8 Oct 2021


On Monday my mood was according to the weather, rain, cold, grey. It was hard to get out of my bed, fortunately I had nothing urgent to do so I decided to imitate Rosie which means I stayed on my sofa (not in my basket) the whole day with some interruptions for food and hanging on the phone. I also did a  back up which was really necessary 

While we had our Scrabble afternoon we didn't realize that Facebook & Co were out of work in the whole world for 7 h. As I went on Facebook rather late it was 10 pm I was wondering that I couldn't change my header and my profile picture. So I thought to do that the next day or later. At 2 am I woke up because my phone rang to inform me that I had got a message ! I thought who is this crazy person to send me a message in the middle of the night ? It was Myriam to confirm our Scrabble day and that it was at her place ! I answered if she suffered from insomnia and the next morning I told her not to send me messages at 2 am ! And then we had to laugh because I woke her up too because I had answered ! I don't know what time it was in California but certainly not 2 am.

Mr. G needed some warmer clothes and I went with Adeline (my new neighbor) to visit him, she likes to come with me and as she is such a warm hearted woman everybody loves her because she talks to them. She is reallly amazing 84 and fresh like a fish ! Not yet ready to join them !

 My  neighbor and Mr. G

 When we arrived they all were busy to bake cookies and of course had a lot of fun !

We stayed until they finished and Adeline got also involved and gave good advices, like adding more water to the dough and to an old lady not to eat too much chocolate but break it into little pieces to be added to the dough ! Mr G. observed but didn't participate. There are a  few newcomers all men this time ! 

Our trees in the park are still green and it doesn't look like fall at all, but I put the umbrellas inside couldn't put them away there were too heavy but I didn't want to leave them outside as they were finally dry. Now I have two umbrellas in the living room ! But my son comes on Sunday and will put everything away. 

This time our weekly meeting in a restaurant took place in a new Libanese restaurant which we wanted to try and indeed it was very good. I think it will not last very long and they have to move elsewhere because it is a little small and all tables were occupied ! 

As it was the first time we choose one of the three plates with different specialities. Otherwise you can choose what you want and compose your plate yourself. It was really very healthy not spicy at all and very tasty. 

Nicole had to go to the eye doctor who was just close to my home. So we waited in my apartment and had a coffee until it was time for the doctor and then I drove her just around the corner. She is not allowed to drive anymore and probably also not able because sometimes she gets dizzy or she looses the orientation. She is very brave and has to do each month one week of chemio therapy to stop the cancer.


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7 Oct 2021


1. Do you think intuition is as valuable as rational thinking? Explain why or why not. 

It depends on the person. Creative people with a lot of phantasy usually also have good intuition, others who are more earth to earth and have no phantasy at all they would only thinking rationally. I personally count on my intuition, because I am not rational at all !

2. In the grand scheme of things

I realize how small we are in the grand scheme of things, We're not really the rulers of this planet, we are just tenants, and it's the nature, flooding, fire, earthquakes eetc which do it !

3. Last place you went that felt like 'Grand Central Station'? Have you ever actually been to Grand Central Station (and by Grand Central Station I mean Grand Central Terminal)? 

It was in a friend's living room it was so huge and too modern I felt freezing cold ! Even though it was warm ! 

4. October 6 is National Noodle Day. What's your favorite dish made with noodles and have you made/eaten this dish lately? 

This question made me laugh ! I am married with an Italian and we have "Noodle Day" almost every day ! there are so many sorts of noodles that you can't count them, like pasta (Tagliatelle) with Mozzarella, spinach and salmon. That's what I ate yesterday evening.

5. A time recently you had to really 'use your noodle'? Elaborate. 

It was a rather sad occasion, my husband was diagnosed  with Parkinson's and I had to find a retirement home because I couldn't take care of him at home. The paperwork was really something to use your noodle !!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

In Belgium it was decided to do a third vaccin against the Covid for people from 65 years on. I personally don't care, if they think it helps. I had already two without any effects so why not a third or fourth or fifth until they find something really efficient ! I can't understand the people (and there are many) who refuse the vaccin because it's "new" but all vaccins in the world have been "new" at the very beginning ! So far 68 % of the population have had their vaccin.


6 Oct 2021



Our brothers in the zoo of Antwerp (Belgium)

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5 Oct 2021


Still digging in my past because of lack of travels and new photos, I thought I would show you where at the beginning of my marriage to Mr. G we went for 15 years until I knew each and every cobble stone in the town. My  MIL lived still there at the time and we combined our holidays at the Lake of Garda with family visits ! Rovereto is only 15 km far from the Lake of Garda.

This is the view out of my SIL's apartment over the town  until the castle 


near the station

A pharmacy

I think the tank was from WWI

The houses always have a beautiful decoration and cast iron

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4 Oct 2021


Isn't she sweet ? I  think I will become vegetarian !


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Saturday morning I heard something rattle on my terrace and quickly checked what it was ..... the umbrella, before it had the opportunity to break the windows, I put it on the floor ! 

It also rained cats and dogs! What could you do in this weather? In  bathrobe and barely combed, I rang the doorbell of my neighbor Adeline, who opened the door, dressed just like me. Unfortunately nobody filmed us standing at the doors in this elegant outfit, discussing the day. In the end we decided to go to  a kind of flea market where you could buy new and old things from furniture to dishes and decorations.

There was nothing to buy for us so we just looked around and I forgot to take some pictures !! 

Going shopping on a Saturday would be completely crazy the streets were full. Finally we decided to go to the Brasserie "Mont St. Jean" which had been a farm at Napoleon's times in 1515 and had been used as a hospital for wounded soldiers by Wellington. It had been beautifully restored and has now become a Brasserie where you can drink and eat. 

Here are Adeline and Myriam discussing while outside it stormed ! 

The Brasserie is very big but nevertheless cozy and we stayed there the whole afternoon before returning home. 

Sunday was the same. Mr. G for the first time had complained that weekends are boring in his residence  because there are no activities. During the week they have physical exercises and alsoo mental once and in the afternoon there are games and then they discuss the News. 

So I thought he is ready now to spend the weekend or at least one day at home, which he had refused until now. I picked him up at 2 pm and asked Adeline to join us, now he knows that she is my neighbor and the two got very well together. We watched little funny cat videos, because the three of us all love cats.

Of course the first thing Mr G did was calling for Rosie and oh wonder, lazy Rosie climbed out of her basket, interrupted her precious sleep to say hello ! 

And while outside the wind blow and it was grey and dark, we had coffee and biscuits and we chatted a bit watching  cute little cat videos on YouTube. 

The afternoon went by very quickly and at 4.30 pm I drove him back, they have a very early supper at 5.30 pm, and he has to be there for his medications which have to be taken always at the same time. One even at 3 am ! 

I hope next week will be better !

3 Oct 2021


As it is so often the case, it was nice during the week and we had bad weather on the weekend. It was raining and the wind was playing with my chairs on the balcony. My neighbor, Myriam and I wanted to go out anyway and waited for a rain and wind break. Then we drove to the Brasserie Mont St. Jean for a coffee and ice cream to comfort us. 

 Normally I always look straight ahead, but this time I looked at the ceiling and discovered these beautiful lamps. They were probably new, I had never seen them before.


I found this a good idea and the three of us made a large smile into the invisible camera ! 

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