3 Jan 2011


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As the majority of this world, we celebrated New Year's Eve. We didn't go out, we stayed home.

I even was too lazy to prepare something special as I had done the three past years, this time I took the phone and called the new Sushi shop which had opened in Waterloo and ordered two menues. It was punctually delivred in the afternoon

and I thought if it tastes like it looks then it will be perfect. And it was ! We got a delicious soup, a carot salad and 13 sushis each. The whole thing for two people 27 € ! I think we never had such a cheap and good meal on New Year's Eve and I had no work.

We watched some TV and at midnight I wanted to see the fireworks going on outside, but it was so foggy that I could only hear the noise and see some lights as if somebody had thrown some lighters in the air. It was a real pity and poor cat Arthur disappeared in my wardrobe for nothing except the noise of course. And we wished each other a good year and disappeared in our beds. A very exciting New Years Eve !

To begin the new year, when I opened the stores I had this wonderful view ! It was humid, cold, and foggy and I could hardly see my neighbor's house just in front. Arthur poses to prove that it was really the first of January ! I hope the rest of the year will be a little better.

The phone rang quiet often to wish us a happy New Year and I too was hanging on the phone for a little time. Mr. G. would say for hours of course ! As I had nothing to do I took the opportunity and made new headers for all my blogs, I suddenly was so fed up with Christmas decoration and became allergic against all angels and Santas.

Therefore the next day I asked Mr. G. to get the suitcase in which I store the Christmas stuff. I worked for nearly two hours until everything had disappeared. Of course I dropped an angel who broke in 100000 pieces, but there is a German proverb saying that shards bring luck. Hopefully it's right. Fortunately it hasn't been a figure out of our nativity scene the darlings of Mr. G !

Late afternoon we were invited by Dominique together with all our neighbors for the annual New Year drink. We had Champagne and salmon on toast and other little delicious things and had a lot of fun. The 92 year old boyfriend of Vivi and also our neighbor, is such an amusing person, he seemed younger to me than the 16 year old Philip who was also there. Jean had been a pilot in the 50th where he transported white people in the Congo (a former colony of Belgium) from one place to another. My belly hurt so much I laughed !

Then we slipped home over the still icy street, but arrived home safely. We did like the Arabic women, we walked behind our men, so in case there was a slippery spot they would fall first. (


diane b said...

The older we get the happier we are to have a quiet New Year's Eve and think how lucky we are to be seeing in another year.
Drinks with friends and neighbours has a lot going for it. Old people have a wealth of memories to share. Your friend the pilot must have had some good stories.

This weekend we had drinks and nibblies with neighbours and I did a short time in the garden between showers and jiggered my back again. So I have been miserable for the last two days.

Jo said...

We also had a quiet night in, Gattina. Good on you for ordering your supper. No such thing in our small country town. Like the New Year announcement with Arthur supporting it! Happy New Year, from Jo

Linens and Royals said...

The sushi looks good, I hope that idea catches on here. I think I prefer an early night with a couple of cats and a good book, even on New Year's eve.

Gracie said...

Happy New Year!!! I don't celebrate as I used to do years ago, but it's still time to spend with friends and I'm glad bout it.

Vlado&Toni said...
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Vlado&Toni said...

Happy New Year Gattina! Wishing you a wonderful year and more power to your blog! I also had sushi on my new year's eve.. lots of it ;)

jabblog said...

A quiet New Year's Eve is good :-)

The Chair Speaks said...

Spent new year's eve with the cats behind closed doors and windows because of all the noise.
I love that part where you said you walked behind men so they will fall first on a slippery spot! It's funny! LOL!
Happy New Year!

Auntie E said...

Happy New Year to you and your household. The sushi takes a special taste. I am not one for it. My Christmas/Holiday thing will stay up until the 7th January.

Pamela said...

I hope someone chronicles that fellows stories. How exciting to hear them!

We did nothing to herald in the New Year -- but we were awake as some of our neighbors set off loud fireworks. I didn't go outside to see if they were also skyward.

Loree said...

I like the idea of letting the men fall first :)

Maribeth said...

We had both a small party that we attended and a quiet midnight. It was nice.

A Lady's Life said...

So nice to enjoy Gattina and to laugh
Why not eh?

We watched hockey. Hockey takes over at Christmas. Our team is doing pretty well this year so it brought a lot of joy to our hearts.
I still did not make my sushi. I have to try it.
Once I do I will probably have tons of orders for it. lol

I once walked behind a person and when he fell he tripped me and I fell too So ...we have the funny memory.lol