3 Aug 2007


Lady Pookie receives you for the feast

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how polite are you?

I am so polite that I can't answer this question, because it would be very unpolite to say of myself that I am very polite !

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Without any doubt the question above, I admire people's phantasy

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

"Le Chat" (The Cat) from Philippe Geluck, a Belgian cartoon designer who is also very famous in France and in other European countries. In his "Le Chat" cartoons he lets the cat speak about political or human problems, with a lot of humor.

1) Talibans dont like that you take their wives for a mail box !
2) When I look at all these anorexic top models, and you know how much money they get, it's a lot per kg !

Main Course
Tell about the funniest teacher you ever had.

When I went to school teachers weren't funny ! They all probably drank a glass of vinegar every morning before going to school because the funniest face they had was that of a mortician.

Complete this sentence: I strongly believe that grass is green

2 Aug 2007


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Pookie thinks she is an award herself !

13 (and more) BLOG AWARDS

When I got my first award "Best Blog of The Day" after around 2 weeks of blogging I was very proud. I didn't even know who gave it to me I just found an email telling me that I am now allowed to put the award on my blog. I grew 2 cm and felt recompensated for my efforts. Shortly after I saw the same award on another blog, but that was it.

After a while I suddenly got another award "The Thinking Blogger" this time from a Blog friend. There too I was very touched and put it proudly on my blog. But then I saw the "Thinking Blogger" all the time ! Even on Blogs where nothing was to think about such as a video or photo blog and then I got a second "Thinking Blogger" because apparently I was thinking twice. The third and fourth one I thanked for but didn't put them in my sidebar. It would be full of awards ! (my second name is Modesty)

Then I started to look at awards on other blogs and noted them down. I was very surprised myself when I saw the list ! and here are all the awards you can steal get and put in your sidebar !

1. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker of the Week Award
2. Rockin Boy Blogger
3. Rockin Girl Blogger
4. Inspirational Blogger Award
5. Creative Blogger Award
6. Bestest Blog of the Day
7. Thoughtful Blogger Award
8. Blogger Reflection Award
9. Thinking Blogger Award
1O. Blog of the Day Awards
11. The Schmooze Award
12. Best Blog About Blogging
13.Best Blog of all Time

and this is not all ! You also have :

Bestes Blog of the Year Finalist
Best blog about stuff Award
Best Blog Design
Worst Blog of All Time
The "Blogitzer


others : Best Blog of Celebrity, charity, education, entertainment food, foreign language, gossip, health, hobby, humor, marketing, parenting, photography, Podcast, political, pop culture, religion, shopping, sports, travel, and video.

Therefore I thought it would be nice to give you an award that resumes all awards you have got and you can safe space in your sidebar.

31 Jul 2007


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What ? again no royal news ?

Looking for some nice "royal" events, again I was disappointed. For the moment the royals must be on holidays, they just don't do anything I really miss them. But I read with pleasure that a British Airways flight was delayed for four hours after the three wives of Sheikh Badr Bin Khalifa al-Thani of the Qatari royal family objected to sitting next to men they did not know. Ah, if they knew them it would be different ?? Can understand that, sharing one man must not be funny, poor Sheikh must be exhausted !

And Norway's Princess Martha Louise says she has psychic powers and can teach people to communicate with angels. Wow that's something for the norvegian population ! through their princess they can talk with angels ! the only problem is about what ?

Then my eyes dropped on this article !
The man expected to become Belgium's next prime minister has caused a stir by singing the French national anthem when asked to sing the Belgian one. How nice ! Can you imagine old Bush singing "God save the Queen" instead of the American national anthem ?

Now that the Potter fiever is over I am confronted with the Simpsons ! The world premiere of The Simpsons Movie has taken place in the US town of Springfield, Vermont. Springfield welcomed visitors on Saturday by hanging a banner across its main street, decorated with Homer's favourite doughnuts. And here too I am completely ignorant, I didn't know at all about this family, except I see one each time on Sanni's posts.

Ah, that's something special ! Ikea in Oslo has offered a wedding night to 150 happy winners in their bedlinnen department. With this marketing campaign they want to make a tourist attraction for Ikea because 900.000 people are visiting Ikea in summer that's more than the most important attraction in whole Norway. Isn't that wonderful ! Dream about a night at Ikea instead of one in Hawai !

And now this ! A US cat that is reportedly able to sense when a nursing home's residents are about to die is baffling doctors. Oscar the cat has a habit of curling up next to patients at the home in Providence, Rhode Island, in their final hours. Oscar was right in 25 cases so far ! Is that why my cats curl up with me ?? Now I am really afraid.

A CROW hooked on lager sticks his beak in his favourite tipple defying a furious landlady who has BARRED him from her pub. The boozy bird — nicknamed Carling by drinkers — swoops on customers’ pints whenever they turn their backs. I of course would think it was my neighbor, who could believe that crows are alcoholics ?

Reading about alcohol, I saw in the next article that space crews have not so strong nerves as they should have ! Before they leave for the moon, they get boozed ! Boozed in space ! Isn't that something ? I too probably would have some glasses before starting ! Of course the NASA was very upset about that.

In the UK something very important happened too ! A leading expert on midges has said their numbers have slumped this summer due to the heavy rain meaning they cannot get a frequent supply of blood. The little Draculas are on benefit now !

30 Jul 2007


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Pookie just has missed a moth !

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Last week I wanted to go to the new Ikea which had been opened in Brussels. We already have one but I had never seen the new one. So I called my friend and asked her if she would come with me. But she had no time and I decided to go alone. She explained me the way, that it would be very easy and I couldn't miss it. Now I have to say I have no sense of orientation at all and it's even a miracle when I find my way to the toilet. Even on a straight way I manage to mistake.

I followed the way she had indicated to me which was the motor (high) way until Anderlecht and then go out there on the chaussee de Mons. I drove and payed attention and for once I didn't miss the right exit. I looked up the street name, and yes it was the right way. She had told me that as soon as I am on the chaussee de Mons I would see Ikea right away. What I saw were houses, buildings and shops, Anderlecht is a district of Brussels. When after a few miles I arrived at an Underground stop I thought that's impossible, I must have missed Ikea, I was too far in the city and Ikeas are always a little outside. I returned to my motor way exit stopped the car and called my friend. I told her I didn't see any Ikea and that I was on the right chaussee. She couldn't understand that I had missed it and said to return again and then go under a bridge and then it would be right after the bridge. That's what I did. But I couldn't see any bridge. Finally after a long ride I saw a bridge and noticed with horror, that I wasn't on the chaussee de Mons anymore. I decided to follow my instinct which is always wrong. If it tells me to go right I better should go left. Finally I saw from far the South station of Brussels and realized that now I was completely wrong. I tried to go back and find my chaussee again. Suddenly I was along the Brussels canal where I hadn't been since at least 40 years !

I stopped and asked a lady who just came out of a shop. She didn't speak any french, she was spanish. I drove a little farer, stopped and asked a man. He was arab and could hardly understand me, but showed me the way with his finger. To my big relief I now saw that I was on the chaussee de Mons again. After quite a few miles I finally arrived there where I had started from and still no Ikea in view. I asked again another lady she was flemish and only spoke dutch. It was my day. But I understood that I should go in the other direction go under the bridge (a bridge !!) and on the left side would be my Ikea and it would be impossible to miss it. That's what I did, not very convinced but what did I see in long, large and big ? Ikea ! right after the bridge and indeed it was impossible to miss it if I had turned to the left instead of the right side when I left the motorway ! But again I had followed my instinct. Mr. Gattino told me that it would be completely normal that when I wanted to go to the Northpole I would certainly arrive at the Southpole and unfortunately he is probably right.

29 Jul 2007


Pookie has no mother instincts at all, here it only looks like

A lot of women get post-natal depressions. Today everybody knows it, but 30 years ago it was considered as an abnormal behaviour of a woman. I had this without knowing. I only understood years later. It was terrible at this time because on top of the depression you also feel guilty not to be a"normal" woman . I think this automatic mother instinct has been invented by men. Not all women want to be mothers or are good mothers.

I belonged to the mothers who didn't want to hold their baby imediately and wasn't even aware of that. Maybe it was due to the ceserian, but apparently that had nothing to do with it. I really was afraid of this little thing and I even found him ugly, with his bald head and blond hairs in the middle like a punk. But when I look at the first pictures now, I just think what a cute baby he was !

Of course I didn't want to breast feed and he got his bottle every 4 h. I didn't want to hold him either and feed him I pretended that my scarf hurt and watched the nurse doing it. Until the day a very intelligent nurse was on duty. She probably was very experienced and I was certainly not her first case.

She told me that she had no time to feed him and I had to do it. I refused. She put him back in his little bed and said I will be back later, I have a lot to do if you don't want to do it then he has to wait. Of course this happened while little baby cried with all his heart. That made me angry I didn't want that either, not a poor hungry baby so I told her to give him to me and show me how to feed a baby. She did. I looked down on this little thing supposed to be my son and only had one idea in my mind, get rid of him as soon as possible.

When he had finished his bottle, I rang the bell for the nurse to take him away. Nothing happened. I rang again and again without any success. Finally after a long time which seemed endless to me she finally arrived and smiled. I could have killed her for that. But suddenly I didn't want to give him to her. I wanted to keep him. This was the beginning and after three days I changed completely and became just the opposit. I wanted him for me alone and nobody should touch him, except Mr. Gattino of course.

In my room was another young woman who was the direct opposite to me. She wanted her baby all the time, which was allowed during the day but not during nights and that on purpose because they wanted young mothers to sleep and rest. So every evening it was the same drama, she cried more louder then her baby and didn't want to let him go. I couldn't understand that, I was happy to have some peace and that nobody cried around me.

When I came back from hospital, I locked myself in didn't support anybody but Mr. Gattino and refused any visit. I slammed the door on my mother, as she was step dancing around the craddle pushing ahs and ohs, and I did the same with my photo taking father. Each sentence started whith : "you should" ! They really got on my nerves. Mr. Gattino at least took his son in his arms, fed him, changed him and cuddled him. Which was quite unusual in 1973. My father of course critized this "effeminate" behaviour and told me that a "real" man wouldn't do that and that it is a job for women !

Today fortunately these young mothers can be helped.