took a while until she recovered. The waitress came and cleaned the floor and was very upset and sorry for our poor friend.

When everything was over we all had to laugh, it had looked so funny when our friend did her dancing and the other guests must have thought that too. I once had the same joke  but only with a little bit, it is really very spicy, but amongst my friends was one who ate it as if it was baby food !

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11 Oct 2019


On the  11 of October 1969 we married in Brussels, that means 50 years ago ! That sounds terribly long,  but it went rather quick ! I would never have believed to stay with the same man for such a long time, as I fell in love quickly, but quickly out too ! Mr. G. maybe had the same doubts,  but here we are still together.

The building hasn't changed at all, but we a little bit !

After the ceremony we went with my parents and the wedding witnesses for lunch in a nice restaurant which was called the "Green Dog" ! In the middle of the meal the waiter came and told my new husband that our furniture which we had ordered had just arrived and the men were standing in front of our new apartment ! So he and his bestman left the table and ran to join the furniture men to show them where to put everything.

When we arrived later the new furniture was there and we celebrated with a bottle of Champagne.

In fact we had married already in October and not both marriages (civil and church) in one day, because we had found a beautiful apartment with a little garden which we had to rent immediately. But to rent something together in 1969 was impossible, we had to be married. That we did camp for two weeks in this apartment was a secret, and a sin !

The day we choose was wonderful ! We had real summer weather 25°C and I was glad that I had a dress without sleeves ! I didn't need the jacket. 

Today less and less couples get married because the laws have changed and married or not they have the same rights.

Unfortunately we couldn't celebrate today as it was foreseen because I caught a cold and Mr. G. is not feeling well either. But that's only postponed.

I had found these T-shirts on Internet and had bought them for today. We used to dress alike when we were young with the same T-shirts and Jeans, unfortunately we didn't have the same weather today to wear a T-shirt.

It turned out that this year was a special year ! The first man landed on the moon, Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) social movement was created and also internet !


Except Monday, this has been an awful week for me, because I am ill. I have a cold, my throat is aching and I feel as if somebody has knocked me out with a hammer.

On Monday I was still OK and the Scrabble girls came. Besides the  fact that I lost, nothing special happened, except cat Arthur who fell in love with my friend's shoes ! (see post below) She had to take them off because he started to do his pedicure on the leather.

The next day I woke up with headaches and throat aches and felt lousy ! I spent the day on the sofa with computer, TV, cats and medication. Mr. G didn'feel well neither and slept almost the whole day. Besides the usual dramas  and Brexit news at TV nothing happened. This time Brexit concerned racing horses who couldn't travel anymore without a lot of special permissions and papers to cross different borders, and that the UK will ran out of toilet paper.

I had invited our best friends to celebrate our wedding anniversary and had to cancel, because we were not well and one of them neither ! My cleaning lady also arrived with throat aches, apparently a lot of people are in the same case.

Of course everybody was thinking of the flu, because it's the big question actually, to vaccinate or not. The opinions are half and half, half for and half against. We haven't got a flu shot because we had never done and never had the flu. Others had the flu because of the flu shot and the rest thinks they didn't get the flu because of the flu vaccine !

Anyway the week is nearly over and I hope that for the weekend we are all OK again.


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10 Oct 2019


My cat Arthur loves leather shoes. It seems to me that the leather is acting like a drug on him. When my scrabble girls came on Monday, there was one who wore apparently very special shoes although they didn't look like. Arthur as soon as he saw her shoes, came to her and started to sharpen his claws on the leather and was very much surprised that the owner of the shoes screamed and threw her feet in the air. Arthur hesitated for a second and then probably thought I will wait until she puts her feet down. Which of course happened. He immediately returned and started to roll back and forewards on her shoes. He was really in love with them.

My friend had to laugh but also feared for her shoes and I suggested that she takes them off and I give her a pair of slippers. She took her shoes off and hid them behind her bag.

And while we continued with our scrabble, Arthur was looking for the shoes and it didn't last long and he found them, pushed the bag aside and pulled one shoe out. Fortunately before a catastrophe happened one of us saw him and took the shoe away. Arthur was not happy and sat there and meowed. I gave him some whipped cream to comfort him.

He kept us company the whole time and when they went away and my friend had put on her shoes again, he escorted her to the car, still trying to catch some smell from the shoes, so that she nearly fell over him and she had to walk like a storch. We all laughed, and I didn't say anything, because I know that she loves Arthur. Everybody does, he is such a charmer.

He was very disappointed that the shoes had gone and offended  he returned to his napping place in front of the heating.

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9 Oct 2019


A Biergarten (Beer garden) where you get a beer of half a liter at least !

Austrian fashion, Lederhosen, very sexy !

and Mozart everywhere, like a today's Rock Star

Salzburg-Austria, the town of Mozart

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8 Oct 2019


Our city was covered with exhibitions of paintings, drawings and sculptures. The event is called "Parcours des Artistes" (Artist Paths).

This means that in the whole city people can expose their artwork.

It starts in the "Espace Bernier" the cultural center of Waterloo.

Here we got a map with the addresses of the different exhibitions and artists who exposed their work alone.

It started with a vernissage, where we could see the paintings of the Bernier painting group and different artists. My painting had been chosen to represent our group "Gibloux Couleurs"

My painting technique is called "purring"

There were a lot of artists with family and friends, important people from the community, the alderman etc.

This wild boar sculpted in wood stood at the entrance

Champagne and orange juice for the thirsty visitors

and an orchestra with a female singer.

We chatted a while with everybody and then went home.

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7 Oct 2019


A very creative snail, realized by a 80 year old resident of the Waterloo Retirement home

a crocodile by a 82 year old resident

and this turtle by a 81 year old lady !




This weekend was very tiring as we had our Painting exhibition.  Each two years our city organizes a "parcours des artistes" (artist path) through the whole city for their artists, in private houses, in ateliers or in rented rooms. After a Vernissage in the cultural center, we started on Saturday. 

Myriam and I had prepared everything for our visitors in the morning and opened the room at 11 am. As soon as the door was open people arrived !

Myriam and I the new responsible  of our painting group. The photo was taken by the alderman of art and culture.

Nicole loves to play bar maid and did her job with enthusiasm, sometimes I had to tell her not to give to much of champagne to some very old people !

There were little snacks, Champagne, Champagne without alcohol, orange juice and Coca Cola. The new signature book got a lot of very friendly comments and a lot of compliments !

According to all our visitors our room looked very pretty.

Here I am with all my paintings, the cats, the penguin cat and the pouring (not purring)

Visitors the whole two days ! Some paintings were sold

and then we  had to take down the paintings and dismantle the panels and grids.

I must admit that when I came home I was half dead ! Fortunately Mr. G had prepared supper (by pushing on the button of the microwave) and I recovered quickly, because I really was happy that everything went so smooth. And we also had a lot of fun.