16 Mar 2019


I only go to churches when there is a reason, like weddings or funerals, or when I am visiting a city and see beautiful Cathedrals and churches but then it is to admire paintings and the architecture.

Only in catholic churches people when they pray kneel down usually on hard church chairs, in the past you couldn't even sit, you had to stand up or kneel down. In protestant churches you sit or stand but you don't kneel.

Belgium is a catholic country and therefore all churches catholic, which is logic !  When I went for the first time in a catholic church I was a teenager and went with a friend to attend a mass she had to go, I went with her because I had never been to a mass and was very curious. I had a lot to see !  The colorful costumes the priests wore and all the paintings and crosses at the wall. I found the gymnastic he did rather funny and then at some point suddenly everybody knelt on the hard church bench and started to pray. I didn't know a single prayer in French and looked around me to see what happened.  I was quite impressed to see everybody the head bent over a bible. But then I found something very interesting to look at ! The shoe soles ! I could see the soles from everybody. And that was very interesting when you are rather bored.

I was surprised to see a lot of elegant shoes with a hole in the sole, or cuts, or half loose. If my father would have been a shoemaker he would have been proud of me, because I could find him a lot of clients in the church ! Some soles were very dirty too probably one who came from a muddy street.

When I had inspected as many soles I could see from my place, I got fed up standing there because I had tried to kneel, but it hurt so I stood up. The others still knelt they must have got black and blue marks on their knees or they are so used to that it doesn't harm them anymore.

Anyway I left the church, I had seen enough and waited for my friend outside sitting in the churchyard on a bench, looking at the green grass, the trees and the birds and found God's spirit better outside then inside the church walls.

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15 Mar 2019


The storm continued, the wind a little bit reduced, but still with the rain, a horrible weather. I decided to not move and then found in my emails to pick up a thing which I had ordered on Internet and forgotten.  I had to go out !

The thing were three drain stor pick ups, I had needed for two sinks ! They are very practical in flexible plastic and they fit in all sinks ! Now no dirt or hairs can slip through. I returned home very quickly because it rained so much.

Each day during the week I had to give an antibiotic to my 20 year old cat Kim because her nose was running she had a cold. I used a syringe without needle of course and shot it in her mouth. Of course she struggled a bit, but otherwise was very brave and didn't scratch. Today was the last shot. The cold is already much better.

Mr. G had to have a hearing check up and a cleaning of his hearing aid. I drove him to Evere a municipality of Brussels I have been maybe 40 years ago, because I had a friend there, but I didn't remember anything.

It's amazing how the check up is done nowadays ! All per computer. He wore the hearing aids and from the computer, sounds were send and a graphic showed up on the screen ! I looked with eyes like saucers.

After painting class we went as usual for lunch together, this time we were four and we went to an Asiatic restaurant.

It's an all you can eat that's what we did, and we stayed there for more then two hours eating and chatting. It was delicious. Outside it rained cats and dogs and we didn't really want to go home in this weather.

Our Scrabble was at Nicole's and she served us two strawberry cakes, which we ate !!! and we were only four.

Then she showed us her drawings from years ago when she started painting and her little cross eyed cat was delighted to have so much paper on the floor.

and now we will have a windy, cold and rainy weekend ! Joy in view ! Please take an umbrella when you read this post, I don't want you to get wet !

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13 Mar 2019



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When for the first time I participated in a meme, I didn't know what I did wrong, but when I  put my link in the blog which hosted the meme nothing happened I got not even one comment ! I found this rather strange until a good soul told me that my link in Mr. Linky let to this page :

Amazing  Bible Studies
A mega-site of Bible, Christian and religious information and studies. By God's mercy, one of the largest Bible-centered sites on the web (app. 6000 pgs). If it's in the Bible, it should be on this site.

That's why I didn't get comments it was the wrong link ! A Mega Site of Bible ! I was happy that Mr. Linky didn't link me to "Jehova Witnesses" or the "Scientific Church" or to an X Blog ! Can you imagine ?

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12 Mar 2019


When the famous Carnivals in Rio and Cologne have finished their celebrations Nivelles starts its Carnival which was now this weekend on March 10.

As normally I always watch the Carnival parade in Nivelles, neighbor town from Waterloo, this year I couldn't go. Most of the parades in Belgium were cancelled due to a strong storm and it was too dangerous to have people dancing on the wagons. Only walking on the street was allowed.  As I couln't take any pictures this year I just use some old once because most of the costumes never change, just to give you an idea.

Nivelles' station where the Carnival floats gathered and started their parade.

very colorful !

the witches (males and females) attack the spectators with their broom,

Some Arabs tried to fix their "Palm tree"


Maybe this was a Carnival princess

people in costumes

Carnival kids

and the famous "Gilles" with their enormous ostrich feather hats coming from the most famous carnival city Binche

Their baskets are filled with oranges

which they throw in the crowd and people try to catch them.

and the sidewalks show that the Carnival procession had passed by ! It's not snow, but confetti.

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11 Mar 2019


Want to catch a fish !!



On Saturday morning despite my earplugs I was woken up by a terrible noise ! Looking out of the window I stated that my neighbour had cut two enormous firs, and when the trunk was cut into pieces it was even worse !

It's not so romantic anymore as when trees were cut with an ax and workers screaming "Timber"

My memory apparently is not anymore what it was because I already had ordered a scratching board on Internet and had completely forgotten, so when I got an sms to pick up the parcel otherwise it would be returned to the sender I was rather surprised. Now we have two !

With the scratch thing a little bag with cat mint was included, which I spread over the board. I didn't know that on some cats it has an effect like a drug ! My Arthur started to howl and meow in an awful loud way and ran around like crazy and jumped on every furniture. Mr. G. was very worried he didn't understand what happened to his darling cat, me neither but suddenly I understood why he behaved like this. He was simply drugged ! After 10 minutes he was normal again !

On Sunday we had a terrible storm and rain, but I thought I could drive to my friend in the next town without any troubles, but the wind was so strong that I thought I would drive a truck.

Suddenly a fir fell on the street and on a car which was parket on the side, I just had space to pass and had nothing.

But a little further another tree lay on the street, but not so big as the fir. I continued to drive slowly because a lot of little twigs lay on the street.

I drove by a house which should be demolished and the wind had helped a bit !

My intention was to take pictures of the carnival procession. It was impossible to stop and the poor people stood there bravely in their costumes in the rain and wind.

From the procession I didn't see anything, I wonder if a part of  it hadn't been cancelled especially those dancing on a wagon. Too dangerous. It's really a pity for the people because it is a tradition celebrated each year !

Finally I arrived safe and sound at my friend's home and was greeted by dog Sheena. We chatted the whole afternoon then I returned home in such a rain that I could hardly see something plus the wind, the fir which had laid on the street was gone, but the police was still there.

I was glad when I arrived home and could watch wind and rain through a window !

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