7 Jan 2011


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1. From being burried in snow last week, it now warmed up and it rains. The cars have all the same color of grey dirt, you can only guess if they were originally blue, grey, red or white. On Monday I stayed home because the "Winter Sales" started and there always is a rush into the shops to get the most interesting and cheapest things. I didn't want to end up as a pancake, being overrolled by hysterical women so I took the opportunity to make some long due phone calls.

One started when Mr. G. went out shopping asking before "who is on the phone ?" and I said "Chantal" and when he came back and he saw me still on the phone he asked "who is that now ?" and I answered "Chantal". He glanced at his watch and stated : more than 1 hour ??? I swear it was only 5 maybe 10 min !

2. Finally I had enough of staying home and amusing myself with household scores as my cleaning lady is still on holidays and I decided to have a look on the "Sales" (Soldes in French) too.

Still snow on the parkings and rain. The ideal weather for catching a cold.

3. In Belgium there are "Sales "or "Soldes" twice a year, in July summer sales and on January 2nd winter sales. During the year "Sales" are not allowed. That's why people are so eager to catch a good opportunity. Sometimes they wait for hours in front of a store to be the first when it opens. I came back with 2 pajamas for Mr. G. and still alive. I am a modest woman, I don't need anything ! (you are allowed to laugh !)

4. My friend Domi and I really needed something funny to see and as I had recorded "Mamma Mia" which we had seen a couple of years ago, she came over in the evening and we watched the movie together and had a lot of fun especially because the film had been translated into German and it was so funny to hear all actors speaking German. Fortunately the songs had not been translated and were still in English. As she knew the story I only had a little to translate. Mr. G. opted for flight and escaped in his room to read. As there are no cars flighing through the air, no explosions and no murders or other actions, Mamma Mia wasn't of any interest to him.


Unfortunately I had to go out to do some shopping otherwise we would have starved, and I took the opportunity to take pictures of our street while I was driving ! (a new challenge ...)
Besides our mail box there is still a mountain of snow and a little Santa still sits in the flower pot. It's not a weather to do something outside.


Merle said...

Dear Gattina ~~ Thank you for your visit and I believe you and Robyn are in touch again. She is fine, she e-mailed me. Don't know if she will post though.
A very Happy New Year to you my friend, I guess you are sick of snow and cold weather. Congratulations on becoming a grandma - I remember my first I was so thrilled. I am so very
fortunate to have the wonderful family I have. Three of my children
are adopted and I love them all dearly and their families.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Trotter said...

Hi Gattina! Hope you entered 2011 in great shape!!
It seems the roads are getting easier to travel... Hopefully things will improve... and maybe there will be a new Government one of these days... ;)

Blogtrotter Two is visiting the third largest artificial lake in the world (by volume). Enjoy and have a superb weekend!

Jientje said...

I don't like shopping in the sales either, I think it's crazy what some people do to get a bargain. You usually end up with stuff you would never have bought in the first place, you only buy stuff because it's cheap! I prefer hunting for good value all year long.

Mary said...

Living in a house with all boys, I usually have to watch a lot of movies by myself! Mamma Mia was one of them! Visiting from FFF; I can't wait to read more about your corner of the world! My sister was an exchange student in Belgium in the late 70's!

cindy said...

Well Gattina, I didn't know that. Imagine sales only twice a year however that would cut down on crowds. So thankful you made it home safe :-)

Glad you made it out this week, today is going to be my out day. Time does pass fast when you are on the phone. Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

That look when the snow has gone - I hate it, it's so drab and cold and grey. I also stay clear of the shops in the sales, can't bear the pushing and shoving. Thanks for coming by

Faith said...

well it sure looks like winter where you live! here in my part of New York State, we are just getting a light snow this afternoon...not really sticking on the ground yet tho. My daughters would like some snow so the schools would close!
Mama Mia was one of our fave movies a couple years ago....my husband calls it a "chick flick" lol....happy FFF

Lisa notes... said...

How fun to have your friend over to watch Mamma Mia – I have yet to see it, but I need to. Have a great weekend!

Carleen said...

I am not a shopper at all, so I can understand you not wanting to get out in the craziness of the first of only 2 sales of the whole year, Gattina!

Your Mr. G sounds a lot like my Amazing Egyptian Dude when it comes to movies. If there are no high speed car chases, gun fights, things blowing up, robberies, or cowboys, he doesn't want to watch the movie. Men! ;)

Here's hoping that 2011 brings you lots of wonderful photo opportunities!

Susanne said...

It's fun watching movies with a friend. I'll be doing that tonight, maybe Alice in Wonderland.

Willow said...

You have had some interesting weather--I think a fave should be that you have survived it! I'm not a fan of braving the crazy sales seekers either, so I congratulate you on finding what you needed and returning home unscathed!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a great week. Its so interesting that you can only have sales twice a year, at least you got to shop at one!

Barbara H. said...

We're having snow off and on, which we're not used to -- where I came from we only had snow once or twice a year.

I am curious why sales are only allowed twice a year. There are sales every week here. Of course, some are better than others.

I haven't had a long phone call with a friend in a long time, but I've had some that could last an hiur or so. So good to catch up!

Laura said...

Mama Mia is SO much fun! (My boys roll their eyes at that.)

Stay warm. Those sales sound like fun to me!

claudie said...

I saw terrible pictures on tv in South Of Belgium and somewhere in France too cause the rain and the rivers!!! Poor people who have all their hous full of water !
I remember some phonecommunications with some of my friends!!! All women are the same everywhere!!!! And all the men have the same react when they see their dearest phoning!!!