13 Oct 2007


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For the last two months I don't know what happens with Blogger uploading photo "service" it is just a catastrophe to upload a picture, or you have to have a lot of time preferably 24 h for 3 photos. Even an administration is working faster and that means a lot.

My internet connection is very good and I have no problems at all for opening blogs or use other photo services. Only Gloogle Blogger has transformed himself into a snail service and not a speedy snail but one which is half asleep.

So what happens ? You choose your picture and click on upload. Nothing happens besides the little window "Your pictures are being uploaded to Blogger" shows up, but doesn't say how long it would take. So you hypnotize the little sign with the exclamation mark which turns and turns and turns. After 5 min you decide to let it turn alone and to meanwhile do other things, such as going to the toilet, taking a cup of coffee, feet the cats, put the supper dishes in the dishwasher, go to the letterbox etc. When you finally come back, you are informed that it didn't work. So you repeat the whole thing again and again. Meanwhile your bloodpressure is on 300 and there is a voice inside you which warns you NOT to smash your computer.

And then .... big relief ! The picture is on your post !! A miracle ! encouraged you try the next one. Unfortunately it's again the same procedure. Now you have the choice or you stay up 24 h and upload your picture with Blogger and while you are waiting you do some household tasks or chat with your neighbor for an hour but interrupting the conversation with : "wait a minute, I just check if this damned picture is uploaded" and coming back with a disappointed face or paying long outstanding invoices, answer emails, go to the hairdresser and do a lot of things which you had completely forgotten about. Maybe this is Blogger's target : Do other things than blogging !

But even the most patient person in the world, has enough at one moment and thinks about another solution. What to do ? Not posting pictures anymore or write Blogger a furious polite mail ? The latter is spending energy for nothing because the Help Service just works like the Uploading Picture Service that means NOT AT ALL or very, very occasionally. Finally you decide to go to a competitor and realize with satisfaction that uploading pictures can be done in 2 min and not only one at the time but up to 100 at once !

Have you also had these troubles ?

12 Oct 2007


Isn't that sweet ? I got this treat from Hootin Anni !

and my dog friend Reba made me to a Star !

Thank you so much for these honors !

Gif Dividers Halloween Images

When was the last time you were surprised?

Right now, reading this question !

Fill in the blanks: My eyes are green, but I wish they were sparkling yellow for Halloween.

If you were a Beanie Baby, what would you look like and what would your name be?

I don't know what a Beanie Baby is and my dictionary neither. He only talks about beans and bean flicker which I am not. Therefore I choose to look like a witch with a black cat and a broom for the forthcoming Halloween. As name I would choose Hotzenplotz.

Main Course
Name two things you consistently do that you consider to be healthy habits.

I smoke, I drink, I laugh and enjoy life. Has anybody better habits ??

What brand of toothpaste are you using these days? Do you like it? Why or why not?

I don't use toothpaste, I put my teeth in the dishwasher and they come out white and shiny just for laughing at this question !

9 Oct 2007


13 nicknames for the neighbors

Now that I am not working anymore I have time enough to listen to gossips and here are 13 names given by children or others to neighbors which I repeat with my venomous tongue !

1. Children call one neighbor "the old asshole" because he always shouts at them and chases them away

2. There is one who is called the "Elephant" because when he sneezes the whole neigborhood is jumping into the air

3. One is called "the draft" because she always is in a hurry

4. One is called "the tattletale" because he is aware of everything and everybody and if you meet him you have at least for half an hour to listen to his news.

5. There also is a man called "The Newspaper" because he informs you of everything going on in the neighborhood.

6. Children call a woman "The boat" because when she walks she swings from one side to the other and is quite fat.

7. They also call another one "The wine bottle" because every morning she goes out for buying cigarettes and comes back with a bottle of wine

8. There is also one they call "The high fart" because she is very snobbish and doesn't look at anybody

9. We also have a "mother hen" because she is always busy to look after her children and of course bothers the others

10. "The beauty" is a man who takes himself for a superstar and makes everybody laugh

11. "The busy bee" is a woman who is cleaning all the time, especially her garden so that everybody can see her

12. "The accountant" is a man who always wears a suit even when he mows his lawn

13. Children also baptisized a man "the ape" because he is quite hairy

Unfortunately I don't know how they call me !!!


Belgium's children-loving royals expecting fourth baby
Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium and her husband Prince Philippe are set to add to their family, after announcing they're expecting their fourth child next spring. What again ? They are a little out of fashion ! Only their great grandparents had up to 12 children ! The (very) older generation, will be happy ! They also didn't know about the pill !

Denmark's Prince Joachim to wed French love Marie
'A statement from the royal family issued on Wednesday morning said: "Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and His Royal Highness the Prince Consort have the pleasure to announce the engagement of their son, His Royal Highness Prince Joachim to Miss Marie Cavallier".
It will be the second marriage for Queen Margrethe's younger son. I hope he will behave a little better ! His first wiife had horns as big as the Empire State Building.

A wax figure of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has recently been unveiled at Madame Tussauds. Camilla had 400 measurements taken by sculptor Stephen Mansfield and photographs of her were snapped from 12 different angles. I have to hurry to London and see it at Madame Tussauds !! What an event ! I wonder which hat she will wear !

George Clooney bets Michelle Pfeiffer €,75000 he will NEVER marry. Legendary Hollywood beauty Michelle Pfeiffer has revealed heartthrob George Clooney has bet her €75,000 he will never get married. Pfeiffer, who has come out of retirement recently to play an old haggard witch in new fantasy film Stardust, told chat show host Jonathan Ross: "He's just a great guy, great with kids."I bet him he would get married and he keeps inflating the bet - from $100 to $100,000. I still think he will, he's a handsome devil".
Indeed I have to agree, but finding a nice girl in his environment ? I prefer he stays as he is. The only suggestion I would make to him is to take another little pig like the one he had before. I even prefered to look at the little pig it was so cute !

Britney names new album Blackout
Spears' hits include Toxic, Lucky and Me Against The Music. (very suggestive)
Troubled pop star Britney Spears has revealed that her first studio album in four years will be called Blackout.The star's erratic behaviour in recent months culminated in her losing custody of her two sons earlier this week.Her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, was awarded custody after Spears failed to produce her driving licence and missed a test for drugs and alcohol. That girl is gone crazy and certainly has more than a Blackout ! I only hope the father is better than he looks ! Poor kids.

Grandad to father own grandkid
A dad of 72 is to become a sperm donor for his own grandchild, doctors revealed yesterday.
He was asked to step in by his son and daughter-in-law after they failed to conceive. If the attempt is successful, the baby will be the grandfather's genetic child and its father's half brother or sister. What does that mean "step in ?" I would call it otherwise. And was the failing son present ?? Sounds like an episode in the first testament.

In southern France, farmers and their wives posed nude for a calendar. The benefit will go to an association for medical researches. The farmer's wives also wanted to prove that they look far better than they are usually represented. I missed something !! Why didn't I go to the south of France ! How wonderful it must have been to look at naked farmers (and wives) to do the harvest ! I am sure it improved the quality enormously !

6.7 millions of beer have been consumed on Munich's Oktoberfest this year. Now I understand why they needed 4000 toilets and 2000 pissoirs !

Gay bomb' scoops Ig Nobel
Pioneering research into a "gay bomb" that makes enemy troops "sexually irresistible" to each other has scooped one of this year's Ig Nobel Prizes. Finally !! I always was for PEACE AND LOVE and not war !

Peacock 'fell in love with car'
The bird has caused £4,000 worth of damage
Visitors to a Somerset stately home have been warned to keep away from a peacock - after he seriously damaged a luxury car he mistook for a mate.
The amorous bird caused €6,000 damage to an employee's Lexus in the grounds of Sir Benjamin Slade's country manor, Maunsel House, near Bridgwater.
"It started when he fell in love with a Lexus, which was in a very distinct peacock blue," said Sir Benjamin.
Am I lucky ! I don't have these worries, I don't have a Lexus !


8 Oct 2007


If interested, there are a few new paintings by me here


Have you ever noticed that there is a big difference between visiting your son or daughter or if they visit you ?

First you usually don't have a key to his/her's home. When you arrive you want to behave as descreet as possible and make yourself to a little mouse not to disturb your child's household. You ask politely where you can sleep and start each sentence with "may I" "or "where may I" or "do you have " ? when you need something out of the fridge, a little space in the wardrobe, or you need something to drink. You ask if you could use the phone, if you could help, where you can sit at table or on the sofa. You support without a complainingly word the heat or the cold in the rooms.

You bravely listen to a music which sounds to you like notes played from the end to the beginning, you watch movies with a lot of shooting, fighting, kickboxing or other Walker's methods, or shows about "how can I become a beauty" or "who is who" etc. It would never come into your mind to ask for watching your favourite shows. Unless of course you belong to the super mums who don't visit their children but move in armed with suitcases and packets, taking possession of the whole house including the kitchen. They know everything better of course and they also have to cook and iron because they know that so much better having so many years of practice behind them.

But when your child is visiting you, it of cours still has the keys of your home. So don't get a heart attack when suddenly while you are busy with something it suddenly pops in and stands in front of you. It will take immediately possession of its old room even if it had been transformed meanwhile to some other purposes than a teenage room and have to listen to the reproachfull statements "why did you change that" "why did you throw this away" and "why were there no track of it's posters anymore". After five minutes your child spent in this room, you notice that you don't recognize it anymore. Suddenly a lot of things unknown to you are spread around, mostly on the floor. Misterious things happen, your house is bewitched. You are suddenly freezing although it is not cold outside and realize that the thermostat has put itself on "aircondition" or you start sweating because the temperature has suddenly raised a lot without your interfering and your thermostat shows 28° (82). The fridge you just had filled in is suddenly empty like a desert or drinks you just had bought had changed themselves into empty bottles.

Your TV program has changed, the remote control found another owner, you just sit there a little surprised. Your telephone is ringing but there is no track of your handset which you finally find under a pile of magazines.

You miss clothes in your wardrobe and can't find any track of them but once your guest is gone if you are lucky you will find the missed piece wrinkled in a corner of the ex teenage room. Your husband accuses you of course because you misplaced his T-shirts and he cannot find the one he wants to wear it would never come into his mind that his son who is now a guest has served himself in his wardrobe.

After becoming a sort of FBI agent to track back all the disappeared things you finally ask in a timidly voice to please keep in mind that he/she is not living in this house anymore and that he/she should ask first if they may take something or at least tell what they took. This of course will cause a shock to the beloved child. It hasn't done anything wrong in its opinion. It just felt home ! It will look at you with big astonished eyes as if you suddenly had become mad, because its home is still with you and in its mind that hasn't changed at all.

And when it finally leaves and your house is empty again and you have tracked down all the so misteriously disappeared things, you fall in your armchair and feel guilty. Did the poor child enjoy it's stay ? Or had you been on the wrong track ?

7 Oct 2007


A lot of friends around my son are getting married or are married now. So I wanted to let him read some funny but positive things about marriage. And all I found was this ! Even the children apparently have not a lot of illusions !

How Does a Person Decide Whom to marry?You flip a nickel, and heads means you stay with him and tails means you try the next one." -Kelly, nine years old

What Exactly Is Marriage? When somebody's been dating for a while, the boy might propose to the girl. He says to her, 'I'll take you for a whole life, or at least until we have kids and get divorced, but you got to do one particular thing for me.' Then she says yes, but she's wondering what the thing is and whether it's naughty or not. She can't wait to find out." -Anita, nine years old.

Marriage is not a word. It is a sentence--a life sentence.

Marriage is very much like a violin; after the sweet music is over, the strings are attached.

Marriage is love. Love is blind. Therefore, marriage is an institution for the blind.

Marriage is an institution in which a man loses his Bachelor's Degree and the woman gets her Masters.

Marriage is a thing which puts a ring on a woman's finger and two under the man's eyes.

Marriage certificate is just another word for a work permit.

Marriage is not just a having a wife, but also worries inherited forever.

If it's true that girls are inclined to marry men like their fathers, it is understandable why so many mothers cry so much at weddings.

Fortunately when you are in love you think anyway that all this is wrong and that is good, otherwise there wouldn't be any marriages anymore.