2 Jan 2011


This was the view I had all day on our street. My camera is not the culprit, it is cold and foggy ! I hardly could see the house in front this morning !

The snow is melting slowly, but the road is still slippery and as you can see, the city collects our taxes but doesn't collect the snow or do anything to clean the side streets. Apparently they ran out of salt ! I think I should ask the mayor's wife if she has some salt left in her kitchen.

Meanwhile it's almost impossible to walk and you can't park your car on the snow hills at the side of a street, you would never get out of there. The parkings of the supermarkets are still full of snow and if you have to push a trolley, eat some spinach before.

The restaurants and movie theatres are complaining about the loss of money during Christmas, they had so many cancellations because the people couldn't go out. Christmas shopping was also a catastrophe for the shops. My friend's daughter and husband spent Christmas Eve in the airport of Berlin ! Their flight was cancelled, too much snow in Berlin, and they were not the only once spending Christmas in airports !

However the hospitals have a lot of success, the emergency is full of broken legs, arms and I don't no what. It's like in the ER series, only we don't have a George Clooney !

But I am an optimist ! Once in a blue moon the sun will shine again and the dirty snow melt !


Linens and Royals said...

You are brave living through all that bad weather, I'm sure I wouldn't last more than a day before crawling into the wardrobe with Arthur.

Maribeth said...

Today it is foggy, rainy, and WARM! Strange. I woke with a cold. Fever, chills, and a bad sore throat. So, I think I will stay in, have Jack make me a fire in the hearth and sip tea for my throat.

Kat said...

I hope you will see better weather ahead Gattina! Meanwhile, as you say - look on the bright side - go skiing or skating!!

Loree said...

Hopefully you will get better weather soon. Maybe all this cold weather has something to do with all the ash that volcano in Iceland threw into the atmosphere? Who knows. Wishing you warmer weather.

Jo said...

Oh that is a depressings picture from your house, Gattina. I hope your weather clears soon and a little sun appears to warm your the cockles of your heart! (((Hugs))) Jo

A Lady's Life said...

To go through this when on holidays is rough.
I am so glad I stayed home or at least close to home lol

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Well...your wonderful sense of humor will get you through this. I too hate snow...with a passion. Give me warm sub tropical weather and the beach just minutes away from home and I'm happy.

Thanks for visiting me today.

Pamela said...

WR's sister ended up in the ER with a fractured wrist. She has Alzheimer's - and she went walking in the ice and snow. She has also become more clumsy with her affliction.

Fog is one of the things that I find depressing. It was 10ºF this morning; however the sun is shining now and everything sparkles!

I am happy also that I seem to have overcome a 3 week long date with a cough and runny nose. YAHOO!

Happy New Year Dear Gattina!