8 Oct 2019


Our city was covered with exhibitions of paintings, drawings and sculptures. The event is called "Parcours des Artistes" (Artist Paths).

This means that in the whole city people can expose their artwork.

It starts in the "Espace Bernier" the cultural center of Waterloo.

Here we got a map with the addresses of the different exhibitions and artists who exposed their work alone.

It started with a vernissage, where we could see the paintings of the Bernier painting group and different artists. My painting had been chosen to represent our group "Gibloux Couleurs"

My painting technique is called "purring"

There were a lot of artists with family and friends, important people from the community, the alderman etc.

This wild boar sculpted in wood stood at the entrance

Champagne and orange juice for the thirsty visitors

and an orchestra with a female singer.

We chatted a while with everybody and then went home.

more participants here


Fun60 said...

Your painting stands out. I like it very much.

Wendy said...

So many different types of art. A lovely way of pulling everything together for the Artists Paths.

Tamago said...

I love your purring artwork. Looks like it was really busy there with so many visitors!

William Kendall said...

Bravo on your work!

Mara said...

What an honour to be chosen! Or your painting anyway.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I could use a painting with colors like yours! We have one very blank white wall that needs some color -- wish I had your talent!!