11 Oct 2019


Except Monday, this has been an awful week for me, because I am ill. I have a cold, my throat is aching and I feel as if somebody has knocked me out with a hammer.

On Monday I was still OK and the Scrabble girls came. Besides the  fact that I lost, nothing special happened, except cat Arthur who fell in love with my friend's shoes ! (see post below) She had to take them off because he started to do his pedicure on the leather.

The next day I woke up with headaches and throat aches and felt lousy ! I spent the day on the sofa with computer, TV, cats and medication. Mr. G didn'feel well neither and slept almost the whole day. Besides the usual dramas  and Brexit news at TV nothing happened. This time Brexit concerned racing horses who couldn't travel anymore without a lot of special permissions and papers to cross different borders, and that the UK will ran out of toilet paper.

I had invited our best friends to celebrate our wedding anniversary and had to cancel, because we were not well and one of them neither ! My cleaning lady also arrived with throat aches, apparently a lot of people are in the same case.

Of course everybody was thinking of the flu, because it's the big question actually, to vaccinate or not. The opinions are half and half, half for and half against. We haven't got a flu shot because we had never done and never had the flu. Others had the flu because of the flu shot and the rest thinks they didn't get the flu because of the flu vaccine !

Anyway the week is nearly over and I hope that for the weekend we are all OK again.


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Andrew said...

I hope you are well soon. What you have is not flu but rhinovirus, the common cold. No vaccine for that yet. I no longer have a flu shot after a bad reaction one year.

Faith said...

I refuse to get the flu shot and only have had the flu once my entire life. And i work with preschoolers with special needs!
Avoiding the common cold can be tough as it's virus and nothing cures it except time, but you can avoid colds and flu by constant hand washing, popping extra vitamin c plus adding citrus fruit to every meal, a good multi vitamin, and more plant based eating. My youngest is in college and is vegan, she hasn't been sick in 4 years!! Also getting enough exercise helps your body fight viruses!

Get well soon!!

Susanne said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, Gattina. Hope it is over with quickly and you are back to your normal self real soon.

Maribeth said...

Get well soon! I am also down and out with a nasty cold. I did have a flu shot, and this isn't the flu, just a rather nasty cold. Bah! I hate being sick!
I'm making chicken soup from scratch to heal myself!

Fun60 said...

Hope you feel better soon. Having a cold is miserable.

Barbara Harper said...

I'm so sorry you and Mr. G. aren't feeling well. I hope it passes soon.

William Kendall said...

It's always a nuisance to be under the weather.

Susan @ FruitfulWords said...

Oh, I’m so sorry you and your husband are not feeling well.
I hope by time you read this you’re both on the mend.
What is shame you had to cancel your anniversary party.
I hope you’re able to celebrate that soon.
I hadn’t heard that Great Britain might run out of toilet paper.
Brexit has taken all kinds of unexpected turns.
I’m one of those that is anti-flu shot. And so far, I haven’t gotten the flu.
I hope this is a better week.

Wendy said...

I'm sorry you were not well. I hope by now you are both feeling better. These colds seem widespread - I've had it too.