31 Aug 2012


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1. On Monday I went swimming again, this time there was no male walrus but a female one ! She had round dark diver glasses on her nose and with her black swimcap looked like a monster from another planet. She swam and splashed as if possessed by the devil without looking around and of course kicked all the others who swam peacefully up and down the line. This time everybody shouted at her and finally she dived and disappeared into another line where male walruses tried to kill each other.

The result of my body training was that I fell asleep after lunch while watching "Escape to the country" I don't know where people escaped to !

2. As the non existing summer comes to an end I thought I might need some new feathers for autumn and after the hairdresser who made me look as a human again (my hair was hanging flat around my head)

I found some beige jeans and a fitting pullover. Sometimes you need to please yourself !

3. A friend from my painting classes, has lung and spine cancer and had started a chemotherapy. I went to visit her, she had lost her hair and wears a scarf now and had also lost a lot of weight ! 40 kgs (88 lbs) ! Fortunately she had enough kgs so that it looks even better now and the weight loss is also better for her legs and spine. She is so full of courage and doesn't complain at all, so we laughed together and I showed her the pictures of my grandson, as she has one too of about the same age. She is only 57, what a pity.


It had been quiet a long time I hadn't seen my friend Chantal, because of the holidays, when she was in France I was here and when she was here I was in England. We met in our favorite Asian restaurant, could sit outside and savoured our menu under a huge umbrella. It's thai food and so good in quality and price that this restaurant is always full and this friendly looking Buddha, greats you at the entrance


Despite the fact that Waterloo has become a city over the years and so many houses and offices were built, there is still a lot of fields and woods around, which had been the the witnesses of the bloody Waterloo battle. Nicole had invited me for a coffee and a walk near her flat. I didn't even know this place and was very much surprised. It's so close and in the picture above left you can see the Waterloo Lion from far. Charly had a lot of fun of running around through the field and throwing earth on us with his paws.

He didn't bark at the sheep, which weren't very curious neither. Then it started to rain and we had to run back to the car and return home for another coffee.


claudie said...

The clothes you bought look very nice. It's a fact that the nature around Brussels and Waterloo is always very pregnant. I love that! Nice to see the Lion far in the landscape!!! Sounds it's the end of the summer here for a few hours! And I apprediate that cause we had so high temperatures those days! I remember the sunny days we had in Waterloo!!! Lucky we were visiting the place!

A Lady's Life said...

I am glad you had fun swimming with the walruses lol

I love the white cat dolly you have. It goes well with the new outfit.

I am so sorry about your friend. Thats a heck of a way to lose weight isn't it? My prayers are with her.

Buddha always makes for a peaceful frame of mind even if you are not Buddhist.I wouldn't mind one big one in my garden to look at with a solar bird fountain.

Faith said...

I enjoyed your description of the swimming "walruses" LOL.
Nice outfit and you are so right to say we need to please ourselves sometimes!! That Thai place sounds wonderful and I enjoyed looking at your photos of your beautiful country. Very sad about your friend but how awesome that you can walk alongside her in her ordeal. God bless you!!!

Kathie said...

Such fun catching up on your news - I love the pictures of your grandson Toby - what a sweetie! Looks like you had a wonderful visit with him and your son.

I like your new outfit - we're not ready for long pants here yet but it won't be long before autumn arrives.

So sorry about your friend - what a blessing that she has such courage. I'm praying for her.

Happy weekend!

Mara said...

What kind of swimming pool lets in walruses? I know of polar bears, but walruses?

Maribeth said...

I am sorry about your friend with cancer. I hate cancer. I will pray very hard for your friend.

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

Your friend with cancer sounds wonderfully courageous and brave.

Love the country pictures. :)

Swimming with walruses...no fun.

Barbara H. said...

The outfit looks nice!

I forgot to mention getting a haircut, too. I tend to put it off too long, and this time I snipped at it a bit myself, so I finally got it cut yesterday and it feels and looks so much better.

Your friend with cancer does sound very courageous. I hope and pray she is healed.

I'm not a fan of Thai food, but my husband likes it.

The sheep look so cute!

Susanne said...

I have yet to try a Thai restaurant. Hopefully soon. We ate a new Vietnamese place the other night and it was delicious!

Yes a outfit to go with a fresh haircut is definitely a fun and favorite. I just need to convince my hubby the two go hand in hand. LOL.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Another busy week, I miss Thai food, not something we can get around here.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Beautiful Waterloo pictures -- and looks like a few new ones of Toby in your blog header!

Have a great week ahead.