3 Oct 2021


As it is so often the case, it was nice during the week and we had bad weather on the weekend. It was raining and the wind was playing with my chairs on the balcony. My neighbor, Myriam and I wanted to go out anyway and waited for a rain and wind break. Then we drove to the Brasserie Mont St. Jean for a coffee and ice cream to comfort us. 

 Normally I always look straight ahead, but this time I looked at the ceiling and discovered these beautiful lamps. They were probably new, I had never seen them before.


I found this a good idea and the three of us made a large smile into the invisible camera ! 

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  1. It is good to have a friend live so close to you for these outings. The lamps make a change from the usual lighting in a restaurant.

  2. Attractive ceiling lamps! Their orange color brightens up the place.The size and shapes add to versatility and beauty.

  3. Coffee and ice-cream sound like a perfect way to cheer up.

  4. The lamps are lovely. I suspect I would have poked my tongue out at the invisible camera. I really, really don't like being filmed. Thank you for joining Sunday Selections again.

  5. Those sure are interesting lampshades!

    Best not go past that chain, else the camera will be your accuser and judge! LOL!

  6. Interesting lights
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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