19 Nov 2021


Life goes on and another week started ! Opening the curtains my heart sank, outside it was exactly like my inside !

But I had to do my weekly shopping, if I didn't want to starve, more important, Miss Rosie had no food anymore ! I also did some filing which I always push to the next day, since probably a year. But there was not too much of paper, most of the things were in my computer, at least that doesn't take space, and then I did a backup, you never know

The next day I visited Rick, with my special permission as the residence was still closed because of our enemy n°1 the Corona virus ! Besides some nurses walking around I saw nobody all residents were in their room, doors closed. Rick seemed in a good mood and was happy to see me after one year (!!) I tried again to explain him how to handle the mobile and left it connected to the charger. I collected the dirty laundry, despite what they had said, it was not ready at all and I needed another bag. The poor personnel has a lot to do.  I am not a hysterical person, I had gloves my mask and two vaccins and was not afraid of Covid infected laundry. What did I risk ? All symptoms like a flu nothing more, I stay a week at home and that's it. Anyway this year I really had nothing not a cold or a bronchitis ! It seems that the Covid vaccin keeps the colds away.  I stayed a little hour and also called our son so that Rick could talk to him, but he doesn't like to speak on the phone and the conversation was rather short. I updated my  son later in the evening.

Each time I went to the elevator I heard one "woof" or  more coming from Adeline's apartment..

I remembered that she had told me that she dogsitted her daughter's dog for a week, so I stopped by to  see the little monster who snarled at me like a big Rottweiler. The poor little thing had an awful past behind her, one year looked in a basement ! No wonder that she saw ennemies everywhere, but fortunately cats and dogs like me after a while and that was the same here. She started to sniff at my feet then my hands but didn't let me pet her. Next time it will be better. Indeed she followed me to my apartment and wanted to come in ! But I wanted to avoid a war between Rosie and Lena.

The not even a year old hearing aid of Rick doesn't serve anymore as he is unable to put it in his ears and worse he pulls it out. As it was very expensive I took it home before he broke it. I went to the shop were we bought it just next door, unfortunately they don't take it back so I will try to sell it online. 

Besides these exciting things I just work on my computer there is always something to do. For some things I need technical help, and have to find one, because all women I know they know as much as I do or less. Somebody in our neighborhood meeting had proposed to help me, but forgotten to give me her telephone nr. 

The residence will open again tomorrow all people had been tested negatif. 

It's getting worse and worse here now the government will decide whether or not vaccination will be mandatory which causes strikes and a very bad ambiance, people become more and more aggressive.

My poor grandson celebrated his 11th birthday, with mum sick with the Covid she was tested positive despite the vaccins, therefore my son has to stay home and Toby couldn't celebrate his birthday with his friends. But he will do it later. In Amsterdam the rules have become worse too.

Toby celebrates his 11 birthday with the unwanted guest Corona Virus, fortunately for him the school is not closed (yet)



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  1. There is always something to do with the computer and plenty of people online to help. You are smart enough with computers and just have a few questions at time.

  2. The weather matches are moods or more likely our moods match the weather. At least they have allowed you to visit Rick despite the Covid. Can't believe Toby is eleven. Time is passing too quickly.

  3. So glad you got in to see your husband. We had a time with my mother-in-law's hearing aids when she was in assisted living. She couldn't get them in, and the people there either forgot them, didn't get them in right, or put the battery in wrong.

    I'm sorry Covid was in the house during Toby's birthday. I hope he can have a fun celebration later.

    Hope you can find the help you need with the computer!

  4. Our world has changed since covid. I also had a break though covid cases. I'm vax and wear an N95 mask.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. It's the mask that prevents the flu. From my experience, even the flu vaccine doesn't prevent the flu.
    Happy Birthday to your charming grandson!

  6. All those little chores pile up...and they all demaand attention, at least eve tually./..

    Glad that you got to go in and see Rick.

    How sad that Toby's mom has covid...how untimely. Hope she feels better soon.

    One of my cousins in the Netherlands has covid now, too...he said he was feeling better...

    Lena is cute, but yes, we know all about doggy baggage here too...Dalton has way too much.

  7. Happy Birthday to your grandson. I honestly think ALL PEOPLE should get vaccinated if medically able to do so. For goodness sake, it's getting ridiculous all this fighting about vaccines. Makes me sick.

    LOVE that you could organize your computer files...I need to do that...but keep putting it off to do more fun things. hahaha!!

    ENjoy the weekend!!

  8. Happy Birthday to Toby! Even if he couldn't celebrate with friends, he had his dad and mom with him. I hope his mom feels better soon.
    Our home county doesn't require us to wear masks and everything is open. But if we drive in to the city, we have to wear masks in all the stores. Everyone will be glad when this is all over!
    Happy Weekend to you and hopefully Rick will be able to out of his room soon.

  9. Happy Birthday to Toby! I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time with his friends once his Mom is past the quarantine and feeling better. Glad you got to see Rick. My mom's hearing aids are a constant source of frustration too. They are great at getting them in her ears but she's always complaining about not hearing right though we've had them checked over and over. That poor dog. I hope with a good loving home she can now relax and learn to not be so afraid.


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