8 Jan 2011

SATURDAY FUN - Funny Newspaper articles

When I see the News on Belgian TV I always see the same face too ! the one of the troublemaker, the Flemish nationalist who wants a Flemish Belgium and kick the French speaking Waloons out of the country. Fortunately he not only gets on the nerves of the French speaking people but also the Flemish once. He is just too much ! He reminds certain dictators who also have started so innocently. The Belgians have no problems between each other only a few fools as in all countries.

The new Cesar born in 1970 AD

He makes me think of a pig and the only thing missing is the persil in his ears. He loves to eat and gets fat and fatter, his party feeds him well.

So I decided to read some funny News and advertisings,

Hope the cows made it to the next border

I wonder who would buy used toilet paper ? and for what ?

probably not enough speed

These are intelligent physicians !

Yes, that's would we all should do ! Eat the meat which was made in the store !

Maybe that's why she only ordered a beer and not a whisky ?

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7 Jan 2011


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1. From being burried in snow last week, it now warmed up and it rains. The cars have all the same color of grey dirt, you can only guess if they were originally blue, grey, red or white. On Monday I stayed home because the "Winter Sales" started and there always is a rush into the shops to get the most interesting and cheapest things. I didn't want to end up as a pancake, being overrolled by hysterical women so I took the opportunity to make some long due phone calls.

One started when Mr. G. went out shopping asking before "who is on the phone ?" and I said "Chantal" and when he came back and he saw me still on the phone he asked "who is that now ?" and I answered "Chantal". He glanced at his watch and stated : more than 1 hour ??? I swear it was only 5 maybe 10 min !

2. Finally I had enough of staying home and amusing myself with household scores as my cleaning lady is still on holidays and I decided to have a look on the "Sales" (Soldes in French) too.

Still snow on the parkings and rain. The ideal weather for catching a cold.

3. In Belgium there are "Sales "or "Soldes" twice a year, in July summer sales and on January 2nd winter sales. During the year "Sales" are not allowed. That's why people are so eager to catch a good opportunity. Sometimes they wait for hours in front of a store to be the first when it opens. I came back with 2 pajamas for Mr. G. and still alive. I am a modest woman, I don't need anything ! (you are allowed to laugh !)

4. My friend Domi and I really needed something funny to see and as I had recorded "Mamma Mia" which we had seen a couple of years ago, she came over in the evening and we watched the movie together and had a lot of fun especially because the film had been translated into German and it was so funny to hear all actors speaking German. Fortunately the songs had not been translated and were still in English. As she knew the story I only had a little to translate. Mr. G. opted for flight and escaped in his room to read. As there are no cars flighing through the air, no explosions and no murders or other actions, Mamma Mia wasn't of any interest to him.


Unfortunately I had to go out to do some shopping otherwise we would have starved, and I took the opportunity to take pictures of our street while I was driving ! (a new challenge ...)
Besides our mail box there is still a mountain of snow and a little Santa still sits in the flower pot. It's not a weather to do something outside.

5 Jan 2011


Jenny Matlock
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Letter "M"

Usually "normal" people have a cat or cats to keep away the mice especially farmers or when you live on the country side. Apparently I don't belong to normal people because since I have cats I also have mice.

Fortunately I am not afraid of mice, I find them rather cute, and this is my problem. While I would jump on the table when I see a spider of the size of a flea and screem for help, I would try to safe a little mouse from an awful death caused by my cats.

Especially in summer my cats like to bring mice home to play with them in the living room. After a while they are bored and the mouse is either alive or I found its corps later under a furniture when it comes to my mind that it has also to be clean under a furniture.

Mr. G. has developped a special method for mice saving, he folds a paper to a cone, runs after the mouse until she (I think it was a female) is blocked in a corner and runs in the paper cone. Then he carefully carries her out in the garden and set her free.

Last time one of my 4 darling cats brought a mouse home who was especially clever. Not only she escaped the cat and remained intact and in full health, but she also decided to move in and stay under the big living room cabinet. From time to time we saw her little face. Of course the cats had lost all interest in the mouse and continued their lives with more important things like sleeping on different beds.

We decided that the mouse had to get out. Mr. G put a little piece of cheese under the table and waited patiently that Miss Mouse would come out and he could catch her with his paper cone. Miss Mouse didn't come out but the next day the cheese had disappeared. He tried again. This time she came out, ate the cheese washed her face before running back under the furniture. Of course Mr. G. didn't have his mouse catcher so the mouse remained under the cabinet for 2 days. We knew that she was still there because each morning the cheese was gone.

I think Miss Mouse loved staying with us despite the fact that she was also living with 4 cats. Finally I had an idea, I left the store and the window just a little open that only a mouse could go through and the next morning, Miss Mouse was gone. In the end she probably had thought it would be better to move out of this place, in case the cats would change their mind and become active again.

Conclusion : If you love mice take a cat !


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3 Jan 2011

MY WORLD - Plaisirs d'Hiver (Winter Wonders)

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The Christmas market in Brussels is one of the biggest in Europe. This year the weather was so bad that lots of people couldn't go there. But I found one day and it was only half a day where the sun was shining so I am able to show you how pretty it was !

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As the majority of this world, we celebrated New Year's Eve. We didn't go out, we stayed home.

I even was too lazy to prepare something special as I had done the three past years, this time I took the phone and called the new Sushi shop which had opened in Waterloo and ordered two menues. It was punctually delivred in the afternoon

and I thought if it tastes like it looks then it will be perfect. And it was ! We got a delicious soup, a carot salad and 13 sushis each. The whole thing for two people 27 € ! I think we never had such a cheap and good meal on New Year's Eve and I had no work.

We watched some TV and at midnight I wanted to see the fireworks going on outside, but it was so foggy that I could only hear the noise and see some lights as if somebody had thrown some lighters in the air. It was a real pity and poor cat Arthur disappeared in my wardrobe for nothing except the noise of course. And we wished each other a good year and disappeared in our beds. A very exciting New Years Eve !

To begin the new year, when I opened the stores I had this wonderful view ! It was humid, cold, and foggy and I could hardly see my neighbor's house just in front. Arthur poses to prove that it was really the first of January ! I hope the rest of the year will be a little better.

The phone rang quiet often to wish us a happy New Year and I too was hanging on the phone for a little time. Mr. G. would say for hours of course ! As I had nothing to do I took the opportunity and made new headers for all my blogs, I suddenly was so fed up with Christmas decoration and became allergic against all angels and Santas.

Therefore the next day I asked Mr. G. to get the suitcase in which I store the Christmas stuff. I worked for nearly two hours until everything had disappeared. Of course I dropped an angel who broke in 100000 pieces, but there is a German proverb saying that shards bring luck. Hopefully it's right. Fortunately it hasn't been a figure out of our nativity scene the darlings of Mr. G !

Late afternoon we were invited by Dominique together with all our neighbors for the annual New Year drink. We had Champagne and salmon on toast and other little delicious things and had a lot of fun. The 92 year old boyfriend of Vivi and also our neighbor, is such an amusing person, he seemed younger to me than the 16 year old Philip who was also there. Jean had been a pilot in the 50th where he transported white people in the Congo (a former colony of Belgium) from one place to another. My belly hurt so much I laughed !

Then we slipped home over the still icy street, but arrived home safely. We did like the Arabic women, we walked behind our men, so in case there was a slippery spot they would fall first. (

2 Jan 2011


This was the view I had all day on our street. My camera is not the culprit, it is cold and foggy ! I hardly could see the house in front this morning !

The snow is melting slowly, but the road is still slippery and as you can see, the city collects our taxes but doesn't collect the snow or do anything to clean the side streets. Apparently they ran out of salt ! I think I should ask the mayor's wife if she has some salt left in her kitchen.

Meanwhile it's almost impossible to walk and you can't park your car on the snow hills at the side of a street, you would never get out of there. The parkings of the supermarkets are still full of snow and if you have to push a trolley, eat some spinach before.

The restaurants and movie theatres are complaining about the loss of money during Christmas, they had so many cancellations because the people couldn't go out. Christmas shopping was also a catastrophe for the shops. My friend's daughter and husband spent Christmas Eve in the airport of Berlin ! Their flight was cancelled, too much snow in Berlin, and they were not the only once spending Christmas in airports !

However the hospitals have a lot of success, the emergency is full of broken legs, arms and I don't no what. It's like in the ER series, only we don't have a George Clooney !

But I am an optimist ! Once in a blue moon the sun will shine again and the dirty snow melt !