18 Jul 2020

FRIDAY's FAVE FAVE - Still moving !

Today it is exactly a month that we have moved from our house to the apartment. And I am still in a mess because now we have to empty the house completely. But at least our new home is finished, only little bits and pieces are missing.

I have got the new curtains and they look very pretty. Myriam my good soul has hanged them up and now when I close them it's dark in the room.

We have also tried to sell a part of my cat collection but without any success, besides two ex neighbours who wanted to say hello, nobody showed up. Apparently people still fear the coronavirus and prefer to stay home or outside.

Life is still strange with all these restrictions, although it has become better. Now you have to wear a masks everywhere inside otherwise you get a fine. But you can go to movies, theatres and little festivities always in restricted number and always leaving a space of 1.50 m ! We don't even like to go shopping and all I had needed so far I have ordered on Internet except the curtains.

But we have been to "our" Chinese restaurant in a very restricted number, Nicole is still in hospital, another one is in France visiting her mother who is also in hospital. The only peaceful place is now here when I sit on our terrace and watch squirrels, cats and pigeons, and sometimes the moon especially when it was full moon. The living room was nearly as clear as in daylight.

Mr. G is settling in and is getting better at least one worry less. Our son came yesterday to help cleaning out the house. Once the house empty we can proceed with the notary papers and then it will be over ! I am getting more and more tired honestly.

But the result was worthwhile ! 

The curtains give a warm feeling and from my girls I got money to buy this Mexican blanket which hides my old armchair ! I also have ordered cushions for the black sofas.

Miss Rosie meanwhile has tried out all seats and is very happy

She has a great look over "her" world !

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