8 Oct 2021


On Monday my mood was according to the weather, rain, cold, grey. It was hard to get out of my bed, fortunately I had nothing urgent to do so I decided to imitate Rosie which means I stayed on my sofa (not in my basket) the whole day with some interruptions for food and hanging on the phone. I also did a  back up which was really necessary 

While we had our Scrabble afternoon we didn't realize that Facebook & Co were out of work in the whole world for 7 h. As I went on Facebook rather late it was 10 pm I was wondering that I couldn't change my header and my profile picture. So I thought to do that the next day or later. At 2 am I woke up because my phone rang to inform me that I had got a message ! I thought who is this crazy person to send me a message in the middle of the night ? It was Myriam to confirm our Scrabble day and that it was at her place ! I answered if she suffered from insomnia and the next morning I told her not to send me messages at 2 am ! And then we had to laugh because I woke her up too because I had answered ! I don't know what time it was in California but certainly not 2 am.

Mr. G needed some warmer clothes and I went with Adeline (my new neighbor) to visit him, she likes to come with me and as she is such a warm hearted woman everybody loves her because she talks to them. She is reallly amazing 84 and fresh like a fish ! Not yet ready to join them !

 My  neighbor and Mr. G

 When we arrived they all were busy to bake cookies and of course had a lot of fun !

We stayed until they finished and Adeline got also involved and gave good advices, like adding more water to the dough and to an old lady not to eat too much chocolate but break it into little pieces to be added to the dough ! Mr G. observed but didn't participate. There are a  few newcomers all men this time ! 

Our trees in the park are still green and it doesn't look like fall at all, but I put the umbrellas inside couldn't put them away there were too heavy but I didn't want to leave them outside as they were finally dry. Now I have two umbrellas in the living room ! But my son comes on Sunday and will put everything away. 

This time our weekly meeting in a restaurant took place in a new Libanese restaurant which we wanted to try and indeed it was very good. I think it will not last very long and they have to move elsewhere because it is a little small and all tables were occupied ! 

As it was the first time we choose one of the three plates with different specialities. Otherwise you can choose what you want and compose your plate yourself. It was really very healthy not spicy at all and very tasty. 

Nicole had to go to the eye doctor who was just close to my home. So we waited in my apartment and had a coffee until it was time for the doctor and then I drove her just around the corner. She is not allowed to drive anymore and probably also not able because sometimes she gets dizzy or she looses the orientation. She is very brave and has to do each month one week of chemio therapy to stop the cancer.


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  1. Notification setting on your phone. Turn off between 10pm and 7am as I do. Your phone will still ring if someone calls you but you won't hear phone notification noises within that time period.

  2. Love your pumpkin header!!

    Glad your husband isn't doing ok and has fun activities like friends and cookies!!

  3. The Lebanese food on your plate looks yummy! I love middle-eastern food.

  4. Rosie knows the right course to follow.

  5. Oh, dear, I am getting my first 'smart phone', soon, and I bet I it too will get those wake ups. Will have to try and make those not happen...

    Its great that they do all those fun activities where Mr G lives.
    You have a very caring and sweet neighbour!

  6. That Lebanese dinner looks so yummy. I'll have a plate!
    Rosie looks so comfortable in her 'bed'.
    Mr. G's home looks so positive and just the right place for him.

  7. I have all notifications turned off on my phone except phone calls and texts. My husband doesn't, and I can't stand the continual dinging, even during the night.

    Your neighbor sounds like a nice person. I am glad Mr. G.'s place has some fun activities.I've never had Libanese food--sounds interesting!

  8. Looks like all is having fun baking cookies.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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