16 Nov 2023


 1. This week's Hodgepodge lands on National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. Is yours in need of a cleaning? Will you get that done today? How often do you tackle this particular chore?

I clean my fridge when it is necessary, as I am living alone there is mostly cheese and fruits in it and some drinks. Now I have to clean it when I leave my apartment which is empty now.

2. November 15th is also National Philanthropy Day...tell us about a charity (local or otherwise) you like to support when you're able.  

Of course  I help when I can ! All things in my apartment clothes, furniture are going to charity or are already gone. I could sell some things, but very few.

3.What in nature inspires you and why? 

 view from my room

I love woods and parks for their colors in different seasons, and also for the smell. I always remember the Sequoia park which had a very special smell. But I also love the sea, just sitting there and watching the waves, and listening to the noise they make.

4. What's something you own that makes you feel cozy? 

I love my TV corner with now one sofa, a shelf with my cats and my cat Rosie who moved with me in the castle. I have to get used to the high ceilings !

5. Who did you thank today? Who thanked you?

When I had just gotten up and had breakfast, about 8 young interns arrived to interview me. The questionnaire was so stupid that it made me laugh and I joked. It was extremely funny until the boss came and said they also had to go and see other people.
It made me happy to have such a funny morning and the youngsters promised to come back. I think my bad reputation is done!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Since I moved in the retirement home I have mixed feelings. On one side I am happy that I have such a beautiful new home and the people are so nice, even cat Rosie sits here now and is surprised that so many people are coming. On the other side I tell myself that this is my last move on earth at least. Where I go afterwards I don't know, probably a better place then what we have actually here.

14 Nov 2023


Today is the last day in my apartment. Tomorrow I will move definitively. Therefore I will have no time to comment. I feel a bit strange because this will be my last home, and therefore I took the one which I found so beautiful and will spent the rest of my life as a princess in a castle !

I hope I will get rid of this bronchitis, which loves me so much that it is still there and I feel weak. 

As soon as I have recovered I will try to get my normal life back, or at least half of it. Meanwhile I will enjoy and feel protected here.

On the second floor is my room and the views I have from there !

13 Nov 2023

AWWWW MONDAY - Weekend Nov 11


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There's not much to say, on Saturday my few pieces of furniture were brought to my future new home, I only had to sit on the sofa and tell them what should be taken with me to my new home, but I was still dead tired when I crawled into bed in the evening! Moving alone at 80 is not so easy as I thought, especially I didn't know that I would be sick ! 

My new home a retirement home, an ancient castle, and the views out of my window

On Sunday I could barely walk and thought today I wouldn't move and just rest. These things below still need to be picked up but there is no rush.

Momo my moving man will take all this another time, I will live in my new home from November 15, but my apartment is empty until December 14. So we have time, it's only decoration stuff.