1 Sept 2012


Today happens to me what all "wanna be writers" have from time to time ! An empty head and ...

This ?

or rather about this ?

31 Aug 2012


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1. On Monday I went swimming again, this time there was no male walrus but a female one ! She had round dark diver glasses on her nose and with her black swimcap looked like a monster from another planet. She swam and splashed as if possessed by the devil without looking around and of course kicked all the others who swam peacefully up and down the line. This time everybody shouted at her and finally she dived and disappeared into another line where male walruses tried to kill each other.

The result of my body training was that I fell asleep after lunch while watching "Escape to the country" I don't know where people escaped to !

2. As the non existing summer comes to an end I thought I might need some new feathers for autumn and after the hairdresser who made me look as a human again (my hair was hanging flat around my head)

I found some beige jeans and a fitting pullover. Sometimes you need to please yourself !

3. A friend from my painting classes, has lung and spine cancer and had started a chemotherapy. I went to visit her, she had lost her hair and wears a scarf now and had also lost a lot of weight ! 40 kgs (88 lbs) ! Fortunately she had enough kgs so that it looks even better now and the weight loss is also better for her legs and spine. She is so full of courage and doesn't complain at all, so we laughed together and I showed her the pictures of my grandson, as she has one too of about the same age. She is only 57, what a pity.


It had been quiet a long time I hadn't seen my friend Chantal, because of the holidays, when she was in France I was here and when she was here I was in England. We met in our favorite Asian restaurant, could sit outside and savoured our menu under a huge umbrella. It's thai food and so good in quality and price that this restaurant is always full and this friendly looking Buddha, greats you at the entrance


Despite the fact that Waterloo has become a city over the years and so many houses and offices were built, there is still a lot of fields and woods around, which had been the the witnesses of the bloody Waterloo battle. Nicole had invited me for a coffee and a walk near her flat. I didn't even know this place and was very much surprised. It's so close and in the picture above left you can see the Waterloo Lion from far. Charly had a lot of fun of running around through the field and throwing earth on us with his paws.

He didn't bark at the sheep, which weren't very curious neither. Then it started to rain and we had to run back to the car and return home for another coffee.

30 Aug 2012


Jenny Matlock
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Apparently I have a lack of "O's" in my life, other than saying "Oh" from time to time. But saying "Oh" is not a subject to write about. I also thought about "Oldies" because I thought an Oldie would be an elderly (not to say old) woman or man, but apparently it only concerns songs.

Sitting here in front of my blank canvas screen I finally asked Google to give me some ideas. I googled for words starting with O ! The result was amazing ! I learned so many expression that from now on I will talk like a scientist !

I stated that some of my plants look oligopetalous, which means that they have only few petals ! That the birds this year are oligotokous, they only produce few youngs.

When I looked at my feet while stepping into the swimming pool I stated that I am not oarfooted which means that my feet are not adapted for swimming. Fortunately I didn't have an onycholysis which means the separation of a nail from its normal attachment to the nail bed.

I also would need an opificer, to do some reparations in the house. It sounds much better then a workman. Next time I'll ask my neighbor if she doesn't know some efficient opificer !

And for supper tonight I told Mr. G. that I would cook some oryza together with chicken and vegetables, he of cours thought it was a very opiparous(sumptuous) meal but it's only rice.

With that I hope that my O level in school has improved.


29 Aug 2012

28 Aug 2012


The flower carpet in Brussels

Two years ago I missed the Brussels flower carpet, because the weather was too bad to take good pictures. This year I had the opportunity to show it to my guests Claudie and Pierre from Southern France ! The sun was shining and the weather perfect to admire this beautiful work ! 

The first flower carpet on the Grand'Place in Brussels was created in 1971  and since the Grand'Place hosts this event every two years.

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27 Aug 2012


This weekend we were quiet busy because we had an important visit,  grandson Toby and his Dad !
We were very lucky at least on Saturday, as the sun was shining and we could sit the whole day outside on the terrace.

When they had arrived I gave Toby a Brussels wafel, which he liked very much. He even shared a piece with Arthur, but when he wanted to take the piece back, Arthur didn't agree and growled !

The little tractor I had bought was a great success and he drove around the whole day. It was even more interesting when I fixed a little wagon on the tractor and he put his toys in it.

Sometimes he did a little interruption in his tractor driving and played with the toys I keep here, so they seem always new to him.

Naughty Daddy had stolen his pacifier, and he fought with him to get it back !

He also watched with interest how Arthur did his business

Claudie and Pierre had brought some "Provence" toasts, which Toby had to try ! He was very disappointed when the bag was empty and checked twice !

He also discovered the big broom and started to clean the terrace, and helped me to water the plants inside the house. Mummy does a good job he is a sweet boy  ! And when he has enough of something he waves "good bye". I had a lot of fun to watch him. 

Just before supper he was a little tired and we watched his favorite movie on my little computer !

He slept very well despite the fact that somebody in the street started a firework at 10 pm, I don't know for what, but it was a real big firework and lasted at least 15 min. The whole neighborhood stood on the street and watched this real beautiful firework. What an event and it wasn't even the National Day it had been on July 21.

Sunday morning we woke up and it rained ! It also was rather cool and we couldn't sit outside. To keep Toby busy we all went to the "Kid's Factory" to let him play there. There were more young fathers there than mothers, I saw only two, and although it had just opened there were already quiet a lot of kids !

When you just have started learning to run, the big fun was to run up and down a little hill. Toby is not yet 2 years old that will be in November. He had two body guards and a photographer with him ! Just like a film star ! Nonno watched that he didn't run too fast.

He played for a while on all available things and I showed him the mirror where you look fat and then skinny, but he didn't really see the difference !

After an hour he had enough and climbed on the bench at the cashier, maybe he wanted to pay ! His nonno had some difficulties to convince him that we now would go home.

While I prepared lunch, Toby almost fell asleep while watching "Baby TV channel". After lunch Daddy packed and put everything in the car. Cat Arthur who had so much fun playing with Toby was watching from far their departure. And then he sat there and looked after the car which disappeared around the corner !

And before they left we had some family pictures taken. It was a nice weekend, but then we also were a little tired. I just had the energy to write this post and then we watched TV and went to bed quiet early. But before falling asleep I thought when he is older and can spend holidays alone with us ... I made already plans !

26 Aug 2012


A happy Toby with happy Grandma ! We have visit from son and grandson !