27 Aug 2012


This weekend we were quiet busy because we had an important visit,  grandson Toby and his Dad !
We were very lucky at least on Saturday, as the sun was shining and we could sit the whole day outside on the terrace.

When they had arrived I gave Toby a Brussels wafel, which he liked very much. He even shared a piece with Arthur, but when he wanted to take the piece back, Arthur didn't agree and growled !

The little tractor I had bought was a great success and he drove around the whole day. It was even more interesting when I fixed a little wagon on the tractor and he put his toys in it.

Sometimes he did a little interruption in his tractor driving and played with the toys I keep here, so they seem always new to him.

Naughty Daddy had stolen his pacifier, and he fought with him to get it back !

He also watched with interest how Arthur did his business

Claudie and Pierre had brought some "Provence" toasts, which Toby had to try ! He was very disappointed when the bag was empty and checked twice !

He also discovered the big broom and started to clean the terrace, and helped me to water the plants inside the house. Mummy does a good job he is a sweet boy  ! And when he has enough of something he waves "good bye". I had a lot of fun to watch him. 

Just before supper he was a little tired and we watched his favorite movie on my little computer !

He slept very well despite the fact that somebody in the street started a firework at 10 pm, I don't know for what, but it was a real big firework and lasted at least 15 min. The whole neighborhood stood on the street and watched this real beautiful firework. What an event and it wasn't even the National Day it had been on July 21.

Sunday morning we woke up and it rained ! It also was rather cool and we couldn't sit outside. To keep Toby busy we all went to the "Kid's Factory" to let him play there. There were more young fathers there than mothers, I saw only two, and although it had just opened there were already quiet a lot of kids !

When you just have started learning to run, the big fun was to run up and down a little hill. Toby is not yet 2 years old that will be in November. He had two body guards and a photographer with him ! Just like a film star ! Nonno watched that he didn't run too fast.

He played for a while on all available things and I showed him the mirror where you look fat and then skinny, but he didn't really see the difference !

After an hour he had enough and climbed on the bench at the cashier, maybe he wanted to pay ! His nonno had some difficulties to convince him that we now would go home.

While I prepared lunch, Toby almost fell asleep while watching "Baby TV channel". After lunch Daddy packed and put everything in the car. Cat Arthur who had so much fun playing with Toby was watching from far their departure. And then he sat there and looked after the car which disappeared around the corner !

And before they left we had some family pictures taken. It was a nice weekend, but then we also were a little tired. I just had the energy to write this post and then we watched TV and went to bed quiet early. But before falling asleep I thought when he is older and can spend holidays alone with us ... I made already plans !


A Lady's Life said...

My goodness!! Your son is sooo tall lol
What did you feed him ?lol
You had soo much fun with Toby. I love children especially this age. They are wonderful to play with and watch as they explore.
Good for you!!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

So pleased that you had such an enjoyable weekend with your son and grandson.

diane b said...

That toy factory looks a super place for kids especially when its raining but I can guess it would be very difficult to get them out of there to go home.
Gosh your son is tall and looks like his dad. Toby is adorable. Its fun watching them isn't it.

Maribeth said...

Toby is adorable! And he looks so much like you!!! Yes, your son is even taller than Mr. G.! Wow! you must have fed him well!

Melli said...

He is simply adorable! And again I am shown how similar he and Tyler are! If Tyler comes in contact with a little ramp - anywhere - he is obsessed with it! Run up, run down, run up, run down... at least 472 times in a row!!! Since we built the handicap ramp on our front porch, my house is the BEST place to go!!!

Isn't is just SO much fun to watch them? And I LOVE those pics of Toby fighting with his dad to get the paci back! Tyler does not use his paci except at bed time. It stays in his crib. But when he was smaller he would laugh and laugh if one of us plucked it from his mouth!

Looks like you really had a GRAND weekend!!! :)

claudie said...

A marvelous WE with GS and S!!! Pictures speaks by themselves! Don't forget to taste the sirop i brought to you. It's a fig sirop and with a fresh limonade it is excellent! It's typical from South, you know!!! Next time I'll bring more toasts for Toby!!!

Jo said...

What an adorable little boy Toby is. I also love Arthur in the thick of play as most cats are afraid of children and hide away (mine would anyway) Nonno looks very proud of his two boys in the family photos. It's the sign of the times: dad's taking care of their children. I know your Mr G was a "hands-on" dad all those years ago, but Grant didn't have much to do with our kids who were both boys! I'm sure you had a well-earned rest after the visit! Hugs Jo

Cezar and Léia said...

You have an adorable family dear Gattina, Toby is a handsome boy and very intelligent!I bet in some years he will start his own blog! :)
Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!
Here the weekend was great and Cezar was very inspired by your beer ( and trappist beer) Belgium post, and he went to shop some Belgium beer for us! :)
Hugs and a nice week,

jabblog said...

What a wonderful post. Toby is a very happy little boy - it must be great fun spending time with him:-)

Loree said...

What a fun weekend with little Toby. Kids are so sweet at that age.

Loree said...

What a fun weekend with little Toby. Kids are so sweet at that age.

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Awesome weekend with other words! Bringing all generations closer together. Oh boy, he sure has a lot of energy - I wish that kids energy could be contagious, to give me some, but all it does is to make me, very, very tired when around kids. Too much fun I guess :-) Because they sure are fun to watch!!!!