2 Mar 2019


I don't remember exactly when I bought my first cell phone, we call it GSM in Belgium, and elsewhere just "mobile". It must have been before the Belgian Franc was abandonned and the Euro introduced in 2001. I guess it was in 2000 or a little before because I still remember the price, it was very expensive and I had payed 14.000 FB (sounds horrendous) but in Euro it's 340 or 387 $ ! A fortune when you compare it to today's prices.

I was one of the first vintage ladies who bought one, the others were afraid it would bite. Of course I was very proud of my new gadget. The only thing was, not a lot of people had cellphones and calling on a normal telephone was very expensive. But never mind I had it. It was big and rather heavy but all this didn't matter.

Shortly after I had bought it, maybe 2 weeks later I had to put it on charge, and then the catastrophe happened !  I had put the charger besides the oven and the cellphone on the extractor hood while I heated water to cook Spaghettis. When I dropped the Spaghettis into the boiling water, the package touched the cable of the charger and my brand new cellphone dropped into the Spaghettis ! Of course it was completely broken, I had to fish it out amongst the cooking Spaghettis and tried to dry it but it was useless.

After supper Mr. G. declared that these were the most expensive Spaghettis he had eaten in his whole life ! I was so angry with myself !

I bought a new one, and of course never ever I put something on charge on top of the extractor !

Today cellphones are still in use, but have become half of the size of the first once and are replaced more and more by I-phones or Smartphones. I don't know if this is the only item where the price dropped from 340 € to 17 €, which is enormous ! Unfortunately food and clothes didn't follow !

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1 Mar 2019


For the first time since 49 years we had to mow the lawn in February ! That had never happened, but the grass became higher and higher and I was afraid that it was too high for Oscar our robot who mows the lawn. He did it perfectly, while Mr. G. had a little nap and I watched my crime story on TV. That nobody complaints about the "good old times" !! At the same time the dishes were washed in the dishwasher and the dryer dried the laundry !!

And also for the first time this year we played Scrabble outside on Myriam's terrace ! It was 23 °C nearly like in summer. That happened once last century ! 

Must have been the sunshine but I was second for once, as usual Mireille won. Then we had apple cake and coffe ! And our weekly chat of course !

In my neighbor's front yard the first crocus showed their nose and it looked so nice and colorful.

After our painting class we went to a Thai restaurant, which was very good and the portions enormous, I had to take a "doggy bag" with me so I have my meal for tomorrow.

I also went with two friends to the cinema and we saw this excellent film "Green Book" ! It was really a very good film. If you have the occasion to see it don't hesitate, it's worthwhile. It only came out here this week, because all English or American movies have to be subtitled in French and Flemish.

The forthcoming weekend and week we will sit in the rain again ! But at least we had nearly 2 weeks sunshine and spring weather in February.

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27 Feb 2019


A charming lady and an old grumpy man are living here   (what hangs in my house !)

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26 Feb 2019


There is a shop not far away which we call the "Junk Store" because everything you don't want anymore and is still good for use, lands there. Especially when people have to clean out a household because of the death of a person, or if you want to move to a smaller house and get rid of all what you don't need anymore or you just want to buy new.

The most incredible things you can find here and you really wonder from where they came.

The store is called "Troc" which means you give an item to the shop, they sell it for you and take a commission.

Maybe you find a mirror which fits into your home

or bed, bikes, lamps and decoration stuff

A skeleton for your wardrobe ??

Or these two sitting in front of your house

For religious people a nice Mary, the other statue I don't know what it represents, but maybe it would be nice in your living room

If you run out of tableware, you have a big choice here

For me was even a cat, but I have already a similar one

Golf clubs and also dolls

Maybe a new sofa for your living or bedroom

In case your heating doesn't work anymore

Ideal for your daily prayers

and many more other things

I didn't find anything but it gave me an idea if I want to sell something, but since there are so many antiques and stuff to find on Internet, this store will probably not last forever.

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25 Feb 2019


On Saturday evening we had our Waterloo Facebook meeting. Our administrator had booked a whole corsican restaurant for us and we were about 60 people ! It was so nice to see each other life, some I knew from previous meetings but others I had only seen on their profiles.

There was a well known Belgian blind singer, who entertained us the whole evening. We danced and sang with him and the ambiance was phantastic ! We got a lot of Corsican food 5 plates in total !  It lasted until midnight and everybody enjoyed it.

Sunday was a spring day, warm and sunny and I noticed that the grass had grown and asked Mr. G. to put Oscar the lawn mower robot on charge. After half an hour he appeared telling me that Oscar had disappeared ! I told him that he must have 2 potatoes on his eyes because it is not small thing. Finally I went to the basement too and suddenly I remembered I had put Oscar in an old suitcase and had forgotten to tell Mr. G. Now Oscar is ready for tomorrow because on Sundays it is not allowed to mow the lawn.

Arthur took the first sunbath of this year and was a happy cat.

I was busy with my posts and photos and the weekend is already over !