31 Jul 2007


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What ? again no royal news ?

Looking for some nice "royal" events, again I was disappointed. For the moment the royals must be on holidays, they just don't do anything I really miss them. But I read with pleasure that a British Airways flight was delayed for four hours after the three wives of Sheikh Badr Bin Khalifa al-Thani of the Qatari royal family objected to sitting next to men they did not know. Ah, if they knew them it would be different ?? Can understand that, sharing one man must not be funny, poor Sheikh must be exhausted !

And Norway's Princess Martha Louise says she has psychic powers and can teach people to communicate with angels. Wow that's something for the norvegian population ! through their princess they can talk with angels ! the only problem is about what ?

Then my eyes dropped on this article !
The man expected to become Belgium's next prime minister has caused a stir by singing the French national anthem when asked to sing the Belgian one. How nice ! Can you imagine old Bush singing "God save the Queen" instead of the American national anthem ?

Now that the Potter fiever is over I am confronted with the Simpsons ! The world premiere of The Simpsons Movie has taken place in the US town of Springfield, Vermont. Springfield welcomed visitors on Saturday by hanging a banner across its main street, decorated with Homer's favourite doughnuts. And here too I am completely ignorant, I didn't know at all about this family, except I see one each time on Sanni's posts.

Ah, that's something special ! Ikea in Oslo has offered a wedding night to 150 happy winners in their bedlinnen department. With this marketing campaign they want to make a tourist attraction for Ikea because 900.000 people are visiting Ikea in summer that's more than the most important attraction in whole Norway. Isn't that wonderful ! Dream about a night at Ikea instead of one in Hawai !

And now this ! A US cat that is reportedly able to sense when a nursing home's residents are about to die is baffling doctors. Oscar the cat has a habit of curling up next to patients at the home in Providence, Rhode Island, in their final hours. Oscar was right in 25 cases so far ! Is that why my cats curl up with me ?? Now I am really afraid.

A CROW hooked on lager sticks his beak in his favourite tipple defying a furious landlady who has BARRED him from her pub. The boozy bird — nicknamed Carling by drinkers — swoops on customers’ pints whenever they turn their backs. I of course would think it was my neighbor, who could believe that crows are alcoholics ?

Reading about alcohol, I saw in the next article that space crews have not so strong nerves as they should have ! Before they leave for the moon, they get boozed ! Boozed in space ! Isn't that something ? I too probably would have some glasses before starting ! Of course the NASA was very upset about that.

In the UK something very important happened too ! A leading expert on midges has said their numbers have slumped this summer due to the heavy rain meaning they cannot get a frequent supply of blood. The little Draculas are on benefit now !


MaR said...

LOL. great reading to go with my coffee :)
The Spanish royals are in Palma de Mallorca, one of the Balearic islands, as they do every august. So everybody can keep track of their sailing, pretty and matching clothes, dining out, posing for pics... Somebody should check out if they are within the budget or not.

I thought IKEA was a Swidish monument but I didn't think it would be such big a tourist attraction in Norway! Scandinavian is Scandinavian, I guess.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yes, I read about that cat, Oscar. However, he is only comforting people he knows are about to pass on. Just as long as he doesn't sit on my bed...I've haven't got time to die!

Maribeth said...

Ah, but Princess Anne of England's son is going to marry a girl from Montreal!

Melli said...

Hehehe... I LOVE your Tuesday posts! I am only on my first cup of coffee - having NOT to work today! (Amen!) Your Tuesday posts are sO much better than Comcast News or even The Washington Post! I don't GET all these stories! We DID get the one about the astronauts - yes, NASA is not happy - but I agree with you! If I were going into Space, I would surely need a double something to get me off the ground!

The cat does not surprise me at all, though I have not seen that story -- but cats are very intuitive and IF those Drs. were "cat" people, surely they would KNOW that!

Having just spent HALF a weekend at IKEA, I can assure you I would NOT dream of honeymooning there! LOL! Only MAYBE if they were also offering to furnish my entire new home in the deal too! (free of course!)

Do not fret about not knowing the Simpsons -- I only know WHO they are - I have only watched the television show ONE time and that was enough to convince me that my children would NEVER be allowed to watch it! (and they weren't either - until they turned 16!) I figured at 16 they were old enough to decide on their own whether to corrupt their minds or not. Turns out I was WRONG! I should have banned them from all things until 21!!! LOL! It really is beyond me why that "family" has made such a big hit...

Princess Martha has nothing on me! I pass by the angels and speak straight to their Boss! ;)

Vlado&Toni said...

hello gattina, from the sun shiny island of santorini :) thanks for the good wishes!
hey i heard about that cat too in the german television, i hope too that my cat hasn't the same senses as that cat. yup you are right about it, i don't have such good neighbors who can take care of him for a long time.

Unknown said...

Hahaha - excellent, my friend. We´re going to watch the yellow movie tonight. D´oh!

Yes, the scandalous cat is out of the bag: I´m not married! =) No need to add this scandal to your compiled news *LOL*