15 Mar 2019


The storm continued, the wind a little bit reduced, but still with the rain, a horrible weather. I decided to not move and then found in my emails to pick up a thing which I had ordered on Internet and forgotten.  I had to go out !

The thing were three drain stor pick ups, I had needed for two sinks ! They are very practical in flexible plastic and they fit in all sinks ! Now no dirt or hairs can slip through. I returned home very quickly because it rained so much.

Each day during the week I had to give an antibiotic to my 20 year old cat Kim because her nose was running she had a cold. I used a syringe without needle of course and shot it in her mouth. Of course she struggled a bit, but otherwise was very brave and didn't scratch. Today was the last shot. The cold is already much better.

Mr. G had to have a hearing check up and a cleaning of his hearing aid. I drove him to Evere a municipality of Brussels I have been maybe 40 years ago, because I had a friend there, but I didn't remember anything.

It's amazing how the check up is done nowadays ! All per computer. He wore the hearing aids and from the computer, sounds were send and a graphic showed up on the screen ! I looked with eyes like saucers.

After painting class we went as usual for lunch together, this time we were four and we went to an Asiatic restaurant.

It's an all you can eat that's what we did, and we stayed there for more then two hours eating and chatting. It was delicious. Outside it rained cats and dogs and we didn't really want to go home in this weather.

Our Scrabble was at Nicole's and she served us two strawberry cakes, which we ate !!! and we were only four.

Then she showed us her drawings from years ago when she started painting and her little cross eyed cat was delighted to have so much paper on the floor.

and now we will have a windy, cold and rainy weekend ! Joy in view ! Please take an umbrella when you read this post, I don't want you to get wet !

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Faith said...

It's supposed to rain here too today but I'm ok with it because the snow is melting and the rain will wash everything clean. I don't care if it's muddy because spring is almost here!!

Glad your husband had a good appointment.

Enjoy the weekend....maybe the sun will come out!

Tamago said...

I'm so glad Kim is much better now!
Indeed, it's amazing how check ups are done nowadays. I went to eye doctor recently and things have changed a lot from last time!
The strawberry cake looks so yummy :-) Have a great weekend!

William Kendall said...

Feline cuteness!

We have an overcast day here today.

mamasmercantile said...

Rain seems to be the common factor around the globe at the moment.

Ann said...

We are getting a lot of rain here in the southeast of the U.S. also. I tell my students when they are complaining about the rain - "Would you rather have drought?" That usually shuts them up. :-)

I enjoy the pictures of the beautiful area where you live.

Wendy said...

Glad the cat is doing better. It's not fun trying to give medicine/tablets to pets. Yes the weather has been very changeable here too. One minute sunny the next rain and the wind! Staying indoors is easier than going out in it. Enjoy your weekend.

Susanne said...

It's amazing what technology does nowadays. Glad the appointment went well and fun that you finished it off with a nice lunch. Giving pets medicine is not fun. Your kitty sounds like a real trooper, glad she is feeling better.

Barbara Harper said...

We've had a lot of rain in recent weeks, but this weekend is beautiful. Glad your cat is feeling better and took the medicine ok. That cake looks so good! The technology for hearing aids is so amazing.

ellen b. said...

I'm coming in late and I hope that the rain has subsided and that you are getting some sunshine, instead! Glad your cat is better. That Strawberry cake looks delicious!

Willow said...

I am so late commenting! I didn't realize I hadn't finished seeing everyone's posts.
I hope by now the rain has abated and you are getting some sunshine and relief from the storms.
Those strawberry cakes look so yummy!
I've watched my hubby have those hearing tests, and I have had one, too. Amazing!
Have a good week!