13 Oct 2007


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For the last two months I don't know what happens with Blogger uploading photo "service" it is just a catastrophe to upload a picture, or you have to have a lot of time preferably 24 h for 3 photos. Even an administration is working faster and that means a lot.

My internet connection is very good and I have no problems at all for opening blogs or use other photo services. Only Gloogle Blogger has transformed himself into a snail service and not a speedy snail but one which is half asleep.

So what happens ? You choose your picture and click on upload. Nothing happens besides the little window "Your pictures are being uploaded to Blogger" shows up, but doesn't say how long it would take. So you hypnotize the little sign with the exclamation mark which turns and turns and turns. After 5 min you decide to let it turn alone and to meanwhile do other things, such as going to the toilet, taking a cup of coffee, feet the cats, put the supper dishes in the dishwasher, go to the letterbox etc. When you finally come back, you are informed that it didn't work. So you repeat the whole thing again and again. Meanwhile your bloodpressure is on 300 and there is a voice inside you which warns you NOT to smash your computer.

And then .... big relief ! The picture is on your post !! A miracle ! encouraged you try the next one. Unfortunately it's again the same procedure. Now you have the choice or you stay up 24 h and upload your picture with Blogger and while you are waiting you do some household tasks or chat with your neighbor for an hour but interrupting the conversation with : "wait a minute, I just check if this damned picture is uploaded" and coming back with a disappointed face or paying long outstanding invoices, answer emails, go to the hairdresser and do a lot of things which you had completely forgotten about. Maybe this is Blogger's target : Do other things than blogging !

But even the most patient person in the world, has enough at one moment and thinks about another solution. What to do ? Not posting pictures anymore or write Blogger a furious polite mail ? The latter is spending energy for nothing because the Help Service just works like the Uploading Picture Service that means NOT AT ALL or very, very occasionally. Finally you decide to go to a competitor and realize with satisfaction that uploading pictures can be done in 2 min and not only one at the time but up to 100 at once !

Have you also had these troubles ?


eastcoastlife said...

Ahhh.... I see you are preparing for Halloween. Nice theme and design. You did this by yourself?

I'm having similar problems with Blogger's photo uploading too. Other Blogger members I know, don't have this problem. I wonder what's happening.

Hootin' Anni said...

So far, knock wood, I haven't had the problem with blogger photos.

LOL----------I LOVE the last cartoon. That's hilarious.

Thanks for dropping by my 'smelly' blog. ---now, I'm off to view what Rosie's up to doing these days. :o)

MaR said...

No ::knocks on wood::, not at all! in fact I just added a small pic to my post today... loved your cartoons :)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

My blogger works fine. I usually upload directly from my picasa photo program. But I can upload directly from my hard drive too. Do you have a hi speed Internet connection?

You may have to accept the fact, that your relationship to Blogger is like a marriage. . . .you sometimes have to work around the other partner for your own sanity.

Anonymous said...

When I used Blogger it got so bad I switched to Wordpress and use Flickr to store my pictures on. No waiting and less stress. Seems Blogger hasn't gotten any better since I left!

Anonymous said...

I have not used the blogger uploading service for a while but another strange thing occurred with my images. When I had image dimensions attached to them blogger would change the sizes, making them smaller - for example an image with a width of 100px would become something like 58.541512px

Pamela said...

one at a time -- thats all I try. Sometimes it loads quickly. But I also wait forever and it times out, too.

commenting has slowed as well.

Vlado&Toni said...

hey i have the same problems too.. so what have you done? can you give me a tip?