19 Nov 2021


Life goes on and another week started ! Opening the curtains my heart sank, outside it was exactly like my inside !

But I had to do my weekly shopping, if I didn't want to starve, more important, Miss Rosie had no food anymore ! I also did some filing which I always push to the next day, since probably a year. But there was not too much of paper, most of the things were in my computer, at least that doesn't take space, and then I did a backup, you never know

The next day I visited Rick, with my special permission as the residence was still closed because of our enemy n°1 the Corona virus ! Besides some nurses walking around I saw nobody all residents were in their room, doors closed. Rick seemed in a good mood and was happy to see me after one year (!!) I tried again to explain him how to handle the mobile and left it connected to the charger. I collected the dirty laundry, despite what they had said, it was not ready at all and I needed another bag. The poor personnel has a lot to do.  I am not a hysterical person, I had gloves my mask and two vaccins and was not afraid of Covid infected laundry. What did I risk ? All symptoms like a flu nothing more, I stay a week at home and that's it. Anyway this year I really had nothing not a cold or a bronchitis ! It seems that the Covid vaccin keeps the colds away.  I stayed a little hour and also called our son so that Rick could talk to him, but he doesn't like to speak on the phone and the conversation was rather short. I updated my  son later in the evening.

Each time I went to the elevator I heard one "woof" or  more coming from Adeline's apartment..

I remembered that she had told me that she dogsitted her daughter's dog for a week, so I stopped by to  see the little monster who snarled at me like a big Rottweiler. The poor little thing had an awful past behind her, one year looked in a basement ! No wonder that she saw ennemies everywhere, but fortunately cats and dogs like me after a while and that was the same here. She started to sniff at my feet then my hands but didn't let me pet her. Next time it will be better. Indeed she followed me to my apartment and wanted to come in ! But I wanted to avoid a war between Rosie and Lena.

The not even a year old hearing aid of Rick doesn't serve anymore as he is unable to put it in his ears and worse he pulls it out. As it was very expensive I took it home before he broke it. I went to the shop were we bought it just next door, unfortunately they don't take it back so I will try to sell it online. 

Besides these exciting things I just work on my computer there is always something to do. For some things I need technical help, and have to find one, because all women I know they know as much as I do or less. Somebody in our neighborhood meeting had proposed to help me, but forgotten to give me her telephone nr. 

The residence will open again tomorrow all people had been tested negatif. 

It's getting worse and worse here now the government will decide whether or not vaccination will be mandatory which causes strikes and a very bad ambiance, people become more and more aggressive.

My poor grandson celebrated his 11th birthday, with mum sick with the Covid she was tested positive despite the vaccins, therefore my son has to stay home and Toby couldn't celebrate his birthday with his friends. But he will do it later. In Amsterdam the rules have become worse too.

Toby celebrates his 11 birthday with the unwanted guest Corona Virus, fortunately for him the school is not closed (yet)



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17 Nov 2021


In 2011 I visited the replica of the Bounty which was used for the film Mutiny on the Bounty. The Bounty was lucky to have survived as long as it did. Built in 1960 for the Marlon Brando version of Mutiny on the Bounty, the ship was supposed to be burned for the film’s final scene. Hollywood legend has it that Brando threatened to walk off the set if the vessel was destroyed, so MGM sent it on a worldwide tour to promote the film and then moored it in St. Petersburg, Florida, as a dockside attraction offering public tours. 

And therefore I was able to see the ship in Ostend Belgiu


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16 Nov 2021


 A few years ago I made a coach trip around the South of Morocco and we stopped of course in Marrakech, which is also named the red city.

It's a beautiful town where modern life mixes with old traditions and is also well known for its leather industry, you can buy very nice leather clothes not expensive at all.

It's a terrile city with a lot of razzle and buzzle  and nearly impossible to drive through by car ! A lot of preople too !

The market place

waiting for tourists

We watched a show with beautiful horses !

In this restaurant we had our good bye supper with the shows

Of course there also is a big souk, always packed with people so that you could hardly walk !


raw leather was drying in the sun

and from time to time made wet again

The poor snake made  some women scream and run away.

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15 Nov 2021


 Charlie the Golden Retriever 

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Saturday when I woke up I felt awful, I was sitting in a big dark hole and saw everything in black. My son had been visiting his father in a lightening visit the day before from Amsterdam and I actually hardly saw him and there was no time for anything I wanted to ask him.

After I had heard how skinny Rick had become and that he was very confused, I saw myself as a widow and I ruminated all morning what I would have to do.

 The stripteasing trees didn't help to raise my mood ! I wished it was already spring !

Although the retirement home was closed due to 6 Covid cases, I was allowed to visit Rick, they hardly could  let in the son and not me as his wife. Especially since Rick had asked for me all the time. 

The responsible nurse let me in, I just had to desinfect my hands, put on gloves and a mask. Then she told me that we shouldn't kiss and smiled. I thought I would see a skeleton and was surprised that he looked the same as he did a week ago! Not thinner and not different either. He was very happy to see me he thought I hadn't come for 3 months. I stayed an hour and then he told me that I could go now because he is tired and wanted to sleep. I took my bag and blew him a kiss by hand through my mask and when he turned around to sleep, his coffee was served. I was also offered a cup, but I wanted to go home. Now I felt really good, everything I had heard was wrong, at least for me because I usually see him every two days. It had been a week now. I was happy that he was doing better and that nothing was left of the Covid no caughing or sneezing. He's also eating a little again. At home I found a mail from the residence that all persons had been retested and all were negative !! That was good news. 

On Sunday through the Website of our community a lady had organized a "Neighbor Meeting " Unfortunately the weather was a bit humid and grey but she had put two tables together and everybody brought something to eat and drink ! 

I went with Adeline and Marie my two neighbors (above on the right the blond woman). All the others came from other buildings or houses ! And I met people I had known long time ago. The husband of a collegue who is widow since quite a long time she died of cancer. The two sons I had known as babies are adults and work now. I also met a lady who apparently is a friend of another collegue and we had been invited on his 70th birthday, I didn't remember her, but she remembered me. There was also the mother of two boys who had been in the same primary school then my son ! The world is real small.

Despite the cold, we really enjoyed our meeting. Then we all returned home and Adeline and I had a cup of coffee together and talked about all the travels we had made. She has travelled a lot with her husband and always at least 2 month away. She too had been a little bit everywhere and even in Thailand and other Asiatic countries, what I had never done.

This afternoon did me real good, for a while the big stone in my stomach which I carry along all the time had disappeared !

Rosie doesn't want to meet neighbor cats, but she loves to drink rain water !